Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 31, 2007 (28 weeks, 5 days pregnant w/Venily)

Venily keeps getting the hiccups all morning today! Lol, the poor dear! This is the first time that I've actually felt them and KNOWN that that's what was going on. There's been a few times when I thought that she had them, but it didn't last very long or anything, but as soon as I woke up this morning she had them for like 20 minutes straight and now she keeps getting them off and on all day! I don't know if there is anything cuter than imagining her with tiny baby hiccups, lol, that's about as cute as it gets! :)

Monday, July 30, 2007

July 30, 2007 (28 weeks, 4 days pregnant w/Venily)

Today marks 200 days of being pregnant with only 80 more to go!!!! I'm so excited!! And can you believe that it's almost August already?! It seems like we just found out that we were pregnant and I was so excited when she was only an inch big and now she's gigantic and almost ready to come out!! AND only 6 more days until our baby shower, I can't wait, it's going to be so much fun!! I really hope the weather is nice! :)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

July 28, 2007 (28 weeks, 2 days pregnant w/ Venily)

My appointment with my new doctor yesterday went good. We definitely like him more than our last doctor. He's really down to earth and nice and actually has some sort of personality and he's not really creepy, so that's good! Everything is looking great too, so I'm relieved! My glucose test came back good, I was only at 112 so no problems there and my iron levels and stuff came back even better than the last time I had my blood tested, so I'm not anemic! The baby's heartbeat was at 144bpm and she's measuring good too, even though I've only gained 1 pound in the last 5 weeks. I've been so worried about that, but the doctor said that it was fine as long as it doesn't continue happening too often. He said that the baby gets everything that she needs first, so she'll be fine no matter what, but I only get what's left over so my health might suffer if I'm not eating enough. That's probably why I was getting really tired and dizzy those few days, I was expending more energy than I was consuming, but I'm doing good with that now. He also said that there is now a big change by doctors to have women gain the minimum number of pounds required rather than going too far over because it's better for the baby and mom, leads to fewer complications, and the mom can bounce back faster after birth, so that's good! My last doctor told me something similar and said that I should gain 20-30 pounds and I've gained 13 so far, so I'm right on track. My next appointment will be in a month, on August 27th and after that I start going for my appointments every 2 weeks!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 26, 2007 (28 weeks pregnant w/ Venily)

Picture: 27w, 3d

Well, I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow (hopefully for real this time!)! I decided to go back to the Family Care doctor that I saw and liked. I also scheduled an appointment w/ another OB, but he couldn't get me in until August 9th and there was a possibility that I wouldn't be able to deliver at Aurora (he has his own practice and delivers at Aurora and Kenosha Medical) so I'll be cancelling that appointment unless I change my mind about the doctor I'm seeing tomorrow! It's been such a hassle switching, I'll know better next time around to start off at a good hospital w/ a doctor I like!

On another exciting note, my MIL just gave us a TON of great stuff for our baby that she had in storage! We got a swing, a smaller travel swing, a baby bath tub, and lots of toys, blankets, crib sheets and things!! It's so exciting, I love having all of this baby stuff in my house! I went to buy our travel system the other day, though, and it's being discontinued and is really hard to find so I'm probably going to have to order it on line unless I want to go with a different one. Same with the Amy Coe collection that I want for the nursery at Target. I sure know how to pick stuff, lol! It's alright though. I'm confident that I'll get everything I need in time and that it's going to be adorable no matter what!

Oh and I'm 28 weeks today and this is what my baby looks like! She's getting so big and is so strong now!

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Friday, July 20, 2007

July 20, 2007 (27 weeks, 1 day pregnant w/ Venily)

I'M IN MY THIRD TRIMESTER!!!!! I can't believe it! My baby could be born now with great chances of survival, but hopefully she decides to stay in there until October! My second semester has been so great, I'm a little sad that it's over. I haven't even felt very pregnant except for my big belly and all of the moving around in there (which is the best part anyway)!

So, I had some disappointment yesterday. About 5 minutes before I was going to leave for my doctor's appointment, I get a call saying that my appointment is cancelled and that the doctor isn't accepting any new patients at this time! Thanks for the advanced notice! Gosh I hate doctors and hospitals! I knew she wasn't accepting new patients, but I thought that we had gotten around it and had everything worked out. I think we're just going to have an at-home birth and Jason will deliver the baby! LOL! Just kidding, though I'd prefer that rather than going back to Burlington! Instead we're just going to find another doctor at Kenosha. Possibly the one I saw last week (he was really nice, but not an OB, though he does OB stuff too) or another guy that Cathy recommended. We'll see, I really wanted to have a woman, but I'll get over it- as long as I deliver in Kenosha, I don't care any more!

