Monday, August 30, 2010

Maybe she won't be a bully after all...

Up until recently Haven, my sweet, sweet angel of a girl, has been really mean not so nice to kids her size and smaller.  Bigger than herself?  She'd absolutely love them, but if they were her size or smaller she'd kind of freak out and always pull their hair and yell.  I had thought it was because she'd get so excited and not be able to express it or something, but I don't know.  Now, though, she really, REALLY loves them!!  The other day she was playing with her friend Adalein and didn't pull her hair at all, that's a definite improvement!  She also gave her kisses and hugs!  Yay- I thought maybe she is finally used to her!  ♥  Then, at the library today she was playing with another little girl.  This girl was easily 2 inches shorter than Haven, but had long, gorgeous hair!!!  Like twice as long as poor Venily who has been growing it for almost 3 years, haha!  They were playing so nicely together, it was SOOOO PRECIOUS!!!  And Haven was loving her too, giving kisses and hugs like the little sweetie that she is!  And every once in a while she'd get shy and run over to me and hug my legs and smile! :)  I'm so happy, I hope her hair-pulling days are over!  Oh, and the girl that was shorter than her at the library?  She was 17 months old, haha!!

She's also mastered "be nnnniiiiiiicccccce". So if she's being too rough with Venily, Mommy, an animal, etc.  I can tell her to "be nice" and she will pet them nicely! :)  Venily is always telling her to be nice! haha

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I gave Haven a cup of cow's milk again 2 nights ago and she had normal poop.  So I gave her another cup with her lunch today!  Hoping we don't have any problems!! *fingers crossed*  I would be soooo happy if I don't have to buy any Lactaid this time around!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

11 months old!! You DO know what comes after 11 months, right?!

Haven is 11 months old today!!  Time for someone to start working on her candle-blowing and holding up one finger when asked how old she is, skills!! ;)

Here are her 11 month stats:

Weight: 23 pounds (weighed her myself, she has her 1 year well-check next month on the 28th, so we will have an accurate weight then!)

Length: 31.5 inches

(Venily was about 21lbs and 30.75 in at 11m!)

Haven's updated growth charts:


Clothes size: mostly 18m

Diaper size: 3

Shoe size: 5's.  (I had to pack up all her 4's a few weeks ago, most of which she hadn't ever worn, haha, but she has a TON of cute new 5's- I just have to remember to put them on her now!)

HAIR LENGTH: longest top pieces- a little over 1.5 inches
longest bottom/back pieces-2 inches

***This morning she found a piece of one of my hairs and I was watching her look at it.  She takes it and puts it on top of her head!!  Poor girl... haha!

SLEEPING: She's on such a great, consistent sleeping schedule right now.  I love how routine and predictable it's become!  She wakes up around 6:30- 7:00am, takes her first nap at 9:00am (about 1.5-2 hours), takes her 2nd nap at 2:00pm (about 1.5-2 hours) WITH Venily, and then goes promptly to bed at 7:45pm and sleeps through the night!!  Did you hear that?!  SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!  ....EVERY NIGHT!!!!  Venily didn't sleep through the night consistently until around 2.5 years.  From like 2-2.5yrs, she'd wake up at least once a night to pee! (Not saying things can't change for Haven, but I am LOVING it right now!)

And she is still doing great with putting herself to sleep!  Oh how I remember Venily at this age.... I remember I would rock and sing to her until she fell asleep (sometimes taking quite a while) and then I'd have to very carefully set her in her crib!  So glad I don't have to do that now!!!

EATING: Continues to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day (all regular table foods).  I hardly cut anything up anymore either.  I still think it's weird that I can give her a sandwich and she'll just take bites off of it like a little person, haha!  Or that I can give her a spoon and fork and she'll use them correctly!  Her meals are a MESS though, since I always let her do everything herself!  3 times a day I have to wash her, her high chair seat, her high chair table-top, and the floor surrounding the high chair!  It's one of my least favorite chores!
She eats a SICKENING amount of food too!  The other morning we made blueberry pancakes and she easily out ate Venily AND Allison (who's 5)!!  LOL, actually that's starting to become a regular occurence!  And sometimes she literally eats more than I do in a single meal!  For dinner one night I made Jason a plate (even though he was at work and wasn't home until past midnight) like I usually do (he usually eats it in the morning).  Well, Haven ate ALL of her dinner AND almost all of Jason's too!!  There was just a few vegetables left! haha.  I've had to start making larger quantities.  Where we used to get by with one "package" of things, I'm now finding that it's just not enough!! When she is done with what's on her plate, she is always saying "More! More!" until I think I will be sick, lol!  I'm always so relieved when she finally says "ALL DONE!"
We have cut out one nursing session per day (about a week ago) so that we are down to 4.  Since then though, she has been trying to self-wean!!  She hardly ever demands to nurse now, I have to offer it to her and even then she will usually only take 1 side before she wants to go play! :(  I have mixed emotions about it.  I am happy that if all goes well with whole milk, she'll be really easy to wean, but am sooooo sad to be "done with nursing" forever!  Woah, totally had to calm myself down just now, lol, I'm still holding onto hope that Jason will change his mind... hmmm, okay, I feel a little better! ;)

