Tuesday, July 28, 2009

32 weeks!

Here are my 32 week pics! I am going to start weekly pics at 35 weeks and am getting professional ( :) ) pics done by Jacki at around 38 weeks! Actually I had a dream the other night that I went into labor and it went too fast, so they couldn't stop it in time and I dilated to 10cm, but they didn't want me to deliver this early so I had to lay in the hospital bed, completely dilated for as long as I could. Lol, and I was so sad that Jacki hadn't taken any pregnancy pictures of me! :)

At 32 weeks...
*I'm at 136lbs (+16 lbs total gain- if I gain about a pound a week from now on, I should have about the same total gain that I did with Venily!)

*Haven is about 4 lbs and 17 inches!

*I LOVE how nice everyone is to me! :) I can't even tell you how many people I've had opening doors for me, letting me go in front of them in lines, offering to carry things for me, giving up their seats for me, etc. LOL, I usually decline things about 3 times before I finally give in though!

*Most days I feel really good, but other days I fell like my body is falling apart- especially my back!! One wrong move and I can hardly walk!

*Haven is still as feisty as ever! Sometimes I actually subconsciously yell out when she kicks super hard and I quick pull up my shirt and check on her, just to make sure she hasn't broken free or something! She's got some bony little feet and heels!

*Sleeping is difficult and requires TONS of pillows, lots of tossing and turning, and a couple bathroom breaks and snacks during the night!

*I can only eat a couple of bites of things before I start to feel sick. There just isn't any room left in there! :)

*Jason is talking about permanent/ semi-permanent birth control options for after Haven is born! He is ABSOLUTELY set on having just 2 and then adopting another down the line. I think I am too, but it still just breaks my heart to know that this is most likely my last pregnancy! (And I tried to convince him to let me be a surrogate (+I'd be making lots of money) but he said absolutely not! :(

*I started making a list of things to bring to the hospital! I'm getting excited, but kind of nervous... it will be my first night away from Venily! :(

Monday, July 27, 2009

ABC's, Spelling her name, & Counting to 10!

I finally got some good ones of her doing it all by herself!

Venily (21m) singing her ABC's!

Venily (21m) Spelling Her Name! She is saying "V-E-N-I-L-Y...Venily Young!"

Venily (21m) Counting to 10! Who needs 7 anyway, lol?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Venily Videos!

It is quite the task to get her to sit still long enough to take a video, but here are some that I have!!

Doing her forward roll (Daddy taught her)!

Spelling her name (she can do it better than this). She says "V-E-N-I-L-Y, Venily Young". Lol, but the Venily Young part sounds more like "Yeahyee, Yong". :)

Counting to Ten

Singing "Happy Birthday". She gets this song stuck in her head so badly and loves to change around who she is singing it to! (This one she is singing to Kate You" lol, sometimes she adds the extra "you " in there!

More Happy Birthday

Singing Her ABC's! (She can sing them by herself too, but got distracted...)

Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Yeah, sometimes she likes to really get into it, lol!)

Singing London Bridges

31 weeks!

So, I totally thought it was Tuesday all day today!! But nope, it's Wed, which means I'm 31 weeks!

At 31 weeks...
*I'm at 135lbs (+15 lbs total gain)
*Haven has HOURS of never stopping!! Seriously, I have been so close to calling the doctor the last 2 days! I don't know... can a baby move TOO MUCH?! I have a feeling she is going to be quite the handful!
*My back KILLS me often (though still mostly my own fault for doing too much and pushing myself too far). I went in a hot tub the other day (turned down of course) and it was AMAZING!! I've also had to use a heating pad quite a bit lately at night! Yoga helps tremendously as well, but it is canceled for this week... so looks like I'm going to have to do it on my own!
*I painted Haven's changing table today!! One less thing on my list, slowly but surely things are coming along!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've been...

