Friday, April 30, 2010


For some reason, Blogger hasn't been letting me comment on my posts!  I don't know why, I can write comments, but then it makes me log back in and never posts them, but I can post on other people's just fine!  Hmmm.... I think maybe Jason messed around with the computer settings... I'm going to have to try and figure out a way to fix it back!

New word!

Haven said "duck" a bunch of times today while in the bath!  She's super obsessed with the water faucet-cover duck!!  I took a video of her saying it after she got out of the bath, but I'm not sure if you can really tell by the video! :)  I'll have to see if she continues to say it tomorrow!

Also, tomorrow is the 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Haven's ultrasound!!  Seriously?!  I was that pregnant this time last year?!  I don't even remember it!  I've been pregnant for half of the last 3 years and I can hardly remember it at all, like I just dreamt the whole thing!  I want to be pregnant again BADLY!!  Jason has yet to budge whatsoever though, he's still set on adopting our third and demands I get rid of all of our baby stuff, so I am very sadly getting all the stuff together for a garage sale! :(  I can always get new stuff if he changes his mind, right? ;)

I remember how excited I was for Haven's ultrasound and how ABSOLUTELY sure I was that she was a girl!  I am so very happy that she indeed turned out to be one! :)  I love, love, LOVE my girls!!!!!  ♥

Thursday, April 29, 2010


So, this is going to get really old, but I like to keep a record of it! :)

Haven stood for 15 seconds today all by herself in the middle of the room!  Yesterday it was 5, today 15.  I looked over at Jason while she was doing it and his mouth was wide open, haha!  I bet she could go even longer with shoes on!

Venily started walking as soon as she turned 10 months.  I predict Haven will be walking at 10 months as well... it's so fun to see her progress!  She's made some small progress towards crawling as well, moving herself forward while diving for things in her crawl stance! :)  Though I'm sure it'll be a few more weeks before I'm in any real danger.  I'm already making a list of all the safety things I need to do though and how I'm going to arrange my living room, what things need to be put away, etc!  Having 2 kids is going to be a whole new game, I'm kind of, so far I've been really lucky...

Explaining Death...

Venily was watering her flower yesterday and when she was done she said "I want to water it again!"

I told her that if she waters it too much it'll die.  I then realized that she didn't know what that meant so I said "It'll be all gone... forever... and won't come back."

And Venily says "It'll put on it's jacket and leave the house and never come back...EVER?!"


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Girls' Doctor Appointments!

We took both girls in this morning to get checked out.  They both have little colds and Haven needed her ears checked again and I wanted the doctor to look at Venily's eczema rash on the back of her leg since regular lotion is not making it any better and it's starting to spread!

Haven's ears look great, yay!  Hoping we are done with ear infections now for a while!  Haven weighed in at 20lbs, 14oz! :)

Venily got a prescription for her eczema- Triamcinolone.  She's got to have it put on 2x a day for a week.  I hope that helps!  Venily weighed in at 29lbs, 6oz!  LOL, Venily better watch it, Haven is catching up quick!

Other news- Haven slept through the night again last night!  I am very happy!!  Hopefully now that she is better, she can go back to sleeping through the night all the time!  Also, she stood by herself in the middle of the floor several times yesterday without touching or holding on to anything or wearing shoes, for about 5 seconds each time!  Just wanting me to see a little of what's to come (whether I'm ready or not!)!! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Haven is 7 months! ♥

Oh my, 7 months!!!!

Here are her 7 month stats:

Weight: 20lbs, 14oz (4/27/10)

Length: 28.5 inches

(Venily was about 20lbs and 28in!)

Haven's updated growth charts:

(coming soon)

Clothes size: 12m & 18m (she is actually wearing a 2T shirt today, but there is NO way a 2 year old would fit in this shirt, it's even too short on her, lol...)

