Wednesday, September 2, 2009


YES!!! And we are HAVING ANOTHER BABY THIS MONTH!!!!!!!! Like any time now...

And for the record, I am ready to be DONE being pregnant, even though I love it! My back and hips hurt very badly and I have so much trouble sleeping at night! And the suspense of when and where I am going to go into labor is killing me! I dream about it all the time now! Will I be home? Will it be the middle of the night? Who is going to be able to watch Venily? What if I can't make it to the hospital?! What if we aren't home when I go into labor and have to go straight to the hospital w/out getting my bags (I have actually made a list of where all of the things I don't have packed up are located in case of just such an event so someone else can come to my house and bring me all my stuff, lol, yeah...!)? What if I have to drive myself to the hospital... and I have Venily with me... and Kenosha traffic is as bad as it has been lately? Haha, it goes on and on!!!

The contractions last night lasted for a couple of hours, but died down eventually. They were coming at about 7 minutes apart for a while... it made me realize that I still need a couple more weeks, haha! Jason wasn't very happy when I told him about it this morning! :)
I still am kind of hoping that I have her on the 13th (which happens to be in 10 days!). It's early, but not too early and Jason's birth date is the 12th, mine is the 14th, and Venily's is the 13th. I don't want Haven to feel left out, lol, or she could be born on the 15th!

Jacki took my pregnancy pictures over the weekend and did an AMAZING job!! I can't wait for birth and newborn pics!!!!

And here are my 37 week pics as well...

At 37 weeks...
* I'm at 143 lbs (+ 23lbs total gain- that's how much I gained in total w/ Venily, but I'm happy- I wanted to gain a couple of extra pounds this time since I had trouble keeping weight on while breastfeeding last time!)
* Like I said, in almost constant pain! And when I walk now, my legs frequently go completely numb!

I got my car seat cleaned and re-put back together (I forgot what a pain it is when you take it apart!). Now I just need to put it in our van in the next couple of days so we are all ready to go! Jason got our dryer hooked up over the weekend (after much stress with that) and it is WONDERFUL!!! I am running out of things that HAVE to be done before Haven is here and am just trying to get as many of the things I'd LIKE to have done out of the way! I am at the point now where I kind of don't believe this is real and actually going to happen!!! But I'm very excited and just hoping everything goes well!!!!

Doctor appointment again tomorrow!!!!! My fingers are crossed that we are making some progress!!


  1. Dont be worried about anything. We can watch Venily and I can help you if everyone is working when you go into labor. Its takes me about the same amount of time to get to paddock lake from here as it takes you from your house so we could meet in there if you were alone. And dont be worried about your bags. When i went in with Kaitlyn I was by myself and I had NOTHING since I thought they were going to send me right home. And it was fine.
    Ugh those constant contractions the 2nd time around are NO fun! There was sooo many times I thought I was going into labor and they would get closer and then stop. And then I went over my due date! lol. Just relax and take it easy. Spend some extra time with Venily cuddling on the couch and dont worry or stress about anything... it will all be fine!

  2. Thanks Jacki! And yeah, that's what I told Jason... she's going to make us think she's coming a million times and then end up coming late! Oh would she be in trouble... :)

  3. lol. Just relax, while you still have the chance! I stressed about all that stuff and in the end none of my big plans were even necessary. Half the stuff from my hospital bag I didn't even need, and the last thing I worried about once I was I was told I would be admitted to have the baby was where my bag was or who was watching Carlie....all I could think about at that point was that it would never be just me and Carlie again and I wished I had just spent more time hanging out with her instead of over prepping for the new one! Everything has a way or working out so just enjoy your little girl and put your feet up. Your friends and family can handle all the rest and even if it's not perfect it won't matter once your new baby is in your arms(= Good luck I can't wait to see pics of Haven in the next few weeks!

  4. Thanks! :)

    I'm anxious about that as well though. Venily is my whole world right now and I just don't know how another baby is going to fit into the whole picture, though I know that she will and it will all be great!

  5. She will love being a big sister I bet! The first two weeks were hard because it seemed like Randy did everything for Carlie while I nursed the new baby, and that made me feel awful and I wondered if Carlie felt replaced. But things calmed down and I figured out how to take care of both of them on my own and now Carlie LOVES that Mason is here. They are getting to the point where they actually play together now! My Mom once said to always remember that even if they fight now or fight for my attention, one day they will be older and so thankful to have a sibling when they grow up. Venily and Haven ecspecially will be thankful because they will be sisters. Me and my sister have always been best friends! Things will be great, just allow for that adjustment period. My favorite thing is when they both sit on my lap, one on each knee. Oh that makes me happy!