Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Review!

Resolution check!!  I can't believe it's going to be April tomorrow, wow!

RESOLUTION #1: read 100 books this year.  So far I've read:
January- 11 books
February- 5 books
March- 10 books

TOTAL: 26 books (to stay on track, I should have 25 books read so far)

STATUS: Doing great!  I've read some FANTASTIC books this month! :)  This is my favorite resolution ever!!

8 books were from 2 of my favorite series! ♥ I also read the first Dexter book since Jason and I have become obsessed with the tv series (watching all 5 seasons in 2 months totaling 60 episodes, lol!  It's soooo good... I can't wait for season 6!!!).  The book mirrored the first season pretty well until the end.  I've read that none of the other books follow the show though so I don't know if I'll read any more.  

I also read a parenting book on shyness: Nurturing the shy child : practical help for raising confident and socially skilled kids and teen.  I'm so glad I did!!  I love it when I can label books as life-changing for me!  I have come to terms with so much of my own severe social anxiety as a child/teenager/adult and this book has helped me so much with that AND how to help Venily and what to look for in the future!  I broke down and cried REPEATEDLY while reading this book, that's how much it touched me!  Half of the time I felt like this book was written specifically for me, about my child hood and occasionally there were things where I was like "oh my gosh, that's Venily!".  I am proud of myself for how many things I'm doing "right" with Venily and have recognized a few things I've done wrong, but feel so much better for finally knowing which are which!!  I have started doing imaginal exposure therapy with Venily and am hoping it works to help her with her dance class on Monday!  I am so nervous!

I will work out for at least 30 minutes 2x a week
I will work out at least 5x per week!

STATUS: The first 2 weeks of the month, I didn't do much at all.  I was sick and then Haven got sick! :(  Then I went walking when it was nice out for a few days, but other than that didn't do much!  Soooo... I decided that I needed to be held more accountable!  So I will write down what I do each WEEK now and see if that will make me work out more!  So far this week I'm doing great though!! And I have revised my resolution to say 5x per week! :)  Oh, and I am in severe pain, lol, but it will be well worth it!  I'll post my weekly progresses on Saturdays!

I WILL donate blood this year. 

STATUS:  Completed 2/17.  I will be able to donate blood again in the middle of April- and am looking forward to it!  I even got my cool blood donating card in the mail and plan to fill out the back with dates! :) Yay!


Getting boudoir pictures taken of myself. 
STATUS:  Not completed yet but moving along well!  I've done tons of research and made some purchases and have a goal of getting it done in May!  Super excited and nervous!  Extra motivation to keep on my workout schedule! :)


DRINK 25oz of water a day!! (working up to 52)

Doing great, and surprisingly not too hard!  Many days I can even make it to my full 52oz! :)

***No new resolutions at this time.  I have LOTS going on and need to make sure I stay on top of the ones I've already made!

Haven spelling her name!

Here is a video of Haven spelling her name! :)  She's was doing it a while ago and then stopped and now does it all the time! (We have a song we do where we spell her name at each diaper change).  You would think she'd get the 5 letters of her name in order before she memorized all 26 letters of the alphabet in order, but I guess not, lol!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Parent Teacher Conference!

Venily had her end of the year parent teacher conference today!  The teacher said that she is incredibly bright and extremely verbal!  She says that when she talks to her, she feels like she's talking to a 4.5 year old (she'll be 3.5 years old next month)! :)  She was evaluated in a variety of different areas and scored above where she should be on almost everything again.  The only thing she got "at age level" was with some of her social interactions like "sharing".  The teacher said that she's very opinionated on what she wants to do!  (Like we didn't know that already, lol!).  Sometimes when she's playing with a group of friends she can be very insistent on what she wants to do/ what she wants to play with etc, and sometimes has a difficult time sharing.  If she sees Mrs. Vivian looking at her, she'll do it, but the teacher can tell she doesn't want to.  Another thing she brought up, which I thought was interesting is that she will sometimes not express fully the things that she knows.  (Which makes me even more anxious about her 4K screening results).  She can be really unsure of herself at some times.  I have noticed this myself.  Sometimes I KNOW that she knows something or how to do something, but she won't do it b/c she only wants to do it if she's 100% confident in herself.  She's really afraid to make mistakes.  I'm the same way!!  Jason says that she's a combination of over confident (from him) and insecure (from me) at the same time, haha!  The teacher said it might just be a phase or her unsureness might be just a part of her personality.