Putting pictures in albums!!! Finally!! I swear, I will NOT take as many pictures of Haven, lol, or I will at least not print as many! I had to literally put away and organize hundreds upon hundreds of pictures and the worst part is.... I have not printed any pictures off in OVER A YEAR!!! Yep!! July 15th, 2008 is the last time I printed off my pictures. Which means I am in a LOT of trouble! I absolutely need to get them printed off before Haven gets here!!! My sister is going to help me put together Venily's scrapbook too, which is going to take a while and my wedding scrapbook as well (yeah 3+ years later)! I also need to work on Venily's baby book!! Way too much to do...

I am happy though that I found a dresser for Haven! It's not the best, but it will work. We bought paint and painted it yesterday!! I have to go back today and get some more, b/c it didn't quite cover the whole thing! I will feel soooo much better when I have all of her 0-3m stuff all put away in drawers! I have been seriously fighting the urge to get her bassinet all set up in our room, lol, but I know that Jason will complain so I will wait until I'm at least 35 weeks to do that, haha!

We have been working on getting Venily to sleep in her own bed better and it is turning out to be a LOT of work! For some reason, she had kept coming into our bed earlier and earlier and with Haven coming, that is just NOT going to work out. Plus she is the worst person to sleep with, lol! I have been up with Venily for at least an hour or 2 every night since we started (not to mention all the times Haven wakes me up!)... I think they're trying to prepare me for what's to come... All I know is that I do not function well without my sleep! It does seem that Venily is making some progress though, so I'm hoping what we're doing is helping!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

30 WEEKS!!!!! 75% DONE!!!!!

So exciting!! 9 more weeks and I will be READY for this baby!!! :)



At 30 weeks...

*I'm at 135lbs (+15 lbs total gain)
*We are moving right along!

And some more pics we took today! :)

Pregnancy Survey

Mother Name: Jennifer

Age: 25
Birthday: May 14th
Father: Jason
Birthday: January 12th

How did you find out you were pregnant?:
Click here! :)

What kind of pregnancy test did you take?: A Dollar Store Test! I refuse to pee on a $15 test, it's a waste of money and tells you the same thing!

How many?:2

What were your first symptoms?:
Very nauseous, no period, bad cramping

Was baby planned?: Sure was- though for it to happen so soon was quite a shock!

Who did you tell first?:Venily! :) Then Jason!

Who was with you when you found out?: I was by myself

When was baby conceived?: Only 2 possible options... Dec 29th or Jan 1st (at like 2 in the morning). Based on details I will spare you, I think it was the 1st.... but based on my early ultrasound, it might have been the 29th (though I've heard early u/s can be off by up to 5 days). Guess we'll never know!

How far were you when you found out?: 4 weeks, 4 days

Due date: 9/23/09 (though my dr has me at the 21st)
Do you want to know the sex?: Yes!

Do you know the sex?: Yep!

If so, boy or girl?: GIRL!!!!!! And couldn't be happier!

Any names?: Haven Araya Young

Any ultrasounds?: 2- One at 10w, 5d and the other at 19w, 2d

Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yep, a bunch of times! I love listening to it!

Who do you think baby will look like?: Venily

Will baby have any siblings?: Yes! Venly, the best big sister ever and she'll be 23 months when Haven is born!!!

Have you and dad felt baby move?: Oh yeah, she's hard to keep still!


Formula or breastfeeding?: 100% set on breastfeeding again for the 1st whole year!! I can't wait!

Did you have any cravings?: Chocolate...every...single...day!! (but I don't think that is from pregnancy, lol!)

Did you have any mood swings?: Yes I do! I'm less patient and I get emotional easily!

Did you have morning sickness?:
Unfortunately- morning, day, and night!!

Are you a high risk pregnancy?: Nope

Any complications?: Not a one.

Have you bought anything for baby yet?: Diapers and wipes and a few little things here and there

When did you start to show?:
It become really apparent around 20 weeks

How long could you wear your regular clothes?:
Still wearing all regular clothes! I don't like wasting money on clothes that I'm only going to wear for a short period of time! I'd rather buy things for the baby and make do with what I have!

