Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another dream....

last night and ANOTHER girl in my dream, lol! This one was also an ultrasound dream and it was very, very realistic! My mind is definitely convinced that it's a girl!!!!!

This baby was kicking SO hard last night!! By the time I convinced Jason to stop being a baby and feel my stomach (I thought he'd be better this time around, but definitely not) the baby stopped kicking. I bet if I would have been watching my stomach, I would have seen it, these were some BIG kicks!!!! :)

TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY!!!!! The nerves are starting to set in. I just hope and pray that this one is perfect and healthy. A couple girls on my online board have had some fluid around different organs and bright spots on the heart and things like that... it's got me worried!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

19 weeks- THIS IS THE WEEK!!!!

My baby is...
*10 inches long (total length!)
* Almost half-baked! :)

I hope my baby isn't scrunched up like this, lol!...
I was talking with one of the moms at Venily class today about her children (one is a little over 2 and one is a couple of months old) and they happened to be 22 months apart!! Venily and Baby #2 are going to be 23 months apart and it was so great to be able to see the 2 girls together and have her tell me how much she likes their age difference and how it hasn't been very bad at all! I feel soooooo reassured now!!!! Here is this woman who I feel like will be me in like 7 months- totally happy, totally put together, and out and about still bringing her children to classes and stuff! I have been imagining that it would be really hard for like a year but that later down the road will be so much easier since my kids will always have each other to play with and occupy each other and stuff. But now I am so much more confident about that 1st year, it's going to be so much fun, I can't wait!!! And Venily is going to be the BEST big sister ever!

How far along? 19 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 129lbs (9lb total gain- YES!! That's the exact same that I was with Venily at this point!)
Maternity clothes? No, but some pants I have to use a hair tie now, even when I don't feel sick!
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Good. Though my little one thought last night when I layed down was a good time to start its gymnastics routine so I couldn't sleep for 20 minutes while she/he flipped and flipped over and over again.... but I LOVE it so I'm definitely not complaining!! :)
Best moment this week: IFeeling all the kicking and moving which is getting SO strong!!
YES!! All the time!!! Baby's are supposed to sleep for like 20 hours a day at this point, but I really don't think mine does at all! It's always moving all around! I'm in soooo much trouble! :)
Food cravings: Apples, cake, caffeine free pepsi
Gender Thoughts: I still think GIRL!!!! Only 2 more days to find out and know for sure!!!
Labor Signs: None
How are you feeling on a scale 1-10? 9.5. Some headaches at night still but they aren't nearly as bad as they were. Lower back pain after I walk. Round ligament pain if I move really suddenly or sneeze or something.
What I miss: Anything I'm not supposed to have!
What I am looking forward to: Hmmm.... that's tough! HAHA! Just kidding! 2 MORE DAYS UNTIL MY ULTRASOUND!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!
Weekly Wisdom: Time goes by so much faster when you have an 18m old to look after. I can't believe how fast these last 2 weeks have gone by.... they were pure torture when I was pregnant with Venily, I seriously thought the ultrasound day would never come! Now I just need to keep myself busy for 2 more days!
Milestones: I think I look very pregnant now!! Though no one has yet said anything that didn't already know I was pregnant...
Differences from 1st pregnancy:
No new differences I can think of!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Looking Especially Pregnant- Almost 19w

I was feeling especially pregnant looking today and decided to take pictures, I know it's not my usual day!
(18w, 6d)
Venily loves me! :)

The background went all white b/c Venily jumped up in front of the camera yelling "CHEESE!", lol!

And a close up of my baby!
(I think it looks even more noticeable with clothes on!)


The time actually seems to be going really fast!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Venily Dancing!

I don't know where she got that awesome elbow move from, lol! She was dancing for like 20 minutes before this too!! She loves to watch herself dance on my camera!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Guess What!?

**150 days left until Baby #2's DUE DATE and counting!!!!!!!

**5 days until "Baby #2" gets a name, lol!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sex Dreams...

The last 2 nights I've dreamt that the baby is a girl!!! The first night I was having an ultrasound and was told it was a girl. Last night I was also having an ultrasound and the ultrasound tech (who happened to be a guy) told me that it was a girl and I asked him what percent he was sure and he said "200%"!! lol. Then he told me that I was a lot further along than we realized and that I was in labor and I gave birth right then and there, haha- with no pain at all of course! She was 7lbs, 3oz even though she was still really early.