Surprisingly when we brought up her severe shyness the teacher said that she doesn't see that from her at all.  She isn't shy to the other preschool teacher or to the director, Mrs. Phyllis, but other than that she doesn't really interact with any other adults.  Actually, we saw Mrs. Phyllis at the library the other day and Venily was so excited and waved and said hi to her! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Haven is 18 months old!!! ♥

Haven is
1 1/2 years old! 

SIZES- Have to wait until her doctor appt April 5th for her height and weight but she is currently in the following sizes:

Clothes- 24m and 2T.  Her 2T pajamas are not going to last much longer though, lol!  I'm actually scared to try on 3T because I bet they'd fit her! :(  People are constantly telling me how tall she is, lol, she is steadily gaining on Venily!

Shoes- 6

Diapers- size 4- Now that she is 18m, I am going to be stepping up on her potty training! (which is going to be extra hard since I'm going to start watching Kylee (who is 17m) in April! Yikes!).  I haven't been doing much with her lately.  Every once in a while I'll put her on and she'll poop and we talk about how she is going to start going on the potty like a big girl soon and not have any more diapers, but now I will start putting her on a few times each day.  Once she hits 19 months I will step it up more and go into full out training mode!  I'm really hoping she's as easy to train as Venily was!!

Hair length-4 inches on top and the longest strands in the back middle are 5 inches! :)  It's definitely getting longer, yay!  The sides are covering her ears now and she has the silliest little curly mullet tail in the back! :)

Color- A darker red/blonde/light brown combo!  Just gorgeous! :)

# of teeth- still 12!  Though her top left and bottom right incisors are about half way cut through, but aren't "officially" cut all the way through yet!

speech- Well over 1,000 words and able to speak in sentences quite well!  I'm amazed at the kind of conversations I'm able to have with her!  Like these! :)  

Oh and here is how she says hers and her sister's names:

Venily= Veniwee
Haven= Haynen

I think it's so cute!  I hear "Stop Veniwee!" and "Thank you Veniwee!" and "C'mon Veniwee!" all day long!  ♥  They are still BEST friends!!  The biggest problem I have between the two is that Venily thinks she's her mom and is always trying to make her do things!  They play all day long together though really well!  And Haven no longer lets Venily get away with taking toys or making her mad, lol, it's kind of nice to see her sticking up for herself!

A few other funny things she says:
"Where (insert name or toy or animal, etc. etc.) go?"  She says this ALL THE TIME about her Daddy!!  "Where Daddy go?  ...Where Daddy go?" (And me too, but there is not many places I go, haha, usually it's just the bathroom!)

Likes to use the word "too".  Give her a snack and right away she'll say "milk too!" or if I get her coat on b/c we are going somewhere she'll be like "shoes too!" :)

She will count everything, but definitely knows the difference between one or two of something.  If she is reading a book she'll be like "one ball", "two puppies", "one sheep", "two chairs" etc (correctly)

Likes to say "other one (insert object)".  Like when I'm putting on her socks she'll be like "other one sock" after I get the first one on.... like I'm going to forget to put the other one on, lol!

I also have both girls saying "Yes, mother!" and "Okay, mother!" (sometimes she substitutes Mommy in as well) and it cracks me up so much!!!!

SLEEP-It's been a little off since she's been sick with a double ear infection the last two weeks, but she is starting to get back on track again!  She goes to bed at 8pm every night.  She usually sleeps through the night, but occasionally will crawl into bed with us in the middle of the night (I only find out about it in the morning though, lol, I never wake up when she crawls into bed!).  Otherwise she usually crawls into bed with us at 6am and falls back asleep until around 7am.  She takes her naps at 1pm and sleeps for 2-3 hours.  Lately she sleeps in her toddler bed for 1-2 hours of that and then comes out and falls back asleep on the couch for another hour or 2.  It should be interesting when I have another child sleeping at this same time starting in April, lol!!

Playing:  She has become soooo creative in her independent play!  She is just fascinating to watch and listen to while she's playing by herself.  She'll have her babies and little people doing all kinds of hilarious things.