I was giving her a little milk in a regular cup with her meals for a bit, but stopped when she had some diarrhea.  Now she is back to having water.  Now that it's cleared up, I think I'll try the milk again... we'll see!

PLAYING: She is so fun to play with!!  Her favorite thing right now is baby dolls for sure!  She will rock them and kiss and hug them, put them in the stroller and push them around and feed them a bottle!  She's a great little mommy!  She also really loves slides (we got her a little one at a garage sale) and anything she can get on and ride!!  She is also still absolutely in love with reading books!  She will frequently go pick out a book, sit down, and look through all the pictures all by herself.  She also loves to take books and bring them to Venily to read to her!  CUTEST FRICKEN thing ever!!!

Her dancing now consists of swaying and spinning in circles whenever she hears music! :)
APPEARANCE: I have accepted and embraced the fact that she has red hair.  It can still change (my mom says mine was red at her age), but for now, YES, she definitely has RED hair! :) Everyone loves it and compliments on it EVERYWHERE we go!  They also love her eyes, dimples, and earrings! :)  What's not to love about her?!

TEETH: 6 teeth!  And the next 2 on the bottom are starting to come in as well.  Her hands are back in her mouth 24/7 and there is LOTS of drool!  I can see where they are both coming in, but they haven't cut through yet, hopefully soon!
SPEECH: She can say 50 words now!!!  She is getting really good!  She's pronouncing her words more clearly and using multiple syllables!  Instead of "pill" she can now say "pillow", and things like that!

Previous words: "this", "that", "duck", "Dada", "teeth", "more", "hi", "Mama", "ball", "dog", "eat", "up",  "kkeee" (kitty), "ick", "ba-bye", "bang", "block", "book", "no", "clap", "pat", "pillow", "please" (usually comes out as 'pa'.  I make her say "more pa" (more please) so she doesn't sound so demanding!), "sit" and "boo" (when playing peek-a-boo), "cup", "all done", 

New this last month:
"oh", "bird", "bun" (bunny), "psh" (fish), tries to say diaper, "banana", "mill" (milk), "baby" (♥), "bewee" (bellybutton), "stick", "eyes", "feet", "no" (for nose), "mouth", "bite", "down", "woah", "owww" (while hitting herself in the head, haha, thanks for teaching her that one Venily!), "walk, walk" (when she has shoes on and is walking around the house, lol), "poop" (haha), "daddy" (in addition to dada), "beep" and these are just the ones I've kept track of!!!
Venily knew 20 words at 11 months!  I think I'm in trouble! ;)

*previous-"eat", waves, claps, does "so big", gives high fives, pats her legs for "pat it", puts her hands up to be picked up, points, "water", "all done"/"all gone","blows kisses", puts phone up to ear and and says hi or puts hand up to ear when she sees a phone, "stomps" her feet when we sing "If you're happy and you know it, stomp your feet" (while sitting)

New this month:
*signs "drink"
*She can finally "roll it"!!!!!  We've been working on it for a while now!!!  She finally started doing it the other day at her library class when we were singing the "Rolly Polly" song!! :)

ANIMAL SOUNDS: She's up to 14 16 now!!!
previous: fish (open/close mouth), sheep (baaa), cow (moo), elephant (blows lips), bee (bzzzz), and kitty (squeals... it's how she meows, haha)!!!  

new this past month: lion, tiger, bear (all the same sound, haha! rrrrawrrrr), owl (who), horse (neigh), chicken (bawk- sometimes), dog (ruff), monkey (ahh- I've tried to teach her "ooh, ooh, ahh, ahh").  She started doing most of all of these new sounds the other day.  I just kept pointing to pictures and asking her what they said and she'd keep telling me!!!! :) 

UPDATE: Just started doing two new animal sounds this morning!  She does skunk (waves her hand in front of her nose) and a snake (ssssssss).  She started doing the skunk while I was reading her a book this morning and asked her what a skunk says and she started doing a snake while we were at the pet hop today and I was showing her a snake!  ...Further proof that your kids are always listening, haha!  