Only 6 more days to see if my dreams and mother's intuition are right!!! Luckily I have a pretty busy week this week so it should go by fast! (I hope!) I can't wait to see my baby!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I felt the baby from the OUTSIDE!!!!!

I was laying on the couch and felt a VERY strong kick! And I was thinking "wow, I wonder if I could have felt that from the outside". Then 2 seconds later I felt another VERY strong kick in the same spot so I put my hand there and YEP! a third kick and I could definitely feel it! Oh course then the baby decided to stop and just spin and flip for a while instead! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! I can't wait until Venily and Jason get to feel it too! :)

This baby is VERY active just like it's big sister!!!! I really hope it decides to calm down a little, lol, 2 super-active children is going to be quite the challenge! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My baby loves...

Apples!!!! She/he goes crazy in there every time I eat one (as I am right now)!!! I'm going to have to make sure and eat one next Friday before my ultrasound! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

18 weeks!

My baby is...
* About 5.5 inches long (CRL!)
* Growing and moving more and more each day!

Here's my 18w pic!

How far along? 18 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 124lbs (4lb total gain- lost some from being sick)
Maternity clothes? No, using a Venily hair tie on my sick days
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Good. I'm officially not supposed to sleep on my stomach or back any more. That is going to be tough!!
Best moment this week: ILOTS!! *Dr's appt- listening to the heartbeat again!! *Setting a date for our ultrasound!!!!! *Getting NEGATIVE results for our Quad screen test!!!!
Every day and the little kicks are starting to get harder!
Food cravings: Grapes, apples, Spring Water, baked potatoes
Gender Thoughts: Leaning heavily towards girl. I think I've finally convinced myself there is a slight possibility we could be having a boy- though I will probably be soooo shocked still if it is!
Labor Signs: None
How are you feeling on a scale 1-10? Hmmm... I'm not going to write a number! I was VERY sick this week- throwing up, nauseous, horrible headache, fever, and my whole body hurt terribly. I can't even remember what the rest of the week was like, though I am feeling quite a bit better now, just still a little nauseous!
What I miss: I often think about buying a French Vanilla Cappachino "just to have a taste" and throw the rest away but have resisted so far... I don't know how much longer that will last, lol!
What I am looking forward to: 9 MORE DAYS UNTIL OUR ULTRASOUND!!! I ABSOLUTELY CAN'T WAIT!!! I know I have done this before, but I am still so fricken excited to see my little baby again and see how big she/he has grown and finally get a picture and finally put a name to this little one kicking and rolling around inside of me!!!!!!!
Weekly Wisdom: It should be a law that pregnant women shouldn't be allowed to get sick! Especially when they have an 18m old... it's VERY hard!
Milestones: I think my stomach has officially "popped" out, but then there are some days that I'm not so sure!
Differences from 1st pregnancy:
No new differences I can think of!


Venily Naming Her Colors!

I am SOOOO far behind on posting Venily's videos, I am probably going to have to spend a couple hours doing it one day.... but here is her newest video I took today! She names her colors so good now and loves to tell me the colors of EVERYTHING!!

Quad Screen Results!


Awesome, I was worried since I've been playing phone tag with my doctor's office all day, even though the nurse's messages assured me "nothing was wrong." I still assumed the worst and wondered why they would call me if nothing was wrong b/c that is so not like doctors, lol! Yay, one less thing to worry about, I'm very happy!

***10 more days until until our ultrasound!!!**** (I'm just a little excited! :) )

Monday, April 20, 2009

BH already?

I'm already having Braxton-Hicks contractions with this pregnancy which has me a little weirded out. Though with Venily I did start getting them at about 20 weeks and my doctor told me earlier that I'd probably get them earlier this time around and they would probably be more intense. I just don't like it, it worries me a little. I'm sure it has a lot to do with being really sick today and lying in bed until 2:00pm and only getting up to go to the bathroom and throw up! Just lying there for so long it's easy to feel what is going on and I have only had a cup of 7up and an apple all day today b/c I feel SOOO horrible!

My gosh I hate being sick! Especially when it feels like I've been sick an exceptional amount of times this past year (not including the 3 months of horrible morning/all day and night sickness) AND I got a flu shot this year (as usual), but I don't think it helped out much at all! I think I'm going to go take a bath now since I'm home alone. I hope it helps!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

17w, 3d Pregnancy Comparison!