Favorite things in this world:
* Playing outside

* Ladybugs!! (as long as they don't come at her unexpectedly, lol!)  The other day she was playing with one in the house and she kept saying "HI, LADYBUG!!" and then she told me it was going "up, up the mountain" while it climbed up the window, lol!  And when it was out of reach she told me she wanted to "give kisses!! ...and hugs too!"  ♥

 * Princesses!!!  Both of the girls are in a princess loving phase!  Tinkerbell too!  Haven always wants to wear her princess or Tinkerbell jammies!  The other day she came into the bathroom, got up on the stool, grabbed the brush and started brushing her hair while looking into the mirror and saying "pretty princess"! :)

*Lotion!!- she tells me all the time "Mommy!  Lotion- cheeks!" (so silly... that and MAKE-UP!! Always wants make-up on!)

* Her favorite toy is still her slide!  She absolutely loves babies and stuffed animals too.  And dress up stuff and pretend food.  She is forever feeding me pretend soup, haha!  Oh and she loves books of course!  I'm to the point where I think I might have to hide a certain few books that I've read over a million times!! :)

* Climbing up on things and getting into trouble.  Every toy/ piece of furniture/ basket, etc is a way to climb up and get into something else!  Oh boy!  LUCKILY she takes after her Daddy and is apparently pretty good at climbing so she hasn't gotten really hurt yet... but there is always a first time! :(

Some things she knows:
* How to sing the whole alphabet!
* How to count to 10 (and to 16 with help... she says 1-10, I say "11, 12", she says "13, 14", I say 15, she says "16")
* The following shapes: circle, triangle, star, heart, crescent moon
* She knows a lot of her colors and can say the names of all of them, but still mixes them up often
* The following dinosaurs: pteranadon, T-Rex, trolladon, stegasaurus, brachiosaurus... and sometimes a few others. Loves her Dinosaur Train! Haha!
* Tons and tons of songs!  She just learned "Little Bunny FooFoo!"  Cutest thing EVER!! :)

Oh, and I'm way behind on things!  We went to the Wisconsin Dells in the beginning of the month and stayed at the Wilderness!  Both of the girls had a ton of fun!  Haven is a little fish and absolutely loves water... she asks me every once in a while if she can go to the waterpark, haha!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Our great news!

Okay, here it goes... our hopeful great news!  I wasn't sure I was allowed to share, but Jason has been telling people, so I guess I can too! :)

1.)  JASON WAS OFFERED A NEW JOB!!!  It's full time making almost double what he makes now plus benefits!!  And will be an actual STEADY position making salary rather than what he is doing now... a whole lot of part time stuff with no guarantees.  Plus it's something he loves to do and he can still continue going to school full time.  The club that he does sound for is under new management and they created a new position and asked him to be in charge of all their sound and lighting and installing a new top of the line sound system.  He's super great at what he does and I'm so glad that it has finally paid off!  This was a huge life goal for him for many, many years, but now he really wants to be a police officer, so it will do in the meantime while he works toward his degree!  I think he had his heart set on moving across county and being a police officer out west (he applies to places all the time) but I'm SO glad that didn't work out for him b/c I do not want to move AT ALL!!!  Though he had agreed that if we move across the country I get another baby, lol, but I don't know if that would even be worth it (plus he's always trying to back out on that agreement!).  He's going to continue working hourly at the club until the install is done and then he'd sign the papers for the full time position.  So I am hoping and praying everything goes just right!!!!  THIS WOULD BE A HUGELY BIG DEAL FOR OUR FAMILY!!!!

2.) We had a showing on our duplex and the people were very interested in making an offer!  Plus, they only want it as a rental so my mom would be allowed to continue staying there!  There is a MILLION more steps before anything actually happens, but I'd be the happiest girl in the world if we were able to get rid of that stupid duplex!!!!!  I hate that duplex more than anything!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A day full of...

POSSIBLY GREAT NEWS!!!!  With 2 different major things!  But more on that later... when it's official (really hoping it all works out!)! :)

*fingers crossed*

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

♥ Conversations with an almost 18 month old...

Haven: (after taking the top off of a jar) "Oh man, it's broken!"  LOL!!!