Are you excited?

Who will help with baby after he/she is born?: Venily probably... does that count? Haha. J/K, mostly just me! And when Jason is home we've decided he will mostly be taking care of Venily and I'll be taking care of Haven.

What is your favorite thing about being pregnant?: Feeling her move around and kick inside of me!

What is the worst thing about being pregnant?: The morning sickness and sciatic pain!

What’s one thing do you miss doing since being pregnant?: Drinking cappuccinos

Any days you wish you weren't pregnant?: Never.

Are you ready for baby?:
Yes and no! Lots more I need to do, but there will never be enough time to get "everything" done!

How many kids do you want?:
I literally struggle with this daily! I am torn between this being it and having at least one more! Jason says we are DONE and financially I think it's the best course for us. Plus I can focus more of my energy on just 2 and we can do more things and I'll be able to get back in the workfield quicker.... but my heart REALLY wants one more- like BADLY!! Plus Jason and I would both IDEALLY love to adopt a child, but there are a lot of factors that would need to fall into place for that to happen.

Do you talk to your baby?:
Oh yeah, ALL the time!

Do you still feel attractive?: Yes, possibly more so, but in a different way.

Have you had your baby shower yet?:
I'm not going to have one since this is my 2nd, even though my sister really wanted to throw me one!

Do you like kids?: Yes, I love kids.

How far along are you now?: 30 WEEKS!

Is this your first pregnancy?:
Nope, second!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Venily is 1 3/4!! (21 months!)

Her current stats:

Weight: 24 lbs (about 30%ile)
Height: 34 inches (about 90%ile)

Yep, she's tall and thin! Big shock, lol! :)

Current sizes:

*Clothes- mostly 18m. Some 12m, some 24m/2T
*Underwear- 2T
*Shoes- 7

Some things about the last month:

*She learned how to do forward rolls all by herself! And it only took her a day to learn! I've been meaning to get it on video...

*She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES choo-choo trains right now!! She gets so excited when she sees or hears them! And she will tell you how the little train pulls all of the other cars, haha. We saw just an engine go by one day and she thought it was the coolest thing ever!

*She is also really into fish right now. She loves to look at them at the lake and in the store. We have been planning on getting her 2 fish for her 2 year birthday for quite some time! Oh my goodness, that is in only 3 more months!!

*Other current favorite animals: alligators, zebras, giraffes, birds (she loves all the birds that come to our bird feeder)

*Favorite color: still blue

*She loves to sing and will sing anything and everything. She can sing all her ABC's (or at least most of them!) by herself, but prefers to have me sing along with her (that is why I can't get it on video, lol). She also knows almost every single nursery rhyme. "Twinkle, twinkle little star", "London Bridges", and "Row, row, row your boat" are her favorites to sing.

*She does the cutest "Naked Butt" dance ever!! And she came up with it all by herself! When she is naked she goes in front of our full length mirror and sings "Naked Butt! Naked Butt!" and does this funny thing with her arms and goes back and forth on her feet! It's my favorite dance in this whole wide world!

*She could have me read her books all day long! And she is starting to really get into longer books. She loves the "101 Dalmations" and "Finding Nemo" books. And "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". It's funny, she'll try to say the words along with me, lol, which is fine with books that she has memorized, but other books she just kind of mumbles through!

*She also really loves her flash cards and wants me to do them with her all the time. She has animals, shapes and colors, and letters!

*She has FINALLY moved past "Poker Face" as her favorite real song!!! You don't understand what a big deal this is, lol, I've had to hear that song about 30 times a day for months now!! Her new song is "Boom Boom Boom" by the Black Eyed Peas, haha... I'm already sick of it though, but you can't resist "Mommy, more Boom Boom Pow shong, pwease?", lol.

*I think she is starting to go through a growth spurt again. She has been sleeping really long and gets worn out quickly! Yesterday she took a 2 1/2 hour nap, which was amazing! :) Typically she goes to bed around 9-9:30 and wakes up around 7-7:30 and takes a 1.5-2 hr nap after lunch every day.

