Saturday, January 31, 2009


Uhhhh.... what did I say at 6 weeks? That I WANTED to throw up or something along those lines?! Well, I haven't thrown up yet, but I see that coming in my near future! I am getting SOOOO nauseous at EVERYTHING!!! It's especially worse at night and right away in the morning. I've been sooooo close to throwing up and I just keep willing myself not to because I hate it so much. The smell of almost everything sets me off. Especially ketchup, spaghetti sauce, and Venily diapers! I gag so much when I have to change Venily, it's horrible! I need that little girl potty trained ASAP!! She hasn't pooped on her potty yet though. There was a week when she was sick and we were out of the house so much that she didn't even pee in it, but she is starting to go back on it again. She tells us when she has to go all of the time, but sometimes we're a little too late. She woke me up at 6:00am yesterday morning saying "pot, POT!!" (potty) and running towards the door. I was so tired but I got up with her and took her in there and she went!!! She's done that a couple mornings now, so that's FANTASTIC!! I can't wait until Spring so I can just have her run around in nothing but a shirt and put some SERIOUS thought into this whole potty-training thing!!

I called my doctor on Friday to set up my first prenatal appointment and blood test, but I am still waiting for them to call me back. Hopefully I can schedule my appointment on Monday, I'm really looking forward to having some expert confirmation, lol! I still have both of my pregnancy tests in a drawer in my bathroom and I check on them everyday to make sure I'm still pregnant! I know I'm crazy!!!

Do you know what I've been thinking about lately that didn't cross my mind while I was wanting another baby so badly? We don't have closet space for another baby! Lol, isn't that the weirdest thing to be concerned about? I just finally got all of Venily's clothes to fit nicely into her large closet and dresser and now I'm wondering what's going to happen when I need to fit another entire wardrobe in there as well. I swear, of all the things to be worried about... haha!

Well, I'm going to go clean my toilet while Venily is napping since I have a feeling I'm going to be up close to it soon and if it is even the remotest bit dirty it will make me throw up even more!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Baby Is A Genius!!

....or at least I think so, lol! Venily had her 15m checkup today and the doctor was very impressed with all the words she can say and all of her adorable animal noises! She especially liked her "bunny" which she also showed her last week and my doctor (who has a son a couple weeks older than Venily) has been trying to teach it to her son ever since b/c it is just so darn cute!!!! :) This was the first time that I've brought Venily to get her shots taken w/out Jason I think (or at least since she has been so aware of what is going on). It was TERRIBLE! I just hugged her and had my face next to her, trying so hard not to cry and I kept telling her everything was going to be okay. My poor little hunny!! It didn't help that her nurse is the SLOWEST at giving shots that the world has ever seen! She takes like seriously 2 minutes in between each shot! Just give her all 3 at once and get it over with!!! It doesn't help to draw out the experience! But as soon as she was done the nurse came back in and gave her 2 stickers so she was pretty happy about that and played with them the whole car ride home until she fell asleep! She has to go back at 18m for her last bit of shots until she goes to kindergarten. Her stats haven't changed much since 12m. Height was 31.5inches, weight was 21lbs, 6oz, and her head circumference was 46.5 cm.

[side note: Venily kept saying "pancake" today at breakfast so clearly and she even put extra emphasis on the "k" at the end, it was sooooo cute! That girl ate an entire strawberry waffle, 2 pancakes, an egg(minus the middle), applesauce and part of my english muffin and was still going until we finally cut her off, lol, and that is typical of her. HOW HAS SHE NOT GAINED LIKE 20 LBS?! I'll tell you.... b/c she runs around NON STOP and never slows down! haha]