Me: "Haven, don't bite that!" (a metal key ring chain thing)
Haven: "Why?"
Me: "Because it will break your teeth!"
Haven: "Why?"
Me: "Because it's hard and metal"
Haven: "Why?"

:) I try really hard not to say "because I said so!" lol!

Haven: (crawling into bed with me in the morning and waking me up) "Excited!  Excited!" (she says this all the time when she's excited, lol!)
Me: (half asleep) "You're excited?"
Haven: "Yeah!"
Me: "What are you excited about?"
Haven: "Playgroup!" (we had gone to playgroup the morning before)
Me: "Sorry hunny, we don't have playgroup today!  Do you want to go somewhere else?"
Haven: "Yeah!"
Me: "Where do you want to go?"
Haven: "the store"
Me: "Which store?" (the day before she told me she wanted to go to Walmart, lol!)
Haven: "LIBRARY!!!"
:)  That's my girl! ♥

(while pulling into our garage after dropping Venily off at preschool)
Haven: "Nap time now?"
Me: "No, not yet."
Haven: "why?"
Me: "Because we take nap later, after lunch.  Did you WANT to take your nap now?"
Haven: "No, thank you!" (she's the sweetest child EVER!!)
Me: "Are you sure?"
Haven: "No nap time!!" (from sweet to whiny, lol!)
Me: "Okay!"

AHHHHHHH!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her to death!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Screening 2 of (hopefully 3)

Venily had a real 4K screening today (at our 2nd choice school)!!  I literally made myself sick about it all day (not letting Venily see any of that, of course)!

We got there and it was not good.  She didn't want to go into the room.  Finally, she went in with me even though she was supposed to go alone.  The first thing she needed to do was throw a ball.  Absolutely refused.  Crumbled to the ground and refused to talk or look at the teacher whatsoever.  We tried skipping to the cutting activity.  Nope, refused!  I was mentally telling myself not to cry!  The teacher was like "oh it happens, we'll schedule her another meeting in April and maybe it will go better next time."  She was really understanding and nice, but I felt like the world's biggest failure as a parent! :(

Soooo.... we stuck around out in the hall for a while longer.  There was a table set up with crayons and big legos and the girls were playing with those.  The teacher came out after a while and showed us the kindergarten rooms, etc.  She thought Venily was 5 and in for the 5K screening b/c she's so tall, lol!  Venily clung to Jason the whole time and wouldn't say a word except when she'd whisper in his ear.  We went and sat back at the table debating whether we should just leave.  Venily was playing with the legos when the other teacher (the actual 4K teacher) came over and asked Venily if she could play blocks with her.  She absolutely refused to say anything to her.  But the teacher just kept playing with her and asking her questions about what she was making.  Venily made a car and the teacher made a garage for it.  By the end Venily was nodding her head to questions! (Seriously this woman was a godsend!).  Then she asked Venily if she wanted to come with her and get a sticker.  She said yes and off they went back into the room!!!!!   She stayed in there and did the whole screening with the woman while we sat out in the hall!!!  I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!!!  The other teacher even came out and told us that Venily was doing great and that she was talking and doing really well!  ♥  I only got to overhear a few things they did, but that's okay!

After a long time (I can't believe how extensive the screening is!), she came out smiling with 2 stickers on her shirt!  ♥  They said that we'd get the results in the mail in 2-3 weeks!  Honestly, I don't care what the results are or if she's even able to go to the school (we still have absolutely no idea), I'm just so glad that she was able to go by herself and complete the screening!!  ♥  We took her out for ice cream afterward and she got to watch her new princess movie from the library!  I am so very proud of her!!  She keeps singing "If you're scared, just try it.... and you'll love it!" (in a made up song, lol)!!

I have 3 parenting books on shyness at my house now... I better get to reading! 

P.S.  I LOVE this school and LOVE the teacher!!  Even though it would suck driving Venily to and from school every day, I would love for this to be her school next year!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Signed Venily up for Dance Class!!!