I thought the pics would be a little closer this week since I feel like my belly has finally become really noticeable with this pregnancy, but looks like I'm still carrying a bit smaller this time around! Maybe it was all those sit ups I did so I could get confidently back into a bathing suit after Venily was born, lol?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Big Ultrasound Is Scheduled!!!!

I had my doctor's appointment today at 17w, 2d (though my doctor's office must have moved up my due date to September 21st based on my early ultrasound- which would put me at 17w, 4d (but I'm keeping my due date the same for my own records)). Everything is still looking good. Baby's heartbeat was at 148-149bpm (at my 18w, 5d appt, Venily's heart beat was also at 148bpm!).

I had my Quad Screen Blood Test today and should get my results at my next doctor's appt (May 15th- the day after my birthday!). Now that I got it done I'm a little paranoid about it, even though I wasn't paranoid about anything being wrong up until I got the test- I know there is a REALLY high false-positive rate too.

WE ALSO GOT TO SCHEDULE OUR BIG ULTRASOUND!!!!!! **Friday, MAY 1st at 4:00pm!!** Exactly 2 weeks from today! I am so excited to find out if we are having a little Haven or a little Preston!!! These next 2 weeks are going to take FOREVER!!!!!! :)

This is your last chance to get your guesses in! Or let me know if you want to change yours!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Venily's Class!

I took Venily to her "Building Blocks" class today and it was AWESOME!! I wish it was every day!! They do a lot of movement and songs and dancing and things like that and then all the kids get to play together for a while. Venily warmed up much quicker today than at Story Time yesterday, so that's great! She was even getting into some of the dances! And the last 2 days she's come home exhausted and fell right to sleep for an awesome nap!! Hmmm.... I need to find more programs for 18m olds, lol (all of them seem to be 2+)!

We are trying to do some MAJOR Spring cleaning. I just got the living room done today (and I think that's my easiest room, lol) so it will probably take me at least a week to do my whole house!

We just got back from a 2.5 mile walk and my back is killing me (it probably didn't help that I moved all my couches and tables today too, lol)! Anyone know how to walk yet avoid that? New shoes, different posture, or something? I should probably start stretching too!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

17 weeks! -Moving Right Along...

Baby at 17w is...
*About 5 inches CRL!
*Starting to get baby fat (Jason thinks that that means I have to start eating a ton more fat myself- silly boy!)
*Turning soft cartilage to hard bone
*Developing its sense of hearing

How far along? 17 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 125lbs (5lb total gain- I'm at my pre-Venily weight)
Maternity clothes? No, using a Venily hair tie on my sick days
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Good. Harder to sleep on my stomach since I literally feel like I'm laying on top of a small child! I get VERY tired during the day still as well- I need to go to bed earlier!
Best moment this week: IEaster was fun! And long walks outside!
Yep, several times a day now and even some hard hitting which makes me smile like crazy! :)
Food cravings: Hmm... still grapes and Spring Water. And Smart Dogs!
Gender Thoughts: I'm trying to convince myself that it could be a boy, but that just seems too weird!
Labor Signs: None
How are you feeling on a scale 1-10? 8. Some nausea still right away in the morning and at night. Headaches still, but they seem to be getting less intense. Also lower back pain since I started walking (I was really hoping that I wouldn't get it this pregnancy, but oh well!)
What I miss: Caffeine and I would LOVE to be in a hot tub right now!
What I am looking forward to: Friday's doctor appointment!!!! (Just a regular appt, but I'm still excited!)
Weekly Wisdom: It's wrong for guys to hit on pregnant women. Period. Especially if they are carting around their 18m old as well. It's just creepy and not at all flattering!
Milestones: I have become an expert at finding out where the top of my uterus is!!! With Venily I always tried and never knew what the heck the dr. was talking about even when he tried to show me, but for some reason, I can find it really easily now!
Differences from 1st pregnancy:
No new differences I can think of!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Venily is 18m old!!!!

(I started writing this yesterday but was SOOOOO exhausted all day that I spent most of the day sleeping. I'm much better today!)


My baby (soon to be my oldest) is 1 1/2 years old today!!!!! I definitely LOVE the stage she's in right now. She is very independent yet loves and adores her Mommy and Daddy (though especially Daddy, she's definitely a Daddy's girl!).