All of this doctor stuff has me a little stressed out though. I could hardly sleep at all last night and had several terrible dreams about bad things happening to the baby. I weighed myself at home yesterday and I haven't gained ANY weight since my last appointment a month ago! It doesn't make a lot of sense b/c I eat all of the time. I really want to get in and have my stomach measured to make sure she's still growing on schedule in there. I'm sure she is, b/c I look bigger and she has been kicking and moving around more and more all the time, but it doesn't help that everyone I see tells me how small I look or when they can't believe that I'm over 6 months now. Plus over the last week I've been so tired and keep getting dizzy all of the time. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that we've been so busy around here! Jason has had the last 2 1/2 weeks off of work so we're always doing something and now with Jacki and Jake back, we spend a lot of our time with them! Hopefully I can get in to see a doctor sometime next week and see what he says! In the meantime I'll just keep eating all day long and taking naps whenever I get tired- it's a rough time being pregnant, huh? LOL! :)

I think some of my stress also comes from the fact that I don't have everything ready yet for when the baby gets here! I'm really big into planning beforehand and being prepared! I'm working on it though! Yesterday we went to some garage sales and I got a rocking chair and ottoman and a floor toy that babies play with while laying on their backs. And we already have a changing table, bassinet, toys, blankets, lots of pretty little girl clothes, etc. Most of which we've had before we were even pregnant! So, I'm not behind on getting things or anything, but if it was up to me I'd have the whole baby's room all set up with everything ready to go by now if I could! I'll probably have that ready within a month and then I'll feel much better!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July 18, 2007 (26 weeks, 6 days pregnant w/Venily)

Picture: 25w, 2d

I just got back from my glucose test today! It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it wasn't very fun at all. I didn't throw the stuff up like I was afraid I might, though it did take me awhile to drink the last half of the stuff because it was progressively grosser and grosser. Also, I only had to get my blood taken once, an hour after I drank it. But, I DID have to wait in the waiting room for the WHOLE hour, I thought I was going to be able to go home and get a few things done, but I couldn't leave- it was so boring! Hopefully I'll get my results back sometime this week. I'm not too worried about having gestational diabetes, but I am a little concerned that I might be anemic. I hope not!

I am getting more and more excited for tomorrow! Tomorrow is the start of my THIRD (and final) TRIMESTER and I get to meet and have my appointment with my new doctor in Kenosha! I really hope I like her, though I'm sure I'll like her a lot better than my last doctor! I'll write more tomorrow when I get back!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July 10, 2007 (24 weeks, 2 days pregnant w/Venily)

100 Days Left And Counting!!!! The days are just flying by! Jason thinks that that's a long time, but he doesn't realize how fast time goes!

We just got back from a visit to the Kenosha hospital where we are now all set up to continue our pregnancy and delivery there!!!!!!!!!!! We haven't met our doctor yet, but I was able to get the one that I really wanted! She's a young, cute, FEMALE doctor and I am so excited. Plus Cathy says she's really nice and really knows what she's doing! It's just such a relief to get that all taken care of! We have our first appointment with her on the 19th! We also took a tour of the labor and delivery floor!! WOW!! It was just AMAZING!! I don't know what I was thinking wanting to go to Burlington. There is ABSOLUTELY no comparison. This one was huge, gorgeous, clean, etc. and the environment there was wonderful. All of the rooms but one had moms in them b/c there were a ton of births last night, including two sets of twins, but you would never have known that! It's so calm and peaceful and pretty there and exactly where I'd imagine I would want to have a baby! And the rooms themselves were even bigger and nicer than I had remembered and the bathrooms were just incredible with a whirlpool tub and shower and everything! Burlington's room's don't even have a shower or tub and you can barely turn around in them! I am just so happy that we're going to Kenosha now, I'd go there even if we had to drive 3 hours to get there, it's so worth it!!!! If you can't tell, I'm just so excited! :)

Let's see, what else is new? Venily is doing well, still kicking a lot and growing nice and big. I've been reading books to her now and she likes that! She's kind of a weird baby though, she kicks a lot when most babies would fall asleep like driving in the car, swinging on swings, etc. I hope she's not like that when she's born! She's been getting a few more things too as we're starting to get ready for her. She has a ton of cute little outfits and things from Clifton's daughter, I think she's set from newborn to 3 months! I've also discovered the wonderful baby clearance section in Walmart, lol. Everytime something gets to be too cheap to pass up, I buy it! I've gotten some really cute little socks and a baby bath set! We also bought wooden blocks that spell out her name! I'm going to paint them and put ribbon on them and hang them up on the wall in her room, I can't wait!

Our baby shower is also all set up now, with invitations coming soon. We're having it at the Brighton Dale park on August 5th! We went and looked at it the other day and it's really nice!

Jason and I also just celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary and our 6 year anniversary of being together and had a great time! We went out to eat, watched a movie (Knocked Up, lol, it was very funny), walked around down by the river in Janesville, went shopping, went for a ride in Jason's new 63 Rambler (it's called something like that, I know nothing about cars), and ate our wedding cake that has been frozen for a year (it was actually really good!). It's crazy to think what's going to be going on in our lives a year from today, on our next anniversary! We're going to have a 9 month old daughter, CRAZY, I can't wait!