And gosh am I nervous!!  Soccer was a disaster, baseball was okay... so I'm hoping dance is great! lol!  She really wants to go and I want to encourage her to do things to help with her shyness!  It's a 6 week class that starts April 4th, 1x a week for 45 minutes each time.  There is a female teacher and I imagine a lot fewer dads are going to be there, so I'm really hoping she enjoys it!  She SAYS that she wants to go and that's she's really excited, etc, but I heard the same things about her other classes as well!  It's a bit more money than her other classes so I'm really hoping she's not sitting out the whole time watching the other kids.  If that is the case, I'm just going to wait a whole year before signing her up for any more classes!!  *please oh please oh please let her do good in this class!*  Also she has to wear dance clothes and how fricken cute is that?

I put a ton of shyness books on hold at the library (parenting books and children's books).  Maybe I will gain some insight?!

Another double ear infection! :(

I took Haven into the walk-in today because she has been a wreck the last couple of days.  Normally she is very easy going and never throws tantrums, but when she has ear infections, every little thing is a break down, lol!  She won't let me leave her side whatsoever and heaven forbid, you give her something she doesn't want... YIKES!!  Yesterday I turned on Dinosaur Train to see if she'd let me do the dishes and she said "NO Dinosaur Train... Wonder Pets!!" (followed by a melt down).  LOL!  I miss my happy little girl!!!!!

She did great at the doctor's though, I was really proud of her!  Had no problem with the nurse or doctor listening to her heart or looking at her ears, taking her temp, etc.  However, she flat out REFUSED to stand on the scale and get weighed.  She kept arching her back and throwing a fit!!  Both her ears were definitely infected and she got put on an antibiotic (Cefdinir) which was the same one she got put on last month as well.

Her last double ear infection was just one month ago, so I'm really hoping this trend stops!!!!  This is her 5th time having an ear infection!  Venily only had 1 at Haven's age! :(  I haven't seen her pediatrician since her 15m checkup, but she goes for her 18m checkup on April 4th, so we'll see what she has to say!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

You can never take too many videos...

right?!  That's what I tell myself!!  Here's more of our latest!

Haven missing her Aunt Lisa who is across the country for 10 months working with Americorp!  :(  She is so the cutest thing in the planet!!

And Venily missing her as well!

Here's one of the girls being goofy! :)

And 2 from Venily's baseball camp.  I am seriously considering putting her into dance class next (it's a 6 week class and has a female teacher, but money is super tight right now).

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Screening 1 of (hopefully) 3

Preschool/ 4K Update

Venily had her first screening yesterday.  This one was for Head Start (the 3rd on my list of hopeful outcomes).  Actually, it was really just me filling out a TON of paperwork, she didn't have to do anything for this one (though she'll have an eval taken sometime soon).  She was pretty shy at first anyway- which then turned to naughtiness by the end.  Hopefully our 4K screening next week goes well!  We are still waiting for the Wheatland School Board meeting to take place (I guess the middle of this month) to see if there is any way she can be early admitted to Wheatland.

I still have mixed emotions on Head Start.  For one, I don't know if the one she will go to will take her half days (it's a full day program, which I guess is rare).  Though on the other hand, Venily is driving me absolutely crazy and I'm wondering if a full day program wouldn't be such a bad idea... haha.  Also, Jason and I got a bad impression of the teachers we saw at the head quarters (though the lady we spoke with was really nice).  However, I guess the teacher she'd be with has her Master's degree and is a great teacher.  I just don't know, I think I'd probably feel a lot better if I actually got to meet the teacher and see the room she'd be in.  

Oh!  Also, they lied straight to us while we were at the headquarters!  There was a police officer there and Jason walked into the office area to wait and heard them talking about a missing girl (maybe one of the teacher's actual children or someone), describing the girl, when she went missing, etc.  The lady that did our screening wasn't the woman who usually does them and was visibly shooken up.  She kept saying that a child was sick and they had been dealing with it all morning (but she kept being really vague and correcting herself a lot when she'd say something that didn't make sense with the rest of her story), but when we left and got in the car, Jason told me that NO, a child wasn't sick, there was a child MISSING (he had overheard it).  Hmmmm....  I DESPISE being lied to!  Why even say anything to us?!  I'd rather she had just said "an incident" or something... or nothing at all, what would I have known?!  Oh well...