BODY PARTS:  Up to 10 now!!!  Haven can now tell you where her hair, hands, feet, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, ears, and bellybutton are!!!
MOVEMENT: Still running!!!  She can spin in circles now too!  She likes to spin and spin and spin and get dizzy and fall over! :)

Still climbing everything as well!  She climbs up her slide all by herself!  And is always bringing Venily's stools around to climb up on and get naughty things!

OTHER- random happenings:  

I was joking around the other day while sitting in my living room and said "Haven go get me a diaper so I can change you".  She left the room.  A minute later she came back and handed me a swim diaper from my bedroom (she can't reach her regular diapers)!!!!!!   I was so impressed!  ♥ lol

One day we were eating dinner and I was sitting next to Haven in her high chair.  She was holding her cup and looking at me.  I lifted up my cup to take a drink.  She took a drink of hers.  I put mine down.  She put her's down.  (all while looking at me).  She started smiling... so I took another drink so she quick took another drink.... she was COPYING me!  It was so funny!

We were driving in the car one day with just Venily and Haven and me.  Haven started in on Venily saying "NO, NO!" and Venily would say "YES, Haven!!" and Haven would respond "NO, NO!" and Venily would say "YEEEEEES!" and back and forth.  I thought I was looking into the future... like 2 years from now, haha!

At the museum... she's such a curious little girl!



Haven's LIKES:

*County fairs!

* reading lots and lots of books, especially with animal pictures

* BABIES!!!  Join the club Haven! ;)

* Eating like it's her job!

*Giving hugs and kisses! ♥  She's become really cuddly lately and I am LOVING it!!

* Pillows and blankets- such a little snuggler

* When I don't feed her more food fast enough! :)

* diaper changes


HAVEN/ VENILY COMPARISON: (Venily's 11 Month Update)

Pics: Venily at 11 months!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

2 week "job" summary

We completed our first 2 weeks of watching Allison!  So far, it's gone pretty good!  The girls argue A LOT and she is incredibly needy (understandably so having just lost her mom and now living with her Dad and Grandpa), but the girls also play nicely together a lot, which is really nice!  Allison is really sweet, but I have already seen Venily pick up some things that I'd rather she hadn't though, which makes me sooooo nervous for school to start! And bringing three kids anywhere by myself literally takes 3 times as long, but we go places a lot anyway and are really enjoying the summer.  We make it a point to go somewhere fun every single day!

As far as her mom goes, Allison talks about her every single day, which is great!  She knows how she died, what her obituary said, she always tells me that her mom is in heaven looking down at her saying 'Be a good girl Allison, I love you so much!'.  Every once in a while she'll tell me that she really misses her and that she wishes she could see her... actually Allison and Venily had the following conversation:

Allison:  "Yeah, my mom is up in heaven.  We can't see her, but she's looking down at me."
Venily:  "Yeah, she lives way, way, way up in the sky, up in the clouds"
Allison:  "Do you want to see her?  ...You can't see her for a long, long time..."
Venily:  "We could get a rocket ship and blast up into the sky and see her!!"
Allison:  "Ummm.... no.  We can't go up in a rocket ship...!"
Venily:  "Yeah, we'll go buy a rocket ship and BLAST up there (makes rocket noises) and see your mom... yeah..."
Allison:  "Yeah, if we had the money... and could get a rocket ship..."

Isn't that the saddest funny thing ever?!  I couldn't say anything.  Literally, I could NOT bring myself to say anything!

Another sad-funny thing is that Allison makes it a point to tell random people that we see (in the store, at yoga class, at the park, etc.) that I'm not her real mom and that her real mom went up to heaven.  You can literally watch their face as they are happily talking to her and then she says that and you can see how it doesn't compute in their minds right away and they go from happy to confused to sad and feeling sorry for her within seconds and they stumble over what to say to her!  I know I wouldn't know what to say either!

Like when she asked me if she could call me Mom last week! :(  I hope I was able to effectively hide the look of shock and sadness in my face before I had to gently tell her that no, she could not!