Diaper size: 3

Shoe size: 3

SLEEPING: She was still waking up at night since about Easter.  It was really bad for 2 weeks with her ear infection, she only wanted to sleep on me and then I'd move her to her crib and a short time later she'd wake up crying again! :(  So I fed her a lot in the night b/c I felt so bad.  There was a few nights when she slept through the night again, but then went back to waking up!  Then last night she slept really well again, hoping we are all done with night-wakings! :)

Usually takes 2 naps a day, sometimes 3. (1-3 hours each)

EATING: Still breastfeeding throughout the day.  Still eating 3 solid food meals and some snacks.  There was a week where she would eat like 3 jars of baby food a day again (I think she really likes that she gets to bite on the spoon with every bite, lol), but now she is back to getting mad and just wanting to do it herself!  She much prefers finger foods!  And has the pincher grasp down now!!  Her favorite things are cheerios, peas (without the shells), diced cooked carrots, and spaghetti!  But she will literally eat anything... still looking for something she doesn't like!  I've started giving her vitamins as well and, just like Venily, she LOVES Poli-vi-sol!  My kids are so weird, lol, just the smell of it makes me want to gag! :)

PLAYING: I rotated her toys recently and she is LOVING all of her "new" toys!!  I need to remember to do that every month!  She LOVES balls and babies and things that light up and/or make noise.  Loves to play outside and go for walks.  LOVES the bath!  I am so impressed at how well she continues to independent play!  She loves to jump in her ExcerSaucer.  Loves to play silly games with Mommy and Venily!

APPEARANCE: I think she looks as though she's thinning out a bit, though no worries, she still has lots of her cute baby chunk!!  Other than that, she looks the same except for her new teeth!

TEETH: 2!  Bottom middle!  Venily was almost 8 months before she got her first tooth!  I'm not sure if the next 2 are close to coming in or not, it looks like it's a little swollen.  She still wants to chew on stuff all the time, but we'll see!  She loves to bite on her spoon and my fingers.  She has bitten me a few times now while I tried to nurse her when she didn't want to!  Ouch!  But she hasn't drawn blood at all, so she is being nicer than Venily was! haha

Taken today! :)

SPEECH: tons of vowels and consonants.  Her favorite things to say are "ball", "mama", "puh", "ba-ba", "hi", as well as lots of other baby talk! :)  Ball may or may not be her first real world, I'm waiting to make sure before I count it! :)

I'm always impressed with all of the language she understands as well!  I can tell her to do things or say the name of an object or person and she knows what I'm talking about!  As much as I want her to stay little forever, I absolutely love watching her learn!

-signs: waves, claps, does "so big", gives high fives

MOVEMENT: Loves to roll and sit and stand holding onto things or up against things.  She can now also push herself up on all fours (and gets SUPER excited when she does!...though most of the time I do it for her) and she holds herself up for about 1-2 minutes!  She used to get mad when I'd put her up on all fours, but now absolutely loves it, she loves to rock back and forth while up there, but if she wants something in front of her she doesn't know how to move forward, she dives for it still! Daddy is trying to teach her how to crawl, I'm afraid that I'd have to predict that she'll be crawling in about a month!  Time for better baby-proofing! :)

OTHER:  She dances now whenever she's sitting and hears music she likes!!!  Sooo precious!  She rocks back and forth and really gets into it, lol!  It could not have possibly been any funnier the other day when both Haven and Venily were dancing in the living room to Ke$ha, oh my gosh, if only I had gotten it on video... cutest thing ever! (and fyi- look out world, Venily has some new dance moves as well to add to her awesome elbow moves, haha!  She really likes to move her hips now!)  I ♥ my kids! :)



Haven's LIKES:
* Smiling! ♥

* Waking up in the morning!  Haven's smiling face is the best thing ever to wake up to!

*Finger foods


* Showing me her "tricks"!

* Trying to suck on my hair, she gets obsessed with it when she's tired!

* Other babies and kids

*Anything and everything she's not supposed to have! :) Especially PAPERS!!!


* Being sick or in pain! :(

HAVEN/ VENILY COMPARISON: (Venily's 7 month Update)

Pics: Venily at 7 months!  Oh how my heart hurts looking at these pics!

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's always something!