*Loves the "fun beach" and wants to go every day.

*I love it... she says this to me a lot...

Venily- "Mommy back hurts?"
Me- "Yes, honey."
Venily- "Rub back?"
Me- "Sure, that would be great"
Venily- (rubs my back) "All better now!"
Me- "Thank you!"
Venily- "More rub back?"
Me- "Sure!"
...Then she'll tell me that her back hurts too and I rub it for her! :)


*Oh and for as well as she can talk, she still pronounces her name "Yeah-yee". It drives me nuts! She is also really into saying "My turn! My turn!" if someone is doing something that she wants to do! And she still bites her nails ALL the time- uhhh!

*She has also just hit the stage where she will get really mad if she is doing something fun and has to go home or stop what she is doing.

Dr. Appt- 29 weeks, 5 days

Well, I had my dr's appointment yesterday and everything is going just swimmingly!! The doctor was very happy with my blood pressure, urine, weight gain, and Haven's beartbeat (which was at 139bpm)! He was so happy... that I don't have to go back for another 4 weeks again! Which is awesome b/c I feel like I am just in and out anyway and all the work it takes to find someone to watch Venily and then drive there and back is kind of pointless. I had a 4:00 appt yesterday and got in a few minutes early. After my appointment was done and I had scheduled my next appointment (Aug 13th- I'll be 34 weeks!) and I had gotten back to my van and looked at the time it was literally 4:04, lol!

Venily turned 21 months old yesterday as well! I will try to update about her later when I get a chance! And I will be 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow... I'm so excited!!!!! And the new Harry Potter movie comes out tomorrow!!!! Yep, I'm a dork, I don't care! We're going to try and see it on the Ultrascreen either tomorrow or Thursday!!! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Kaitlyn!!

My niece is 5 years old today!!! Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!!! Can't believe she will be starting kindergarten in a few short months, oh my goodness! We had a lot of fun at her birthday party on Saturday! Venily has been talking about it nonstop ever since! She made her Daddy take her down the waterslide a million times and thought it was just the best thing ever!!!

I have a doctor's appointment later this afternoon. Will update when I get back!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Haven Videos

Like I said, these are SUPER tame to what she is capable of! You should have seen her today when I was laying down with Venily for her nap! She was INSANE!!!! I was wishing so badly that I had my camera! Venily thought it was hilarious and kept playing with her feet and Haven kept kicking right back! :)

29 weeks- reality is setting in!

So my grandma gave me this super cute gift for Haven. Baby socks, some toys, and the cutest little outfit. And it totally hit me... I'm having another baby... and I can't wait!! I was looking at the stuff and couldn't believe how cute it was and I had SUCH a strong desire to have another small baby, it was unreal. Then I realized that in 2 1/2 months, I WILL HAVE ANOTHER BABY!!! It's crazy how surreal this whole thing is even though it's my second time around and even though the evidence is staring me right in the mirror (and kicking me right in the stomach!)! I just can't believe it! I'm SOOOOO excited!!!! :)

At 29 weeks...

* I am at 134 lbs (+ 14 lbs total gain)
* Haven has a 90% chance of survival if born now!!!
* Haven weighs almost 3 lbs!

My yoga instructor (who I love!) let me borrow a pregnancy yoga book from her. I really need to start doing it more than once a week and there are some positions to help with sciatic pain which I REALLY need to try b/c just relaxing is not going to happen... I have WAY TOO MUCH TO DO before Haven gets here! I was able to get a lot more organizing and cleaning done this week which is awesome! Also all of Haven's 6-9m & 9m clothes are now washed and put away, so she is all set...

I'm still trying to get a good video of Haven with her feet sticking out like crazy, but either Venily wants to get in the way of the video or when I finally get up and get my camera, Haven settles down some... so I will upload the one that I got when I get a chance, though it's pretty tame to what she CAN do, lol! She is soooo very crazy, she woke me up a million times last night! Let's hope she fixes that before she's born!