The biggest plus side to having Allison around though is that we have gotten on a super-great schedule and have been sticking to it the last 2 weeks!  I have ALWAYS wanted to stay on a schedule, but usually only eating and bed time was ever really strict!  Also, I've been ironically enough, getting a lot more done around the house!  I feel more organized and have always done better with having "too much to do" which is why I think I transitioned so well from having 1 kid to 2!  Oh, and part of this new schedule makes BOTH Venily and Haven taking naps AT THE SAME TIME AGAIN every day!!! :)

A certain little miss is going to be 11 months old in less than a week!!!!! **deep breaths... deep breaths!**

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I've written a whole bunch of posts, but never post them! :(  It's hard to focus my mind and we've been super busy lately.  Things were really looking up and I had a couple of exciting/funny/updatey things to write about, but now we were hit with another BIG problem financially today (that came out of nowhere!) and I feel worse than ever and just can't get myself to write anything.  I know everything will work out... it just sucks!  It's always one step forward, five steps back!!!  Uhhhh, waking up at 4:30am every morning doesn't help my mood... I'm definitely NOT a morning person!  I hate that everything revolves around money...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rear Facing Car Seat... and totally random stuff...

So, I've been doing a lot of research and have decided to keep Haven rear-facing past her first birthday.  How much longer past?  I'm not sure.  All I know is that I'm going to try to hold off as long as absolutely possible!!

Totally unrelated random info:

*Venily got her first bee sting today while at the beach!  Screamed for a few seconds, followed by a few minutes of crying and as we were walking home from the beach, she told me it didn't hurt any more and that was the end of that!  I put bee sting medicine on it anyway and tried to get her to keep ice on it so it wouldn't swell (which lasted about 2 minutes) and she hasn't complained about it since.  And there was zero swelling.  Though she did throw a fit when she woke up from her nap and I tried to give her medicine in case it was the bee sting that was bothering her (she insisted it was NOT), and she would have none of that.  I got my first bee sting on my first day of my junior year of high school! haha.  And it hurt for days!  Poor thing, she's sooo tough!

*My SIL dyed my hair very, very dark!  Jason has been asking me to dye it dark for a while now, so I finally gave in!  Thanks so much Jacki, I am starting to get used to it now and really like it! :)
*No matter how many times I correct her, Venily insists on calling "Echo Park".... "Gecko Park".  I don't know why I find it SOOO funny, but I am cracking up just writing it!  I love her!!

*I am in serious need of planning the girls' birthday party!  I know we are having it Oct 3rd, but I'm not sure of where!!!  I'm thinking a park, but I just don't know!  It's driving me crazy!

*I forgot to write on Haven's updates that she has a new dance!!  It's much more sophisticated than her "booty shaking dance".  It's a full-body swaying.  I will have to get a video.  All I have to do is turn on the iCarly theme song and everyone in my house busts out dancing, haha!

*Venily's preschool open house is Sept. 2nd.  I go back and forth on being so very excited for her and being scared to death.  Part of me would really LOVE to shelter her forever and ever and move far away and raise her away from everyone, lol!

*Jason is moving in so many different directions lately that my head is nearly about to explode.  He's always been... ummm... all over the place?  But has recently taken it to a whole new level!  He has 5 different jobs (with 4 of them being INCREDIBLY different from one another) and is now wanting to go to school for a totally different one!  This next year could be interesting for sure!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 1/2 months!

Here are some of my random Haven updates from the last 1/2 month!

The last 2 weeks have brought about a ton of new words!!  Here are a few, I've been trying to keep track, but it's getting to the point now where it's pretty hard! ;)  She's up to about 45 words!!!

oh, bird, bunny (bun), fish (psh- she LOVES Edward!!), tries to say diaper, banana (used to just say "bah", but now can say the whole word really well, while pointing at one or a pic of one), milk (used to say mmmmbah, while pulling down my shirt, now it's more like "milt"), baby (always carrying around a baby and saying "baby, baby!" ♥ ), bellybutton (beweee, while touching hers or anyone else's belly button), stick, eyes, feet, nose (says no while pointing at hers or someone else's nose), mouth, bite (while holding her spoon, trying to give us a bite of whatever she's eating), down, woah, and also says "ALL DONE!" as two separate words now, instead of one.  This is mostly for food, but she does it when she's all done with activities too.