6 weeks and nervous

From an hour after I read that pregnancy test, I've been worried. So many things can go wrong. So, while I should be happy that my nausea is not nearly as bad as it was with Venily and only comes now and then and I haven't thrown up yet (though almost), I am not and it makes me nervous. I wish I had wrote more about the first couple of weeks in Venily's pregnancy. All I remember is being SOOOO sick and not even being able to lift my head up while laying on the couch. I was LITERALLY never more than 3 feet away from a garbage can. I remember eating dinner with a garbage can at my feet because I knew I wouldn't be able to take a bite without first throwing up! But I don't remember EXACTLY when that started... I tried not to dwell on anything negative because I was just SO grateful to be pregnant... so now I think maybe it's a boy? I don't know, that's why I'm waiting to make a baby game... haha, I need a few more weeks to figure this baby out! Though for the record I am still VERY, VERY hopeful that it's a girl b/c we are already all set up for another girl! I had an ultrasound dream the other night and it said I was having a girl!!! :) Right now my nausea comes and goes and it is worse at night to the point that I can hardly ever eat dinner or even be in the same room as Jason cooking b/c the smell of it makes me gag. I've also been having a lot of cramps which always sends me into a panic, but I remember having that with Venily too. One night it got so bad I hardly slept and when I did I dreamt that I was getting ready to go to the hospital to make sure that everything was okay. They stopped in the morning though, so I didn't end up going to the hospital. I REALLY can't wait until I get to hear and/or see my baby for the first time and put some of these fears to rest!!! Some other symptoms I'm having include: headaches every night and I am SUPER emotional!

Jason and I have been researching more and more baby names with NO luck!! He is the absolute most difficult person to deal with when it comes to names. I am still so in love with the names I have that no other names seem even close to good enough. For a girl I want "Haven Emory Young" and for a boy I want "Emmett James Young". WHAT FANTASTIC NAMES and it's pretty hard to compete with such a beautiful name as "Venily Autumn Young"!!! Jason has expressed some interest in a few names. "Kia" (rhymes with "eye" and is Hawaiin for "the sea") for a boy and "Raina" for a girl. I like these names alright but I don't know. If anyone has any suggests, please let me know!!! Jason really wants something "earthy" (aka a hippie name, lol). So any moutain or river name or something like that is what he is looking for but whenever we look at lists of nature names he doesn't like any!

Venily is so funny. If even a sliver of my skin around my waist is showing she gets so excited and runs up to me and touches it and starts yelling "BABY, BABY, BABY"!! She is BABY CRAZY just like her Mommy!!! She has her 15 month appt and shots today (it's been pushed back for 3 weeks now) so I will write her current stats on here when we get back from there. She was just at the doctor's last week with a fever so we'll see!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

5 Weeks Pregnant w/ Baby #2

I'm 5 weeks today!!! 1/8 of the way there, lol! Here I am at 5 weeks and 120 lbs.

I can't wait to get all big and have people know I'm pregnant just by looking at me!

I'm feeling a little better... the sickness comes and goes right now, I'm sure by next week it will only come in stages of bad and worse! Jason is driving me nuts just like he did with Venily! Obsessed with what I'm eating and what I'm doing!! He has actually even banned me from LIP GLOSS while pregnant! Thanks a lot Bill Nye!! haha. And he is being NO fun. I wanted to keep the sex and name of the baby a secret but Jason said absolutely not! So I will tell you my names. I have a girl and boy name that I am absolutely in love with and have had for months and months now, but Jason doesn't like either (though he USED to like the girl's name). For a girl I want Haven. And for a boy- Emmett James. They're not even too crazy for me. Jason said he won't take Haven off the list, but he's not pulling for it, whatever that means! And he thinks Emmett is too dorky and "normal". HE IS SOOO DIFFICULT!!

I took another pregnancy test today just to be sure! As dark as could be- and I didn't even do it right away in the morning!!! I love $Dollar Store tests- they make me feel like I'm conducting some kind of experiment. :)

Venily is so cute!!!!!! She already "knows" that there is a baby in my tummy! She lifts up my shirt and points and says "baby" and will give the baby kisses and hugs. She obviously doesn't understand the full extent of what is going on, but hopefully the transition will go well. Here's a pic of her about to kiss her baby!!

About time!

Okay, I haven't been on here in forever with moving and unpacking and all and totally forgot what my password was and how to do anything on here and I'm going to have to relearn it all again! HAHA! Okay well, I started a different website before we started TTC and I will put up some of my posts here. I have 21 posts, but I'm going to condense them, plus some were pretty personal, so I will edit a little:

January 18, 2009

Well, Venily and I told Jason that we were adding one more to our family this morning! He was feeling all better today so I gave Venily a bath and then put her "I'm a Big Sister" shirt on her. She walked out of the bathroom and Jason was looking at her and was like "what does her shirt say?.... I'm... a... Big....Sister?.......... WAIT, are you pregnant?". HAHA! He was shocked, but excited!! Neither of us can believe how fast it went this time around! Then Jason asked me if he could tell people and I let that up to him and he wanted to! So... we're going to try to tell as many people in person as we can and then tell everybody else! We decided not to wait, which is fine because I'm so nauseous already people are going to start putting it together soon anyway! :)

It's still early for me to be certain, but I already have a VERY strong feeling that we are having another girl!!!!!! We'll see how similar this pregnancy is to Venily's!