Looking forward to a nice 3 year anniversary with my husband today!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

8 Years Together, 3 Married!!!!

Today marks our 8 year anniversary of when we first started dating!!! It was the summer after my junior year of high school, lol- and we've been together ever since! We were just kids back then, it's too funny! Who would have known...


And tomorrow is our 3 year wedding anniversary!! THREE years already?! Crazy...

I love him even more today than the day we got married!! I am so thankful for everything that we have together!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! Ours was awesome! Venily had so much fun!!! And I love looking at comparison holiday pictures, I can't believe how grown up Venily looks now! Definitely turning into quite the gorgeous young lady and she's only 1, lol- I am in sooooo much trouble!

Jason has been coming home every single night since Monday even though it's an extra 2 hrs there and back every day and he has a hotel room down there by him, lol, guess he really misses us! Tonight he is really staying down there though (at least that's what he said, lol, every time I wake up though after he's said that, he's always in bed with me!).

Friday, July 3, 2009

Oh how I love her....

We were getting ready for bed tonight and Venily is just so very cute!!! I always tell her I love her and she always says "Love you too!" in the sweetest little voice you could ever imagine. And tonight she did the same thing and waited a minute and asked, "More 'love you too's,' Mommy?" ♥

Aww, I can't help but cry while I write this! I said "Of course!" and told her I loved her again so that she could say "Love you too!" again. I hope she never gets sick of saying it!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Bryant!


My littlest nephew is 1 today! I asked Venily whose birthday it was today and she said "Bry's!" She has been saying that his birthday is next and then Kate's since Matt's birthday 2 weeks ago! All these summer birthdays... Venily's not going to know what's going on after Kaitlyn's birthday on the 13th. She has just come to expect that people have birthdays all the time!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

28 weeks!!!

My 28 week pics...

At 28 weeks...

* I am at 134 lbs (+ 14 lbs total gain) (I had gained 13 with Venily at this point, so I am staying pretty consistent)
* I have been having quite a few BH contractions every day
* I just started up with getting leg cramps at night/ when I wake up in the morning. It has happened 3 times this past week. I had the same thing with Venily. I am positive that the pain is worse that child birth!
* Still obsessed with cleaning and organizing!
* Haven is CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY!! Moves CONSTANTLY!! Sticks her feet out with such force that I am afraid how much strength she will get within the next 12 weeks! Loves to kick my ribs too!
* People say things to me all the time now about being pregnant. I love the women that come up to me like I'm some kind of celebrity or something and are just so excited for me even though they don't even know me, lol! I also like that where ever I go everyone seems to be talking about pregnancies and babies. Like when I go to the beach (I've been wearing a bikini this pregnancy b/c I don't really care if people like it or not, haha!) and as we walk past people I get a lot of looks and people start talking about what they wore to the beach when they were pregnant, pregnancy in general, baby showers, etc. I'm like... hmmmm.... wonder what made you think to talk about that, haha!

Haven't updated about Venily in a while. Still doing AMAZING with going on the potty and has had VERY few accidents the whole time she has been potty training (which is over 4 weeks now!). Today we were at a junk yard and she had to go and I BEGGED her to go in the grass, lol. I even took off her underwear and pants and sat her on the ground and told her to go a couple of times, but she absolutely refused! We ended up having to go in some gross porta-potty! She kept saying things like "No pee grass Mommy, pee potty!" haha. I am looking now for a portable one that I can keep in the van that is just open to the ground so that she can go outside if necessary!

Jason is gone now until Sunday (though he will probably be coming back a few hours here and there) but we miss him so much already! He is doing sound for a festival and they got him a hotel room down there. We might go visit him for a day or 2, but we are pretty busy the next couple of days, so I don't think that would work out! Venily hates going any period of time without seeing her Daddy (every car she hears or noise around the house she asks "Daddy here?"), so it is going to be hard especially since I miss him too! :(