My princesses have fevers!  Venily's started last night and was almost 104 this morning.  And Haven's started this morning and was up to 101.3.  They were both very happy all day today, though, so it was hard to even tell they were sick!  I wouldn't have even known that Venily was sick last night except that Jason kissed Venily's head and said she felt hot!  I've been giving them Ibuprofen all day today, I'm hoping they feel better tomorrow!  They don't have any other symptoms, just the fevers, but Haven just ended her antibiotics last Friday (a week ago from today) so it bothers me that she got sick at all!  I am really hoping it doesn't affect her ears at all.  She has a follow up appointment on Tuesday to have her ears checked again, my fingers are crossed because I HATE having her on antibiotics!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"How Big is Haven?!"

She's sooooo big!!  Yay, she has a new trick! ;)  She's been doing it sporadically for a while or with only one hand, but now does it all the time with both hands!! :)  I ♥ baby tricks!!! lol.  And right now, this one is her favorite!!  She can now wave hi, clap, say a few "words" and do "so big"!  I think we are going to work on blowing kisses next! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

6 Month Pics By Jacki!

My ever-so-amazing SIL took Haven's 6 month pics!  Thanks again Jacki!!

I seriously could NOT love this baby any more than I do!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So, I'm most likely delusional but...

Haven says "Mama" to me all the time!  ♥  I woke up this morning, looked at her and she gave me a giant smile and said "MAMA!"  (and my heart nearly exploded with love for her!)  Now, I know that she may just be imitating words that she hears and doesn't have the word/ object association yet, but it still makes me just as happy!  Venily was a "Dada's" girl and called both of us "Dada" for a while, so I'm extra happy that Haven likes to say "Mama"!  I've also convinced myself that she says "ball".  She LOVES playing with balls and says the word all the time, but again I don't know if she associates the word with the object or not.  Either way, I love listening to her talk!  ♥

I do know that she understands some words though, which is just absolutely amazing to me!  I can say the word "hi" and she knows to start waving and I can tell her to clap and she knows to start clapping (without me showing her the motions first)!  I just LOVE babies and children and watching them learn things!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

♥ ♥ Venily is 2 1/2!!! ♥ ♥

Happy 1/2 birthday to my little Venily Autumn Young!!!  Wow, 2.5 years old already!!  I'm a big fan of half birthdays, lol! :)

How big am I?

Weight: 29.4 lbs (lol, I used your digital scale Jacki!)
Height: 37.5 inches
Shirt size: 3T/4T, she wears some 5's and 2's as well, depending on the shirt
Pant size: 3T (with adjustable waistband), 2T without (but too short)
Shoe size: 8
Underwear size: 2T

About Venily...

Jason and I are always joking around that she is like one of those sour patch kids on the commercial!  Yes, she can be naughty.  She likes to test boundaries.  She likes to push limits.  It's the "two" in her!  But she is also INCREDIBLY loving!!  She is always saying that she loves us so much!  She is always giving us kisses and hugs for no reason.  She is almost always super polite!  She has the most amazing relationship with her sister that I thought at best wouldn't come about until a few years from now!  But she loves her absolutely and unconditionally!  When Venily leaves with her Dad to go to the store or something I always hear about how Venily says "I really miss Haven!"  LOL!  And she'll come running in the house asking where Haven is!  And every morning and after every nap she always greets Haven with a very enthusiastic "GOOD MORNING HAVEN!!!" and Haven always gives her patented giant-dimpled smile when she sees or hears her sister!  ♥ Seeing those two together makes me so very happy!!!  We couldn't have asked for a better pair of children, they fit together so perfectly!

Venily is soooo funny!  Intentionally and not!  If I had to say my favorite thing about having a 2 year old, it would be that I have a constant source of entertainment all day long!  The things she says, the things she does, the questions she asks, the ways she does things, has me seriously laughing all day long!  A lot of times when she does things wrong, it's really difficult to discipline her without smiling!