January 18, 2009





I'm still in shock!!!!! It's 3:15am. I couldn't sleep and was lying in bed going back and forth on whether or not I should take a test today!! Finally, I just said "what the heck?" and took one right then!! It took 2 seconds and both pink lines show up!! AHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm sooooo excited!! Jason is sleeping on the couch and I talked to him a little, but I haven't told him yet!! :)
He's been up all night too throwing up, poor thing! I don't want to tell him when he's sick, so I might even have to wait a whole day or two!! It's going to drive me crazy! I can't believe that Venily is going to be a big sister and that I have another little miracle growing inside of me! I am so HAPPY, I hope and pray everything goes well with my new little baby!!!!! :)

Let me tell you, now that things are in perspective, I can not believe how fast and strong this morning sickness has come on, because I feel HORRIBLE already, but it's all apart of this wonderful journey!! :) I don't think I'm going to be able to get back to sleep tonight, I'm way too wound up now!!!! Wow, we decided to start trying like 2 weeks ago.... I can't believe how fast things went this time around!!!!!!!!


Based on my calculations, Baby#2 is due Wednesday, September 23rd!! And I am 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant today!
Only 248 days to go, lol!

January 17, 2009

Today is CD 32 and still nothing!!! I thought I had started last night.... I've had horrible cramps ALL day today and have been super nauseous. I don't know what is going on though. This is the 3rd weekend in a row that I have felt really sick. And Jason got sick today too and has been throwing I am confused! I could be late just because I've been so sick. I will take a test tomorrow if I haven't started!! But if I am, I am going to have to wait until Jason is better to tell him- he thinks I started today too b/c I thought I had!

I am nervous that I'm not and don't want to get my hopes up. I'm also worried that if I am that something is wrong and that's why I've had such bad cramps and have felt so sick the past couple of weeks! Man, feeling so sick has got me remembering what morning sickness was like and I am SOOOOO not looking forward to that part, but as I can recall, everything is worth it in the end!

Please, please, please BFP tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

January 16, 2009

Today is CD 31!! My fingers are completely crossed that this is it b/c I'm already sick of all the waiting, but I feel like I'm probably going to start soon- I so hope not! Uhhh..... just thinking about waiting a whole nother month makes me want to scream and then thinking maybe another month, and another, and another.... no thanks! I am debating taking a test tomorrow if I haven't started yet, but I am thinking maybe I should give it a few more days.... hmm, I don't know!

I will be so ecstatic if I am pregnant, I REALLY HOPE SO!!!

January 12, 2009

Today is Jason's birthday! Yesterday he said that he hopes we get pregnant this month!!! He wants the baby born in September so that we can do outside things for his/her birthday parties, haha! Today is cycle day 27 for me.... the earliest I should test is probably CD 32....but I should probably wait until even longer than that.... we'll see how long I can wait (or if it is even necessary!). It would be a nice birthday present for Jason if we are pregnant!!!

Here is the length of my last 6 cycles:

Dec- 28D

Nov- 26D

Oct- 36D


Aug- 31D

Jul- 31D

January 9, 2009

Okay, so next week I should know if I am pregnant or not (depending on how long this cycle is.... lately it ranges between 26 and 36 days)!! I told myself not to get my hopes up, especially this month, but unfortunately I already have! I even bought some Xmas clothes for next year on clearance which will only work if we get pregnant w/in the next 4 months! HAHA! I even bought a tiny little dress, which of course will only work if we get pregnant in the next 4 months AND it's a girl! :)

I'm so excited! You should hear Venily. She goes around all day saying "". She loves to feed and hold her babies and loves to see babies in the store. And if I'm watching any baby shows on t.v., that's all I hear about! :) She LOVES babies and will make such a good big sister!



December 30, 2008

Well, last night we officially started trying for baby #2!! We have been in our new house for about a week and a half now. I think it might be too late for this cycle, but we will see what happens! My cycles have been a little goofy lately so who knows! I still would really love to get pregnant next month so the kids will be 2 years apart. *fingers crossed*



October 6, 2008

We talked about it last night!! Venily will be one in a week, but I have been wondering about it a lot lately. I said "So, I know we said we were going to wait until our daughter was 1 to talk about this, but when were you thinking you wanted to start trying for another baby?". And my husband actually said, "well, I figured once we moved into our new house and everything, we'd start trying." AHHHH!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! I love my daughter so much and really want her to have a sibling close to her age! (And we will be moving into our house within a month!!!!!!)