She signs "drink" now!  And speaking of drinks, I let her have a very little bit of whole milk in her straw cup last night with dinner.  She thought it was the greatest thing ever!  She drank it so fast and kept saying "MORE! MORE!" but I didn't want her to have too much.  She was NOT happy that I wouldn't give her any more, haha.

Animal sounds- tries to "ruff" for a dog now and growls for a tiger/bear/etc.

When she doesn't want to do something or is about to do something she's not supposed to she waves her pointer finger and says "NO, NO!"  "NO, NO!"  :)  It's funny, but oh so sassy!

She also loves to pull on my shorts while I'm standing (doing the dishes, making dinner, etc) and say "Mama!  Mama!" and then takes my hand and pulls me by her toys so that I'll play with her! lol  ♥  Or if she wants me to carry her she pulls on my shorts and says "upahhhh, upahhhh, upahhh"! :)

She loves "Ring around the Rosey".  And loves to say "down, down" at the end!

She picked up a bunch of new body parts.  I can ask her where her hands, feet, hair, bellybutton, eyes, nose, mouth, and teeth are and she'll show me!!

She has an excited noise that she does.  She kind of freaks out.  She also does this when she sees other babies and will usually then pull their hair.  I wish I could get her to stop!!  It's like she's so overwhelmed with excitement that she doesn't know what else to do...

She loves when people talk with lots of hand gestures!  She loves to copy them while they are talking.  Not so good when someone is trying to tell you a story and you are trying not to laugh because your daughter is mocking them and they don't even realize it! :)  Funnier when they realize and continue on anyway! ;)

I don't know if I've written this before, but whenever she finds a piece of clothes on the floor, she always tries to put it on by "sticking" them to her body and letting go.  It's so funny!  She does the same thing for sunglasses and hats.  She'll "stick" them to the top of her head and then let go, expecting them to stay on!  Too funny!!

Haven also recently learned how to get on and off her riding toys by herself!  She can't really make them go forward yet, but she can get them to go backwards, lol!

Jason complimented me on how well I'm teaching both the kids, seriously makes it all worth it! ♥  That is one of my favorite compliments that I can get!

The girls are doing really well sleeping in the same bedroom.  We have a good routine going now.  First we do pajamas and brush teeth, then we read books and sing songs.  Haven goes to bed first, usually at 7:45pm, Venily goes to bed around 8:00pm.  Haven has been doing great sleeping through the night, it really helps that I'm not in the same room as her!  Both girls usually wake up around 6:30am.  (Too early for me, I'm NOT a morning person, but both of them are, lol, so I deal with it!)  Plus, now that Allison is here, I am usually already up, so it's not a big deal!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Job- Day 1

Went good!  It was only a half day since her Daddy's job got rained out.  She was only here for 4 hours, but we got a lot accomplished, even in the rain! :)  We played with the glow station, ate breakfast, played dress up, played tea party, painted, and did puzzles, oh yeah, and read stories, danced, and sang songs!  All before 8:45am, haha.  She came at 4:45am, and I was expecting she'd sleep for a bit when she came, but NOPE, she was wide awake and ready to play.  Haven joined us at 5:00am and Venily at 6:30am.  This is going to be good for Venily for sure, especially before school!  Allison is an only child and Venily doesn't have to practice sharing that much since Haven is so little still.  The girls played nicely together, but each wanted to do things their own way!  I'm glad Venily will get some hands-on experience in compromising and problem-solving!

(Side note- we went to a birthday party yesterday (I think we've had a birthday party almost every week this summer, lol) and I was SOOO proud of Venily!!!  We literally didn't know anyone there, but that didn't stop her from making friends with EVERYONE!!!  I kept back a bit and she just went on, on her own, not even looking for me!  She was talking with men and women too, not just the kids.  Got her face painted by a lady.  Even told her which one she wanted!  I was very proud!  Hit the pinata with all the people gathered around her, did a water balloon toss, sang happy birthday, etc. :) It was the first time I thought, yep, she's not going to miss me at all while she's in school!)

Allison talked about her Mom a lot and I held it together.  She kept telling me how she was in heaven and that she passed away last Tuesday.  She tried to tell Venily and it went something like this...

