Wednesday, September 16, 2009

39 weeks pregnant!!!

Hopefully this is my last weekly update! I REFUSE to make it to 40 weeks! I had Venily at 39w, 2d. Haven has agreed to do everything in her power to come on Thursday or Friday!!!! My mom has off on Friday so that will be the best possible time for her to come, especially if Venily has to spend the night somewhere. Oh my gosh, I want to cry just thinking about it!! I really just want everything to go smoothly for her. But she LOVES my mom and my mom is SOOOOO great with her (she already has a million things planned out for them to do together!), so I don't think it will be a problem, but she has never left me for that long, so you just never know.... My mom was REALLY sick with a cold on Monday when I talked to her so I am HOPING and PRAYING she is better by the time Haven comes!!!!!! My mom also took off work for the 22, 23, and 24th. So if Haven doesn't come on Thursday or Friday I have to hold her in there until Monday or Tuesday and that will be NO fun!!!

A woman who also takes her daughter to storytime and library classes was due around the same time as me and had her baby on Saturday! When her husband told me yesterday I was INSANELY jealous, lol!

Jason asked me if I was scared that giving birth was going to hurt this time because it was so easy the last time around. Thanks hunny! I don't want to dwell on that! I am actually pretty confident it will be just as easy, if not a bit easier (especially since I know what to expect). I'm more worried about timing than anything else!

At 39 weeks...
* I'm at 145 lbs (+25 lbs total gain)
* I'm soooo done being pregnant! I think I have it a lot easier than most women, but it hurts to do anything! My back KILLS and my legs and hips are just as bad. And sleeping is soooo hard when you can't get comfortable, have to pee every 5 minutes and eat every couple of hours. Plus when I do wake up I think about soooo much stuff and can't get back to sleep anyway!
* I think she has dropped a bit, b/c her hiccups are like
right there. Guess we will see what the doctor says tomorrow!
* I wish I owned a girdle! haha! I am CONSTANTLY pushing various limbs back inside my stomach. She is so nuts!!! It totally looks like some alien creature is trying to come out of me. Maybe that is why I've been getting so many stares lately... like people will literally stare me down when I walk past, it's so creepy! But I've been getting a ton of complements too, so that makes me feel a little better! :)

Things to do today:
* Pack up Venily's bag for wherever she is going... I don't know why I keep putting this off, I think it just makes me really nervous for her. I almost started crying when I thought about it today!
* Move around some furniture! I decided I want Haven's changing table in our bedroom and our table in Venily's room. (I did the SAME thing the day before I went into labor with Venily, lol, and I didn't plan it that way this time!)
* Put my bags in our van (just in case!). :)

Doctor Appt update tomorrow and hopefully then an "I'm off to the hospital" post! And then birth story! :)

I so can't wait to see this gorgeous little girl's face!!! And Venily's face when she sees her for the first time!!!!!


  1. Good luck at your dr appt today! Did you dr say anything about what he will do if you dont go into labor before you are 40 weeks? I know all drs are different about it...

  2. Thanks! I know last time he said that he'd induce me if I was a couple of days past my due date. So I'm guessing he'd induce me next Thursday, but that WON'T be necessary!! :)

  3. It's funny, we are due the same day, but I am TOTALLY expecting you to have your baby before me! lol! I can't wait to see pictures of your precious little girl, and hear your labour and delivery story!!!