We talked about how nice it would be to have another October girl.... we already have a million girl clothes in those seasons. I am soooo excited to see what the next couple of months brings. I still want to wait until I am 12 weeks to tell everybody and I'm the worst at keeping secrets! I've been having a lot of dreams lately about being pregnant and giving birth to babies! And a lot of twin dreams, lol, I actually secretly think twins would be a lot of fun!

Stay tuned for "trying for a baby" updates! Hopefully they will come soon! I can't believe I could be pregnant or already have another baby this time next year. WOW! :)

August 16, 2008

Well, we are getting closer to Venily's first birthday! She is 10 months now. I haven't brought up the baby #2 topic again with my husband, b/c he just tells me we have to wait until she's a year and our house is finished! I know I made the mistake of telling everyone we were trying w/ our daughter and since it took us so long, it was really hard! Everyone kept asking me if I was pregnant yet and what was taking us so long! :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009 6:23 PM

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GOING TO BE A BIG SISTER!!!!!! I'm SOOOOOO ECSTATIC!!!!! We just started trying a few weeks ago and had no idea we'd get pregnant on the first try!! It took us 6 months to get pregnant with Venily!! I'm due around September 23rd, so our children will be about 2 years apart. Venily will be 2 on October 13th! We're so happy! Venily absolutely LOVES babies!! I am already feeling very sick with morning sickness, so it looks like I'm not going to luck out on that end this time either! :) I'm really hoping for another girl, but of course we'd be really happy with a boy too- as long as he doesn't mind sharing Venily's pink room with her, lol! OH MY GOSH, I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!



Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009 1:04 PM

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Venily has been going on her potty every day!! She's doing great and she loves it!! It's funny, she'll sit on there, then get up and look in her potty and say "no" and shake her head if she hasn't gone yet and then sit back down, lol. And when she does go, she's so proud of herself and gets part of a cookie so she gets super excited!! I can't wait until she's at the big girl underwear stage!

For some reason Venily has increased her appetite TREMENDOUSLY the last couple of weeks- she must be going through a growth spurt! You would not believe how much this little girl can eat!! She often eats more than I do!! When we go to buffets, the restaurants are losing out, lol, because she eats free! Sometimes I actually almost get sick thinking about how much she has just ate and I am always scared when I ask her "Are you all done?" because I know that most likely she's going to say "no."

Venily has her 15 month check up and shots next week!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday, January 03, 2009 3:32 AM

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Venily Autumn Young peed in her big girl potty!!!!!!! And it was the first time she ever sat on it w/ no diaper on!!!


I was in the bathroom getting ready and Jason was watching Venily. He knocked on the door and said "we want to show you something". I went out and saw her potty chair w/ pee in it!!!!!

She was sitting on her potty with her clothes on and Jason asked her if she wanted to go potty in it. She said yes so he took off her pants and diaper and she sat back on. She sat on there for 2 minutes talking and pointing at things and then made the "I want up" hand signal. Jason picked her up and looked in there and she had went!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF HER!!!! I can't even believe it. I hadn't planned on actually having her try for a while now, but maybe this is going to be even easier than I had thought!! She is one smart little cookie, I love her so much!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday, January 02, 2009 3:47 AM

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I feel weird not having written anything on my babyhomepage site for over a month! So I am updating here now! I am still working on getting my new website in order and will let you know when I do.

We moved into our new house a couple of days before Xmas!! Just in time and I ABSOLUTELY love it!!! Actually that's an understatement!! It is perfect and I can't even describe how much healthier I feel here! My in-laws are great, but living with them for 8 months in a house that is not mine was really starting to get to me at the end. There was so much there that Venily could get into and so much I couldn't do that I wanted to. I felt so trapped, especially when the weather got cold and it got harder and harder to get out of the house and Jason was working on the house 24/7 so I was alone a lot. BUT NOW..... I feel so much lighter, free to do whatever I want now and free to let Venily be who she is, a crazy little girl who needs to explore everything!! I just love it!!! I'm developing some major OCD cleaning and organizing and making it perfect for us, but I don't care! We still have a lot of boxes to go through though! 70% of everything we own is still in boxes in the basement and at my in-laws', but if we haven't used it in 8 months, how important could it really be? I would just love to throw it all away, haha, but I know I could never do that!