Allison- (to Venily) My Mommy passed away.
Venily- (continued to paint w/out saying anything)
Allison- She's up there (points to the ceiling)
Venily- (laughing) Your Mommy isn't upstairs! (pointing at the loft)
Allison- No, my Mommy is in heaven.
Venily- No, Haven is right here. (points at Haven)
Me- No hunny, her Mommy is in HEAVEN.
Venily- Haven is right there. (continues painting)

Hmmm... yeah, not sure how to approach that!

And the saddest part was not that she kept talking about how her Mommy was in heaven, but when she'd say things like "The baby has her toe nails painted?...  Can you paint my toe nails?" (or anything she asked me to do that I figured her Mom usually did for her) or when she said "When I wake my Mommy up in the morning she always says '5 more minutes.  I'm just going to sleep for 5 more minutes...'" and then she was quiet as she thought about what she had just said.  Or when I was kissing and playing with Haven and she says "She REALLY loves her Mommy!" (and then she looked kind of sad).  It just breaks my heart! :(

Friday, August 6, 2010

Yoga and a new friend!! :)

I tried going to my yoga class again, the first time since being gigantically pregnant with Haven! :)  I went every single week last summer, but didn't know how it would be with 2 kids!  The first 30 minutes were good.  I brought a bunch of toys and snacks for Venily and Haven to play with and eat and they had their own mat to sit on.  Both girls were hilarious trying to do some of the poses, lol.  And Venily's friend Elliot was there.  She used to play with her at yoga last year and we see her at the library some days too.  She is only a month younger than Venily, so that is nice!  The last 30 minutes were much more difficult.  Haven kept trying to run out into the other room and Venily and Elliot were being silly.  I spent a lot of that time just sitting on my mat, holding Haven, haha.  I didn't want her to bother anyone else (the 3 girls were the only kids there and it was a full class).  I'm going to see if Grandma will watch her next week (if she doesn't have to work) and I can bring Venily and Allison instead!

Speaking of Allison, we met her today!!!!  Oh what a sweet little girl!!  So nice and polite and just a doll!  We will have lots of fun this next month.  Her and Venily were instant friends!  I feel like I should be paying her to come to my house and play with Venily, haha! :)  And it looks like we will be watching her before and after school now as well!  The poor little thing though, her dad was telling Jason that she was saying that she wanted to go to heaven and see her Mommy and he told her she wouldn't be able to do that for a really long time.  Oh shoot, I'm crying just writing it.  I really hope I can hold it all together for her!

And little Miss Haven has a ton of updates as well!  But I am trying to save them for her 10.5 month update on Tuesday! :)

And our new tenants moved in this week and are already giving us problems.  Turns out Jason's initial instincts were right, the guy is a complete psycho.   I wouldn't care except for the fact that my mom lives right above them! :(  And the worst part is we've gotten like 10 calls from people interested in the apartment since they signed the lease!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I got a job! ;)

Okay, it's not a real job!  But I'm going to be watching a little girl for about a month, starting on Monday!  From 4:45am- 2:30pm Monday-Friday until school starts!  Wow is that early!!!  She's 5 and her mother just passed away.  I couldn't even imagine...  I hope everything goes well.  I lost a parent at 5, and I know how tough it is, losing a mom has got to be even worse! :(  I'm hoping my Scion will fit all 3 kiddos.  The money will be nice and I'll be putting it all towards Venily's schooling.  It should cover her for 4 or 5 months!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Teeth, teeth, teeth... it never stops!!

Looks like we won't be having a teething break, unfortunately!  Ever since Haven cut her last tooth (#6), she hasn't stopped biting on her fingers like crazy.  I was hoping maybe it had just become a habit!  But today I was feeling around on her gums and could feel the bumps where her molars are coming in! :(  They are nowhere near the surface, so it's going to be several months I'm guessing before they start cutting though, but they are already starting to feel uncomfortable to her.  It looks like the top molars will come in first.  She likes when I press on them with my fingers, but I wasn't paying attention for a second and she bit my finger with her tops and bottoms in front!  OUCH!  Lol, it still hurts, and left a white mark on my nail with a bruise around it!

No indication of the next 2 bottom teeth coming in whatsoever.

OH.... AND SOMETHING I DIDN'T REALIZE UNTIL YESTERDAY!!!!!!!  Haven's 1st birthday is NEXT MONTH!!!!  You don't even know how shocked I was when I realized that, lol!  (Sure she still has a month and 3 weeks, but it's next month!  Craziness!!