Venily is very smart!  I am always amazed at the things she picks up on and learns at such a young age!  I see an incredibly bright future for her!  Just the other day Jason was playing with her while I was taking a shower and he knocks on the door and says, "Come here!  I HAVE to show you this!" and I see Venily sitting in front of our laptop. In just 5 minutes Jason had taught how to use the computer!  She was maneuvering the mouse pad, double clicking on things, typed in "zoo animals" by herself, and was picking out which pictures she wanted to click on to see bigger.  And then clicking the back button to see more pictures!!  Crazy!  She also knows how to go on Jason's phone (FYI- the only thing I know how to do on his phone is answer it when it rings, and that took me a while to figure out, lol) go to the videos, look at his pictures, go to the drawing application and draw a picture, go to the songs and listen to music, change the song, etc!

She is starting to break from her shyness a bit!  There was a drywall guy that came to our house a month ago and she was talking to him, showing him all of her toys, etc. which is not something she would have done before.  We also go to the park a lot and I'm always so proud of her!  Even if all the other kids are older, she will walk right up to them and play with them just the same!  She makes friends so easily and will just walk right up to other kids and start playing! :)  It makes me soooo happy!  ♥ ♥ ♥  And she really likes other adults as well.  One day she was talking to an older man whose grandchildren she was playing with and even came up to me and said "Mom, I'm going to have Grandpa blow bubbles for me", grabbed her bubbles and brought them over to him.  LOL!


And an EXCLUSIVE interview with my now officially 2 1/2 year old, taken today! :)

How old are you? "6"

No, how old are you? "2 1/2"

What is your favorite song?  "London Bridge's falling down.  Falling down.  Falling down. London bridge's falling down, my fair lady!"

What's your favorite song on the radio? "London bride's falling down!"
(it's actually anything Lady Gaga, "Use Somebody", "All the Single Ladies", and a few others)

What's your favorite color? "Blue!" (It's always been blue!  It's been blue since she learned her colors a year ago, lol!  I think that it's amazing that she has the ability to evaluate something like that and pick which one she likes, because gosh knows I've gone overboard on the pink since the day she was born so it wasn't me pushing her towards blue at all!)

What's your favorite animal?  "blue"

Blue what? "Blue animals"

Okay.  What's your favorite animal at the zoo? "Giraffes.  I love giraffes!"

What's your favorite thing to eat? "Candy! Can I have a piece of candy?"

What's your favorite thing to do? "Play with toys"

Who's your best friend? "Aubrey" (her friend from her classes/ playgroup, etc)

What's your favorite store to go to? "Target" (lol, that's my girl!)

What's your favorite TV show? "iCarly" (she also likes Little Einsteins and Dora, that's all I let her watch.  
Also, she has no real interest in movies.  She has yet to sit through a whole movie!)

What's your favorite letter?  "(runs over to her letters and points) T!"

Who do you love more, Mommy or Daddy? "Haven.  I love Haven!" (LOL! Fair enough...)

What don't you like to eat? "I like to eat granola bars." (as she's eating one)

But what don't you like? "Shells"

Shells? "No, brown stuff.  Brown stuff is icky to eat." (Umm, okay...?! haha)

What does Daddy to at work?  "Ummm.... Plays stuff.  He plays stuff at work."

Like what? "Drums!" (LOL, she usually says that he drives big machines (which he does, as well as live concert audio)"

What does Mommy do at work?  "..(no response)..."

Does Mommy go to work?  "yes"

What do I do?  "Go to doctor appointments!"  (LOL, yes I do, among many, many other things! :) )


Other favorite things she likes to do:
*Any kind of craft project!  She is always drawing, painting, gluing, cutting, something! lol
*Going to story time and her classes
*Playing outside, especially at parks and down by our lake
*Reading books
*Crazy dancing

Tooth #2!!

Haven got her bottom left central incisor yesterday! (6m, 2w, 3d) :)  I can't wait until they grow some more!  Ahhhh, how does she possibly keep getting cuter?! ♥

Monday, April 12, 2010

Have 2nd Birthday Landen!

Today is my nephew's 2nd birthday!!  We got to party it up at his house yesterday and went to Monkey Joe's and the Racine Zoo with him today!!  Thank you Landen, it was lots of fun!!  ♥  I can't believe that you are 2 already!  I love my little Landen!  He has soooo much energy and is SUCH a boy, haha, with the sweetest little smile!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Milwaukee Zoo!