On a different subject, I brought Haven to a Building Blocks class all by herself for the first time this morning (while Venily was at preschool.  Usually it's not worth me driving Venily to school, coming home, driving back to Burlington, coming home, and then driving there and back again to pick Venily up.... but Jason dropped her off at school this morning on the way to his classes, so it wasn't so bad.  Plus Haven and I visited stores in between Building Blocks and picking Venily up!  Haven did so well, I was so proud of her!  I really should bring her to more places by herself.  She loved the songs and dancing and marching, and toys and all of that!  I need to make sure that she doesn't become shy at all and gets in her socialization in other setting that don't include Venily! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011


Every time Haven asks for something or if she can do something and I say "no" her response is "WHY?"
Ahhhhhhhh!  It's too soon!

However, every time she we give her something she says "Thank you, Mommy!" (or Daddy or Venily, etc.) or if we say thank you to her, she says "You're welcome, Mommy!" in the sweetest voice in the world, I guess they kind of even out! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another child!!

No, I'm not having another child, lol!  But it looks like I'm going to be watching another child during my days!  My friend has a little girl who is a month younger than Haven and she needs someone to watch her for the next couple of years!  We could really use the money and the girls love having other kids to play with!

February Review!

Resolution check!!

RESOLUTION #1: read 100 books this year.  So far I've read:
January- 11 books
February- 5 books

TOTAL: 16 books (to stay on track, I should have 16 2/3 books read so far)

Ooops!  That darn Happiest Toddler book took me 2 weeks to finally get through!  Apparently if there aren't graphic sex scenes, I can't stay interested! :)  I also read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo which took me a while b/c it was slow going at first.  I contemplated not finishing it a number of times at the beginning, especially since it was 450+ pages, but am glad I did!  All the Swedish names and places tripped me up for a while... but I got over it. I also started 2 new series (surprisingly it's very easy to keep them all straight in my mind, haha) and read one more in my favorite series!  ♥  I checked out one book in audio and got through about 3 "pages" worth before I decided there was no way that it was going to work for me and I'm STILL waiting for it to get in from the library in book form (UPDATE- It's in today... I can't wait!!!!!  Sooo excited!!)!

I will work out for at least 30 minutes 2x a week

STATUS: Not so good! :(  I have worked out a total of 3 times and I don't think any of them were 30 minutes long!  So, I will re-instate this one and force myself to chart my work out times for March!!  The more, the better!  This will also tie in with one my newest resolutions! :)

I WILL donate blood this year. 

STATUS:  I DID IT!!!! YAY!!!!  I feel like it was a huge accomplishment for me.  It is something I have always wanted to do, but never thought I could do in a million years!  I was nervous and nauseous, but it wasn't too bad.  As long as I didn't look at the bags of blood- YUCK!!  I almost couldn't do it b/c my first iron check was 12.1 and I needed at least a 12.5 to qualify, but they gave me the option of trying it again in my other hand by a different person and I got a 13.1 on that try! :)  Both my fingers and my arm bothered me the next day, but it was worth it!  I will definitely be doing it again this year (but can't donate again until April)!!  Hopefully I can make it a regular thing! :)
On to my new resolutions!!!!!!

Getting boudoir pictures taken of myself. 

Yep, I'm going to do it!!  After a bit of working out and getting some money together for a spray tan and what I'm going to wear, etc. (which might take some work), I'll be able to do it!  I've always been pretty okay with my body, but getting pictures taken is a completely different story!  Just the posing and pictures is what terrifies me the most, lol!

I am going through a slight body-crisis as it is and I think this will be good for me!  I went to the doctor's last week and weigh in at more than I ever have while not pregnant (which is only 5 lbs more than what I weighed at my wedding, but about 13 lbs more than after I had Venily/ before I had Haven).  The doctor was thrilled, Jason was thrilled, and I PURPOSELY gained the weight so that I could get out of the "underweight" BMI category and into the "low normal weight" category, but it is still hard for me to process the number without anxiety!  I should just swear off scales all together, but had to for the doctor's office!  I would like to maintain the weight that I have now while working out, so that is my goal!

DRINK 25oz of water a day!! (supposed to be 52 given my calculations- but I'll work up to that)

I did the calculation based off my weight and the fact that 20% of my water can come from my food since I eat a healthy diet.  It might take a while to get up to the real amount and I may need to adjust it for a while, but that is my goal!!  This should also help me to stop drinking so much soda (a habit that comes and goes every few years).