Here's her 18m stats from her last doctor's appt. She is still wearing mostly 18m tops and 12m and 18m bottoms. Though the 12m are mostly too short and the 18m mostly fall down (You can't win!). She is in size 6 shoes now. Still in Size 3 diapers (I feel like she's been that size forever!), I'm hoping we are in underwear before we ever have to move to 4's!

Things she can do now:

*Go down the stairs while standing and holding onto the railing (the doctor wanted me to have her try this and she is already a pro- though it makes me so nervous, I do NOT like stairs!)

*Working on her colors! She has blue down really well and will tell you everything that is blue all day long, it's definitely her favorite color right now! And if you give her an option of something she wants, she always wants the blue one, lol. She is also getting good at brown, red, and green- sometimes yellow and orange. And she can say the names of all the other colors but sometimes it takes her a couple of tries to get them right! She loves to tell me the colors of all of Easter eggs.

*"Count" up to 3! Lol, but she needs someone to start her off by saying one, then she'll say "TWO.... THREE!" If you ask her how many shoes she has or how many hands she has or something, she will also tell you 2 or if you tell her to go get 1,2, or 3 diapers she will usually get the right amount!

*Shapes- she knows hearts, stars, and circles. And can draw circles when you ask her to. We're working on triangles next! :)

*She is talking like crazy and uses a lot of 2-3 word sentences. She can pretty much say any word but REFUSES to say her own name (I have no idea why, lol!). Some things she says are "car go bye-bye" "too slow" (which she plays with Daddy) "Daddy's here!" (when he comes home from work) "Matt's house" (if we are anywhere NEAR his house or neighborhood) "ba-bye, Kate's house?" (when she wants to go to Kate's) "baby cry" (she gets VERY concerned when she hears babies crying in the store), "all gone milk", "kitty bite rock?" (she likes to try and feed the kitties around our house rocks, lol) "sit down" (when she is standing and isn't supposed to be), and other things like that.

She has started actually being able to tell me stories now too! Yesterday morning when she woke up I was talking to her and I'm like "Aww, look at your poor lip" (she had busted it bad the day before) and she starts pointing at it and saying "fall.... BIG fall!" (while looking so serious) and then she started pretending to spit and saying "red" and I'm like "Yeah, you were spitting out red, huh, in the sink?" and she shakes her head and says "yeah, red".

Some of her FAVORITE things in the world right now are:

*Babies! (I think she's brainwashed, lol!) She ALWAYS wants to bring her baby doll everywhere she goes! She brought her to the dr's, brings her to the stores, always asks for her when she is ready for a nap or wakes up at night, etc. And if she sees a baby on t.v. she HAS to have hers, lol. And she takes REALLY good care of her too, lol. She feeds her snacks and gives her drinks, puts her in her highchair, wraps her up in blankets, changes her diaper, etc.

*slides- she would live at a playground if we let her and always finds them as we drive, go for walks, shop at stores. We're still looking for a little playground to get her

*Gummy worms and chocolate!


*Little People- she gets some crazy involved scenarios going with her little people, it's really funny to just sit and watch her act them all out!

*ALL animals, especially DOGS, cats, birds, fish, elephants, pigs, cows, horses, bunnies, haha, okay it's just easier to say all of them!

*baths!- my little girl who used to cry and scream if I said the word bath, now ASKS me to take a bath and NEVER wants to get out!! The Kalahari did wonders for her!

Bad habits:

*Biting nails (which is DISGUSTING and I yell at her all the time for it! Neither Jason or I bites our nails, so I have no idea how she picked it up!)

*Pulling her hair when she's mad

*saying "NO!" when we ask her to do something, lol. She's really into testing her limits right now. She loves to purposefully do something naughty in front of us to see how we will respond. It's kind of funny, but kind of frustrating too.

*She is also starting to get shy around people she doesn't see a lot now (the dr. said it usually peaks around this time and gets better by 2). It makes me nervous, I hope she's not as shy as I was! If that is truly her personality, I mean that's fine, but I am going to try to do everything in my power to make her as comfortable as I can around other people. Starting this week we are going to be doing Story Time at the library on Tuesday mornings and are going to the 6 week long "Building Blocks" class on Wednesday mornings where they read stories, sing, and dance. I'm hoping it helps! {Update- we went to our 1st story time today and Venily did pretty good. She was really shy at first, but warmed up a bit at the end. I think this will be a REALLY good experience for her!}

Oh, and we've been taking a potty training break. I find the whole process so tiring! She knows what she is supposed to do and how to do it, but likes to see if I'll react when she does something wrong. So I'm going to wait about a month to try again. I've read that you're supposed to leave them completely bottomless for like 3 weeks straight so I am waiting until it is nice out b/c I don't have that much patience to clean up a million accidents on the floor!