We had so much fun at the zoo today and what a GORGEOUS day it was!!  The weather was perfect and Venily and Haven were just absolute angels!!  Haven played happily in the stroller most of the time, loved looking at the animals (especially loved the jaguar!), took 2 long naps in the stroller, and never cried or whined at all... she is such a little sweetie!  And Venily was so well behaved as well!  She rode in the stroller some of the time, walked and played with her cousin Chase most of the time and listened so well!  I'm so proud of my girls (and my nephew, he was amazing too!)!!  So much fun, I love when everything goes perfectly!  ♥

** Chase will be 4 next month and Venily will be 2 1/2 in 3 days and they are almost the same size, lol!  And they are so fricken cute together, I wish he lived closer!!

6 1/2 Months!

With every update, it truly gets harder to write the number!! :(  I'm going to lose it at the end of this month!

Haven is doing great!!  Oh man was it a rough couple of days, my poor little baby was not happy AT ALL!  She wanted me to hold her ALL the time and she developed an angry monster voice that she was doing all the time, had me scared that there was a demon inside of her! :)  Haha!  She is back to normal now and smiley and happy!  And I am even more grateful that I do not have a needy baby... I love my giant Haven smiles so very much!  But I did enjoy all the cuddling!  ♥  Even if it meant I had to cuddle her up to sleep at 4 in the morning!  Her sweet little breathing and soft little body on my chest just reminded me that she's not going to be a baby much longer, so I enjoyed it as much as I could!  And took naps with her in the afternoon to offset the lack of sleep! :) 

Her second tooth hasn't popped all the way through yet and is really swollen, but the antibiotics must be working for her ear infection because she is MUCH happier now!

For the last like 3 weeks straight she was sleeping through the night again every night until the last couple of nights! :(  Hopefully when she is all better she will go back to sleeping through the night again!

Haven has been clapping a lot lately and giving lots of 'high fives'!  They're her current favorite "tricks"! ♥

She is still preferring finger foods over any other foods.  I am still slipping in baby food bites while she is eating her finger foods, but I doubt she will keep letting me do this too much longer!  She continues to eat lots of new foods and so far likes everything.  We have tried some 3rd stage foods now as well. Haven tried juice now and likes it, though she never drinks much at any given time.  I've stopped pumping and giving her milk in her sippy cup because it's a lot of work.  She is still nursing though, so I'm not worried about it!
She has been testing out her new tooth on things and it is very sharp!  So far she has not bitten me while nursing though, so I'm hoping she won't!  I cringe thinking about Venily's first teeth, haha!  I brush her tooth and gums twice a day and it's her favorite part of the day!!

While not feeling well she also developed a new comfort habit!  She has fallen in love with my hair and wants to suck on it!  I won't let her but that doesn't stop her from trying every 2 seconds!  My hair ends up completely soaked in drool, lol!  If it's down she is very gentle with it and likes to have it against her face, but if it's up in a ponytail, she tries to rip it out to get to it, lol!

Apparently Haven is now in size 3 shoes, I'm not sure when that happened.  I just tried some on her the other day.  She has so many shoes and I never put them on her, so I decided maybe every once in a while I would!

She has started to show some interest in army-crawling!  Several times yesterday I saw her move forward on her elbows, put her butt up in the air and then slide forward!!  I tried to get it on video, but she wouldn't do it for me (plus whenever I take my camera out, Venily becomes very distracting, lol)!  She is not consistent with it at all though and other times goes back to bobbing up and down and rolling side to side when she wants to go forward!  I hope I still have some time! :)

WE'RE GOING TO THE MILWAUKEE ZOO TODAY!!!!  It's not Haven's first trip to the zoo, but it's her first trip in a while!  The last time she was still bitty and slept the whole time, so I'm really excited to bring her!  I know she's going to really like it!  And the last time we went to the Milwaukee zoo I was still pregnant with her! :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Check out this sass!

I was looking around my kitchen this morning for something to eat and I said "Man, I'm so hungry!"

And Venily says "Then make a fricken' pizza, Jennifer!"