Venily is great as always!!! She is so amazing! She is 14 months and knows a couple hundred words now and is putting more 2 word combos together like "all done", "love you", "more please", "hi dada", stuff like that. She is definitely verbal!!! People are always surprised at her age because she talks so much, haha, doesn't get that from her Mommy! She is also VERY social which she also does not get from her Mommy! :)

She is in a big girl bed since moving into the new house and does good in it. She hasn't fallen out ever and it's nice that she can get out on her own and play in her room when she wakes up from naps. We leave our doors open at night too so at like 5:00 in the morning I usually open my eyes and see Venily's little body come running into our room. I like when she is all excited and says "MAMA!" and comes running up to me and kisses me. Sometimes I don't even wake up when she climbs into bed with us, haha and am surprised to see her there in the morning! She is doing surprisingly well having NEVER slept in her own room though EVER before moving into this house.

She is also really responsive now and responds to EVERYTHING. Definitely a little person with a mind of her own. I ask her questions all the time and she loves to tell me yes or no. She also likes to pick things out. Like what she wants to eat or what she wants to wear. It's so funny to watch her think about her choice. She puts her hand on her chin, taps her lip with her finger and says "hmmmmm" like she's thinking, it's HILARIOUS!! She is a great eater (eats almost anything) and is tall and thin like her parents!! We took her to the doctor a couple of weeks ago to get her lactose issues figured out and it appears that she does in fact have a sensitivity to lactose. We don't know if this is something that will go away eventually or if it is something she will always have (hopefully not, since we are already vegetarians, I don't want her to have to watch what she eats even more). She is on Lactaid which is whole milk w/ the lactose taken out and she is doing really well with that!! I'm so happy! We just have to watch what she eats and make sure she doesn't get too much lactose so we avoid cheese and dairy. But she can tolerate it as an ingredient in some foods as long as it's not like the main ingredient.

She is also starting to get into pretend play, which is so fun!! She loves to play with her Little People and play with them in her house.... making them take baths, kiss each other, making the dog and cat eat out of the pet food bowl, it's so fricken cute, I love it! Kids are SOOOO fun at this age!!! :)

I bought her a potty training seat the other day and hope to start potty training her in the Spring when she'll be wearing less clothes and able to run around outside more. She already brings us diapers when she wants to be changed and sometimes before she poops. The other day, before I got her potty chair she said "per, per" (diaper) and then looked like she was starting to poop so I asked her if she had to poop. She said yes and I asked her if she wanted to poop on the toilet. She looked excited and ran into the bathroom. But when I put her on the big toliet she got scared, haha, also it was really cold so I thought a little potty would be better for her. I hope she catches on quickly. I don't mind changing diapers at all, but I definitely don't want to have 2 kids in diapers- so that is our goal!!

Venily has been a little fussy lately because she is getting her molars in! Wow was I surprised when I saw a little tooth way back in there the first time. I had figured they would keep popping up next to each other until her whole mouth was full. She now has 2 molars in on top (one on each side, as of today) and one on the bottom is almost through. She chews on her hands and everything she can because they bother her so much. I've been giving her Tylenol and that helps, but I really can't wait for them to hurry up and pop through. The one side was so bruised and swollen that Jason and I got freaked out and actually called the doctor! It looks so much better today though, now that the tooth has popped through! That's got to hurt, my poor little honey!

The holidays all went very well this year! Venily really got into opening up presents and seeing her family and was always the star of the show at all of our Xmas parties- dancing, running around, telling people all of her animal noises, haha, and doing anything she could to make people laugh! I don't think I ever sat still a minute though, lol! That is one thing she does NOT do.... sit still!! She is LITERALLY always moving!! But I don't mind, she makes things way more interesting! :) It has really been hitting me lately how much she has grown and changed in such a short time because I now have something to compare to from last year. Last year at our Xmas parties I was passing around a little 2 month old from person to person as she slept soundly in everyone's arms and having to go into the other room every once in a while to feed her! It's so crazy that that was ONLY a year ago!!!! I am so excited to see what 2009 brings us!!! I hope everyone else is doing well and had a nice time during the holidays! Feel free to stop by our new house!!!