And another shocking fact!  Venily starts preschool next month as well!!  Jason says that we will make it work financially, even if we have to cancel our cable, internet, cell phones, etc.  I think she starts on Sept 8th, but I'm not positive.  We're supposed to be getting some info in the mail soon about their open house this month!  She's really excited, but I think she's a little nervous as well.  I'm really hoping it all goes well!

Racine County Fair

Oops, forgot to post this earlier!  We went to the fair last Wednesday and Sunday!  Haven's first out-of-womb experience and she LOVED it!!!  I had so much deja-vu from when we brought Venily when she was almost the exact same age!  Just like Venily, she absolutely loved the animals.  Was doing her excited breathing and pointing every time we came to a new one... she was soooo amazed!!  LOL!  And she'd wave "hi" to them all too!  I'm sure she was wondering why she has never been to such an awesome place before and why we don't go there every single day! :)  We waited 20 min in line for the petting zoo on Wed and were glad we did!  There were so many cute animals all over inside... Haven had a blast running after them!  Venily was equally amazed!!!  She held a chick, kitten, chicken, and bunny!  ♥  She was in little girl heaven!!  Oh and Haven was so cute in the Sheep barn!  She was pointing and saying "baa" "baa" at all the sheep! :)
Venily also went up on stage for the "Kids are People Too" show we watched!  She had a tambourine!  We were SOOOOO proud of her, as she is very shy!  She also got to use a hula hoop for the first time and did a water balloon toss with Daddy, but I didn't get any pics b/c my camera battery was dead.  It magically came back to life for a few more pics so I could get some of her up on stage!  Ooohhh, I wish I could have gotten some of Haven trying to use the hula hoop... so fricken cute!  And then walking around with one each hand, haha!  ♥
Sunday we stayed for the demo for a bit.  Venily is still talking about how cool it was that the cars were crashing into each other, lol!  And Haven liked it as well, though she was super sleepy.  Both the girls didn't get home until way past their bedtime!  Both girls also got corn on the cob and ate it like it was the best thing in the whole wide world!  Haven was like a rabid dog, LOL, Jason was trying to pry it out of her hands, but she was going NUTS!!! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Room!

I finally made the switch and put Haven's crib in Venily's room instead of ours yesterday!!!  She's been sleeping though the night most nights (but not all) and putting herself to sleep without even a whine most times, so I figured it was time!  

And last night went really good!!  Haven fell asleep at around 7:30pm in her crib.  Then we did Venily's books and songs out in the living room and told her she had to be really quiet while going to sleep otherwise Haven would have to move back into our room (and she is SUPER excited to have a new roommate, lol).  So, she was very quiet and went right to sleep!  Haven woke up at 4am needing a diaper change, but when I went to get her, Venily was still sound asleep with the blanket over her head, lol.  I changed her and nursed her and put her back in her crib and she fell right back to sleep.  Then both woke up (don't know who woke who) at 6:20am (Venily's regular waking time).  But Haven was determined not to go back to sleep, which is fine, sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't!  So far... success!  And it is soooo nice having our room back to ourselves!! :)


Oh, and on a completely different topic.... HAVEN EATS SOOOOO MUCH!!!  Lol, she's next to me in her high chair right now eating breakfast!  Every time she finishes what's on her plate I ask her if she's "all done or wants more".  And she always points down at her plate and says "MORE!".  I don't know where it all goes, lol!  Yesterday morning she seriously ate 5 bowls of Oatmeal and still wanted more, but I cut her off... and she got mad, haha!  She is so much like Venily as a baby!  I figure being so darn cute burns off a lot of calories!!! :)

Okay, she just said and signed "all done"!  She had me worried for a minute, I thought she was going to eat every last bit of food in the house!

Lol, last night for dinner I gave Venily and Haven the exact same dinner, portions and all.  Haven ate all of hers and wanted more.  Venily didn't eat all of hers and wanted to be done... so I ended up giving Haven the rest of Venily's chili, hahaha!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tooth #6!

Finally came all the way through yesterday!!  It's her right central incisor, which completes her goofy top 4 set! :) (10m, 5d)  We are definitely hoping for a break now!  Though a surprising amount of people on my online board have 10+ teeth already, LOL, and of course some still have none!

I brought her into the walk in yesterday and got some Nystatin for her diaper rash.  It already looks sooooo much better!!  I had Venily checked as well, just to make sure nothing was wrong with her ears or throat or anything to cause her whinyness.  But, nope, she checked out good.  And weighed in at 31lbs. (They didn't weigh Haven :( )