Hmmmm.... LOL!  The funny thing is that Jason doesn't talk to me like that at all, unless maybe he's joking... that's the only thing I can think that she got it from!?  I should really carry around a pencil and notebook and write down all the hilarious things she says all day long!  And she loves to call us by our real names and every time she does, it honestly breaks my heart!  And FYI- she's not allowed to say "fricken"!


Later on I said "I'm losing it!" while trying to hold a fussy Haven and bathe Venily.

Venily says, "What are you losing Mommy?"
Me: "My mind!"
Venily: "Don't worry, I'll give it back to you!"

HAHAHA!  If only it was that easy! ;)

Haven on the other hand is my little sweetie!  She's starting to say more and more real words with her babbling! :)  A week ago I was sick and laying on the couch while Jason was feeding Haven her baby food (NOTE- This NEVER happens, lol!).  He didn't give her her own spoon so she was getting mad at him!  When he was done, he gave her the spoon and she got SOOOOO excited!!  She gave him the biggest smile ever and said as clear as day "THANK YOU!".  HAHAHA!  Jason and I looked at each other and bust out laughing! :)  She also loves to say "Mama!", especially when she's upset! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Doctor Appointment- Haven

I decided to take Haven into the doctor today!  She's had a low grade fever on and off since last Wednesday and got up to 102.1 this morning, and has been uncharacteristically fussy so I wanted to see what was going on!  She had shots last Tuesday and has been teething like crazy and her one tooth finally popped through today so I kept deciding to wait on bringing her in.  I knew she had an ear infection though!!  And she did.  On the left side and the right was a little red as well!  Hmmm.... her last ear infection was just a little over a month ago!  I am NOT liking this trend, Venily NEVER got ear infections!!!  I hope Haven isn't one of those kids, lol!  My nephew Chase had to have tubes in his ears, I'm really hoping it never comes to that!

The nurse practitioner (Haven's dr. was on vacation) put her on a different antibiotic than last time, CEFDINIR (never heard of it...),  since she was on the high dosage of Amoxicillin last time and that was only a month ago!  I hope that does the trick!

And Haven weighed in at 20 POUNDS, 2 OUNCES!!! LOL!  I knew she was going through a growth spurt!  Her last doctor appointment was exactly one week ago and she was 19lbs, 1 oz at that appointment, haha!  Yikes!  No wonder my shoulders and back hurt from her making me carry her all day (including the entire time grocery shopping)!!

The good thing is that she's not contagious, so if she's feeling better hopefully we can make it to our Building Blocks class tomorrow!!


Haven cut her first tooth today!  The bottom right central incisor!  She is 6m, 1w, 4d old today! :)  I expect the other bottom tooth will come soon!  She is going to look sooooo CUTE with little teeth!! :)  Good thing the Easter bunny brought her a new tooth brush!!

Venily got her first tooth at 7m, 3w, 5d!

Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a good Easter!  Haven and I were not feeling so well, but it was still fun!  The girls LOVED their baskets from the Easter Bunny!  We went to Jason's parents' house and my grandparents' house as well.  Haven has had a fever for a couple of days now.  I'm not really sure if it's from the shots (I've read they can cause a fever for up to a week after), teething (still haven't poked through yet, but are close!) or if she's actually sick!  She doesn't have any other symptoms though, just the fever!  I'm getting over a cold and yesterday also started my period for the first real time since I got pregnant with Haven! :(  It must be because of all of the solid food she eats now!

We also found out that my cousin is pregnant with her third baby!  I'm so excited for her!!!  She makes super cute kids!

Venily was so wiped out after Easter that she fell asleep on the way home at 5:30pm and kept sleeping all through the night until 6 the next morning and woke up still in her Easter dress, lol!