I'm hoping to get her professional 18m pics sometime this week or next, I'm not sure where I'm going to be going yet. We also need to get our family pics done preferably before I get huge, lol!

Happy Easter!

This is already my 50th post, WOW! :)

Hope everyone had an awesome Easter! We did! Venily was of course spoiled like crazy and had so much fun seeing all of her family and friends! She got tons of new toys, candy, jewelery, bath stuff, chalk, crayons, a puzzle, a bucket and shovel, chapstick, a shirt, book, etc. etc.

And she was soooo cute finding her eggs and basket from the Easter bunny this morning. Holidays with children are so awesome- their excitement is so contagious!! She knew the Easter bunny was coming to our house to leave presents b/c we've been talking about it every day for a week. And after being gone all day visiting our families, eating lots of candy, and seeing lots of kids she came home and was STILL hyper and crazy, lol! She was running around the house with an Easter basket in each hand singing a song that went "Happy Eas-ter! Happy Eas-ter! Happy Eas-ter!" LOL!!!

Next year will be even crazier with 2!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Landen!!!

Happy Birthday to one of the cutest, sweetest little boys in the world!! I can't believe that it's been a year already!! We love you so much and are so glad to have you in our lives!! It has been so awesome to watch you grow and change and learn new things this first year! We hope you have a fun day today!

Love, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Jason, and your cousins Venily and Baby#2

Thursday, April 9, 2009


This makes me feel sad and happy and proud and shocked...

I love this girl with all my heart!!!!
They grow up so fast!! :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Venily's 18m Well-Check

Venily is doing great, growing right on schedule and doing everything and more that she should be doing at this age!! She only had to get 1 shot this time her Hep A, which was AWESOME!!! Since she has the slowest nurse in the world when it comes to shots, any more than 1 is just too much. The nurse even let her sit on my lap for her shot this time, which really helped! She didn't even cry! She just made a little sad sound and said "oww" right after she did it (and I covered her eyes so she didn't know it was the woman who hurt her) and when I uncovered them the nurse put a cool dragon bandaid on and she was so interested in it she forgot she just got the shot! So no crying- AWESOME!!

Her 18m stats:

Height: 33inches (90+ percentile)
Weight: 23lbs, 4oz (45th percentile)
Head Circumference: 47cm

The doctor said she is very tall and thin, but just perfect and isn't worried about it all especially since she has tall, thin parents!! :) She doesn't have to go back now until she's 2!

16 weeks- Ahhhh- that sounds really far! :)

At 16w my baby....

*Is about 4.5 inches long now (CRL)!!!
*Is about to go through another big growth spurt

Here's my 16 weeks pics

Jason saw my "pregnancy comparison" picture (not by my choice, I like to shield him from things like that) and was NOT happy. He has gone super crazy obsessing about how much I eat. I know he means well, but I am honestly doing the best I can and then some!

How far along? 16 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 123lbs (3lb total gain)
Maternity clothes? No, using a Venily hair tie on my sick days
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Good. Naps while I can are FABULOUS- I always feel tired mid-day.
Best moment this week: IFeeling the baby move- it totally makes everything worth it!! I love this baby so much already!
Every night now while laying down and sometimes during the day as well when I'm just sitting there!!! :) I've got a little goldfish in there!!!
Food cravings: Grapes (I could eat a pound a day!), and Spring Water (NOT drinking water!)
Gender Thoughts: Still pretty sure I'm having another little girl!
Labor Signs: None
How are you feeling on a scale 1-10? Overall this week? 4.5. I've been really sick again a couple of days and still feel nauseous at times even now. Also, I get the WORST headaches EVERY day still! Uhhh! I limit myself to one dose of Tylenol a day, and it is soooo not enough! I go to sleep feeling like I have a metal spike from one side of my head through the other and wake up with the EXACT same feeling! I'm definitely going to ask my dr. about it next week if it is still bad.
What I miss: Caffeine
What I am looking forward to: Next week's doctor appointment!!!!
Weekly Wisdom: NEVER click on a post that says anything like "I had to deliver my baby at 16w" or "My baby died at 17w". SERIOUSLY, why on earth would I click on that?! I don't know but sometimes I just feel compelled to and it is never easy! I spend the next several minutes bawling my eyes out wishing I hadn't read it!
Milestones: None new this week I don't think
Differences from 1st pregnancy:
My eyesight is really bad this time around (I don't recall that with Venily). I feel like I constantly have to strain my eyes though (I guess it's common).



