Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trying to stay busy!

Well, I'm 40 weeks, 3 days pregnant as of today! I'm trying to stay busy so that I stop obsessing about when she is going to be here. Jason and I went out to dinner and a movie the other night, which was really nice. (At least my Mom didn't take off 3 days of work for NOTHING). I've also been working on Venily's baby book! I spent hours on it yesterday and I still have a lot left to do... I am REALLY going to make sure and stay up-to-date with Haven's!

It is really nice knowing that at the MOST I only have 2 more days until I get to see Haven, but I really can't understand what is taking her so long! At this point with Venily, I already had an 8 day old baby!!! I am going to have to pack some bigger clothes for her in her hospital bag, just in case she's HUGE!!

Jason has been driving me absolutely crazy! I'm so glad that it's finally the weekend and that he doesn't have work. He has been making sure that there is someone here to babysit me the whole time and he was calling and checking up on me a million times a day. He doesn't like me going ANYWHERE by myself and even gets mad when I go for walks by myself. I have a feeling that once this labor starts, it's going to be WAY longer than we are anticipating since she is already not cooperating! I really hope not though! I really wish she'd make an appearance TODAY!!!! Like any minute now would be great... I'm not even having that many BH anymore! :(

Alright, I'm going to work on my baby books some more until Venily wakes up from her nap and then go on another LONG walk!!! Come on Haven... I want to see her so badly and I don't want to have to experience Pitocin nor do I want to have to be at the hospital so early Monday morning!

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  1. Darn! I was hoping that since you didn't post yesterday, that you were at the hospital having your little girl!! Like you said, at least you know that if she doesn't get here today or tomorrow, she will be here Monday FOR SURE!!!