I can't wait until next year when Haven gets to join in with all the Easter activities!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

A day in the life of Haven Araya (6 months)

Okay, I don't know how typical this day was, but since I wrote everything down, I'll share it anyway!  She had just gotten shots the day before and is teething so it's a little off!  Also, she usually always has lunch around noon, but we were out of the house and then she took an extra long nap so she ended up having a later "dinner" as well as her regular dinner and ended up staying up later than usual!
(At 6 months old) 

8:00 pm - nursed
8:05 pm-6:30 am - SLEEP! (10 hours, 25 min) {Venily woke up at 6am, Daddy got a phone call at 6:20}
6:30 am-6:50 am - Haven plays happily in her crib, talking away!  I LOVE how happy she wakes up!
6:50 am - I can't take it anymore, she's too dang cute and I miss her like crazy so I get her out of her crib! :)
  •  change diaper (wet)
6:55 am - Nursed
7:00ish am- 7:30 am - Independent play on the floor
7:30 am - Breakfast!
  • finger foods- chopped up bananas and Cheerios
  • baby food- not quite a 1/2 jar of 2nd stage Green Beans (she is fighting her baby food more and more and just wants finger foods!  I have to sneak in bites of baby food in her mouth while she's eating her finger foods!)
7:50 am - play time with Mommy ♥ (spit up once)
8:20 am- 8:30am - In Excersaucer while Mommy takes a shower
8:30 am- Grandma comes over and plays with her while Mommy finishes getting ready!  YAY!
8:45 am - changed diaper (BM)
(uncharacteristically fussy, tired but won't take a nap...I suspect it's the teeth!)
9:00-10:40 am - Tylenol and Nap (1 hour, 40min) (had to wake her up so we could leave for Building Blocks!  I hate having to wake her up!)
10:40 am- 12:40pm - Went to Building Blocks class (11:00-11:45), went to Kmart (b/c I promised Venily yesterday we would, lol) and drove home.  Slept in car during the 15min car ride home!
12:40 pm - Home, nursed
12:55 pm- 4:15pm - Nap (3hrs, 20min)

  • changed diaper (wet)
4:20 pm - Play outside
5:05 pm - Dinner
  • finger foods- pasta, green beans, peaches
  • baby food- 1/2 jar of 2nd Green beans
5:30 pm - Bath
5:45 pm - Nursed
5:50 pm- 6:50pm - Nap (1 hour)
6:50 pm- 7:30pm - Play on floor (spit up once)
7:30 pm - Books and songs for Venily's bedtime
7:45 pm - Eat
  • finger foods- sweet potato puffs
  • baby food- rice cereal
8:00 pm- 8:45 - Hang out with Mommy and Daddy
8:45 pm - Changed diaper (wet)
9:00 pm - Nursed and Tylenol
9:15 pm- 6:30am - Sleep (9.5 hours)

Which means that in 24 hours...
* She slept for 16hrs, 35 min!!
* I changed 4 diapers (3 wet, 1 BM)!
* I nursed her 4 times (and a 5th time before bed, but that was a little over the 24hr mark...)!  And she had 3 solid food meals
* And she only spit up twice! :)

24 hour stats at 3.5 months old!:
* She slept for 14hrs, 50 min!!
* I changed 7 diapers (3 wet, 3 BM, and 1 both)!
* I fed her 9 times
* And I didn't count how many times she spit up!  Probably about 10 times or so!  It's so much a part of my life it barely phases me anymore, haha!

24 hour stats at 2.5 months old!:
* She slept for 16hrs, 10 min!!
* I changed 8 diapers (4 wet, 2 BM, and 2 both)!
* I fed her 11 times! (she usually only takes one side at a time, only a few times of those did she take both sides)
* And she only spit up twice!! Both times while laying in her bassinet and both times after not burping well after a feeding!! :)

Wow, it's crazy how much things have changed in the last couple of months, lol!  And weird that she actually sleeps more now than she did before!!  It's nice changing less diapers and nursing her less though!  Venily was very different from Haven at this age.  I think she nursed a lot more (she was an every 2 hours kind of eater) and I changed a TON more diapers, which continued until she was potty trained!  She used to poop a million times a day though and still will poop a couple of times a day on the toilet now!

AND THE WATCH IS ON NOW FOR HAVEN'S BOTTOM TOOTH TO POP THROUGH, I think it's very close!  My poor little girl!  It's right there.  She's doing pretty good though.  Running a mild fever today, 99.5-99.9 degrees.  I'm giving her Tylenol, baby Orajel, and plenty of things to bite on to make her happy!