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Funny Story...

Today I got out of the shower and grabbed my giant thing of lotion like I always do. And it's one of those things that you can do without even looking so I poured some in my hand and started putting it on my stomach and I just happened to look down after a few seconds of rubbing it all in.... and I noticed this black stuff all in the lotion, like black strings and little black balls of something. I couldn't figure out what the heck it was at first.... UNTIL I realized that the black strings were black legs and the black balls were other dismembered parts of some kind of spider!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! Haha, I really had to channel all of my energy not to freak out as I got all of the spider pieces off of me! It must have been on the lotion bottle and I didn't realize it! YUCK! How the heck do spiders get into brand new houses is what I'd like to know?!

I will put my 16w update up tomorrow! Yay! And Venily has her 18m doctor appointment tomorrow as well and I'll let you all know how she's doing when I get back! :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Be on the Lookout For the Following....

*A dresser
*ANY toddler outdoor equipment (slides, jungle gyms, etc.)
*An outside toddler picnic table or table/ chair set
*A toddler bed or a twin bed (still trying to figure out which I'd rather have- though I won't need one for like 6-9m)
*A little kitchen

I'm so mad that the few times I've come across these things I haven't bought them! I don't want to buy any of this stuff new so I am looking at garage sales and resale shops, etc. Let me know if you come across any! THANKS!! :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

15w, 2d Pregnancy Comparison!

Wow, NOT what I was expecting! I tried to recreate the picture as closely as I could, but I DEFINITELY seem to look smaller this time around! I started out about 6lbs lighter than I did with Venily so that could be one reason. Also my uterus was tilted back with Venily so maybe that has something to do with it? I'll think I'll do another one at 17w, 3d since that's my next Venily pic!

(You can click on the picture to see it bigger)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Morning Sickness Relapse?

I'm really sick again! I wasn't feeling well yesterday and could hardly eat anything and now today I've started throwing up again and don't even want to get off the couch. I thought things were supposed to be better by now- maybe it's something else, either way I hope it's over soon!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

15 weeks- 37.5% DONE!!

At 15w my baby....

*Is about 4inches long now (CRL)!!!
*Starting to breathe in amniotic fluid
*Can sense light from inside the womb!
*Legs are finally longer than arms!

I plan on taking a picture in 2 days b/c I have one of me being pregnant with Venily at 15w, 2d and thought it would be fun to compare! I really don't know if I'm bigger, smaller, or the same!

How far along? 15 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 123lbs (3lb total gain) -right on track, I'm supposed to gain about a lb a week from here on out!
Maternity clothes? None- and able to button my pants again!
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Sleeping good. Getting up once a night to use the bathroom. I can definitely feel that I have a stomach now when I sleep on my stomach and my boobs hurt when I sleep on my stomach! About every other day I also take a nap with Venily during the day, lol- I figured I'd better stock up on sleep now b/c in less than 6m I won't be getting much at all!
Best moment this week: IFeeling the baby move!!
Light movement every couple of days- always when I'm laying down right before bed
Food cravings: Grapes, SmartDogs, Chocolate cake, pickles
Gender Thoughts: GIRL!! But I will be very happy either way, I just want to KNOW!!
Labor Signs: None
How are you feeling on a scale 1-10? 7ish. LOTS of horrible headaches again this week. It seems to be getting better again though. Some sickness here and there.
What I miss: French vanilla cappuccinos!
What I am looking forward to: More baby movements!
Weekly Wisdom: Sometimes a 2hr nap is literally the best thing in the world!
Milestones: We've got a little kicker in there! Also, my stomach can touch my legs when I bend them--- SUCH a weird feeling!!
Differences from 1st pregnancy:
My boobs just started hurting recently w/ this pregnancy, but with Venily that was one of the 1st symptoms I got. I think they were tired of 9m of pregnancy for Venily followed by 14m of breastfeeding and then IMMEDIATELY getting pregnant again! :)