Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The first few days home and newborn follow up appt!

Haven is doing GREAT!!! She is 4 days old today! ♥

She slept all day the first day home and then the first night home was rough. My milk hadn't come in yet so Haven was wanting to nurse constantly from 10:00pm to 3:00am and would NOT sleep and was hungry and fussy. Ever since then though, she has been a complete ANGEL! My milk came in (which I so did not even have ANY discomfort this time!) and that has made my little chunker VERY happy indeed! Last night she slept great! Every couple of hours she'd make some little hungry sounds, I'd feed her and change her if she needed it and then she'd fall right back to sleep! Hopefully she keeps that up, I'm not even tired today! :)

Today we had our follow up visit with the lactation consultant. She said that she appears to be very, very healthy! She has some very mild jaundice, but she said not to even worry about it since it appears to be on it's way out anyway. Her level was an 11. Haven is doing great with her weight as well. When she left the hospital she was at 9lbs, 2 oz and today she was 9lbs, 2 oz which is not a big decrease at all for such a big baby and she has not lost any additional weight. The lactation consultant was very happy and said she will for sure be back to her birth weight and then some by her 2 week appointment. (Which I made with her pediatrician for Oct 13th). The lactation consultant also said that Haven acts like a much, much older baby! She put her on her stomach in the bassinet and she was holding her head up and looked like she was about to crawl away! :) She said to watch out, she'll be rolling over in no time! No fair, I want my baby to stay a baby forever!!!! She is already in clothes that I didn't think she'd be wearing for a long time as well and her newborn diapers are getting too small, I'm going to have to return the couple of packages that I have!

Venily is still doing really well with Haven, though she's a little obsessive. I think she thinks she's the coolest doll ever, haha! She is CONSTANTLY asking where Haven is, what's she doing, can I kiss her?, can I touch her?, can I hold her?, etc. It's really sweet, but once you say yes to anything she wants to do it a million times, which can get annoying!

Hopefully putting up more pics today!

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