Friday, January 27, 2012

2nd Quarter Report Card for Venily! (+ 5 for Friday)

Venily got all 35 S's!!!  (S= secure and is the highest grade she can get)

She improved in 3 different areas and was tested in an additional few as well! ♥

Oh, and I guess I should combine my 5 things for Friday, that can be #1! ;)

2.) Jason has started his new semester of college.  He has 5 classes this semester including speech, interpersonal communications (another speech class), and Spanish for the law enforcer.  It is going to be one of his most difficult semesters so far.  Lucky for him, I took 4 years of Spanish in high school and 2 semesters in college so I am able to help him with that! :)

3.) Venily is going to her 2nd birthday party for a child in her class this weekend.  Both have been boys- I HATE trying to figure out what to get for boys, lol!!!  (and I have 4 nephews as well!!)

4.) Poor Haven!  More and more of her 3T stuff is getting too small on her!!  Her 3T shirts are all too short on the sleeves and she needs a 4T in legging as well or they are too short.  She even has some 5T pajamas that are practically too small, LOL!  Come to think of it, I need to go through Venily's clothes as well.  4's are way too small on her too (and she still has a few 4's in with her others), time to give them all (the rest I mean, haha) to Haven!  At the same time though, when either of the girls DO have pants that fit in length, they are falling off their wastes!!

5.) I need a break from these kids!  Seriously, like a few hours or something, they are driving me crazy!  I'm pretty sure Venily is hyperactive.  She must bottle it up at school, b/c they never say anything about it, but she has the energy of like 15 kids her age.  It is exhausting!  (and I am 2 weeks late on her updates!......)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

6 things for Saturday!

(Since I can't seem to make it on Friday, lol!)

1.)  I never did Venily's post.  It is still there, I just need to finish it!  My motivation level has been super low this whole week- lack of sleep, too much going on, and winter depression will do that to me!

2.)  The admiral's game was fun last weekend!  The girls had a great time and Haven and I even caught a Tshirt!

3.) Online garage-sailing is addicting!  I just started this week and have already sold $45 worth of Haven's old clothes and crib set.  And spent $20 on super cute clothes for Haven, lol! :)

Random funny conversation with Haven while picking up clothes at someone else's house:

Haven:  (after pulling in the driveway) "What are we doing at this house?"
Me:  "We're going to get some new clothes for you!"
Haven:  (super concerned look on her face)  "Do I get to keep the clothes I'm wearing right now?"

LOL!!!!!!  Oh, she cracks me up.  Then, the woman was late, so I brought Haven back into the car and Haven says:  "So I don't get any new jammies?!" ♥  It's no wonder why I love that child so darn much!!!!

4.)  Venily had "veggie dogs" for snack on Friday at her school.  I was like "Are you sure they were veggie dogs?  Did you have special ones for just you or did everyone have the same thing?".  She was like "Of course they were veggie dogs, we don't eat real meat.  Everyone had veggie dogs!".    Hmmmmm...... pretty sure they were real hot dogs.  Which would be her first time ever eating meat.  I'm going to have to have a talk with her teacher on Monday!!

5.)  Haven- my sweet, does nothing wrong, innocent, angel of a child has been BITING this week!  I think she finally just got sick of Venily being mean to her and figured biting would work!  She bit Venily 2 different times and then bit Kylee once.  That was the last straw on the biting.  She got in HUGE trouble and after that last time, I put her in her bedroom for a timeout and bit her arm to show her that biting hurts.  Probably not in line with what most child psychologists would suggest, lol, but I was just so fed up with it and she hasn't bit again since then!  Hopefully that very short-lived phase is over with!

6.  I have 3 drawings I currently need to work on so I best get to them.... :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

5 things for Friday!

I know it is Saturday night! To be fair though, I had most of this done yesterday!

1.) My still-baking new nephew has a name!  Dawson Julius Reyer ♥  I can't wait to meet him!

2.) We are going to an Admiral's Hockey game on Sunday with both the girls to celbrate Jason's birthday (29- YIKES!!).  I think it's the first one for Haven and maybe the 2nd for Venily (I can't remember, lol, which means she doesn't remember either!).  So a new experience for both of them!

3.) It finally snowed!  In Wisconsin, in the middle of January!  The girls had a blast, but didn't like getting their hands cold so we will need to get new mittens. (update- got new mittens, yay!)  Haven ate at least 20 lbs of snow, lol!

4.) The topic of fostering a child has come up this week (from Jason nonetheless!).  We are looking into it.  Not something that will happen super soon, but we are thinking about the possibility of doing it in the not-too-distant future.  We are thinking about fostering a boy age 5-8.  I'm kind of excited about it.  However, this would mean that we'd need to convert our loft (and current playroom) into a bedroom.  We shall see...

5.) I feel like I am falling behind in everything.  Too many things to do in too short of time.  Not that that's anything new, but I am definitely feeling some major anxiety about it!!

***On that note, Venily's 4 1/4 update (which was due yesterday) will hopefully be completed by tomorrow! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Venily Parent/Teacher Conference (#2)

If I ever had any doubts on my decision to skip Venily ahead a year (which I didn't), I most certainly wouldn't after listening to her teacher talk about her!

She is doing FANTASTIC in school!  Her teacher had nothing but very positive things to say about Venily.  She remarked several times that Venily is way ahead of all the other children in the class and that she is having to go out of her way to find her materials so that she won't be bored.  (And Venily is the youngest one in the whole class!).  She compared her to a student she had 3 years ago that was equally as far ahead.  Her teacher said that if she asks a question and the other children all keep getting it wrong or are just throwing out random answers, she knows that she can call on Venily and she always has the right answer, lol.  Now I don't care how smart my kids are, I would love them just as much, but it does make me insanely proud to hear other people say how great they are! :)

While the other children are learning to write their first names on their papers, Venily is now going to be writing her first and last name.  And once she gets that really well, she is going to be writing her first, middle, and last.  And once she gets that, lol, her teacher is going to have her write her full name AND her phone number on all of her papers, HAHA! :)

She also told me again how sweet Venily is.  She listens really well and is "friends with everyone".  :)  Other children come up to Venily all the time to "help" them with things too! ♥

And I signed Venily up for 5K next year!!!  I can't believe that she'll be going full day next year.  I had originally thought that she would have to do another screening to go, but it turns out she won't!  Since she was in 4K this year, her teacher will just write a recommendation for her to go to 5K and include some of her work, so that is great!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

5 things for Friday!

Yes, I missed last week, lol, but I made up for it by completing all my other posts!

1) I'm getting excited about subbing next year again!  (It goes back and forth of me being terrified, me wanting to cry, and me being excited).  I'm thinking about getting on the sub list for the high school I went to (in addition to the grade school I went and Venily also goes to now), so I really think that will be fun!  But leaving Haven for any length of time whatsoever, does NOT sound like fun!

2) My 2012 resolutions are moving along well (as they should be only 6 days into the new year, lol!). :)
* 1.5 books read
* walked around the lake twice (yesterday and today) and my thighs and butt are killing me, lol! (I'm totally out of shape)
* completed one pinterest craft
* about 1/2 way done with one drawing and am working on my business- I already have a bunch of orders with the little work I've put in, so that is promising!
* I've been thinking about lots of ideas for other things too, so much so that at night, it is hard for me to sleep b/c my brain is still going 100mph!

3) Haven's last (and most difficult) molar cut through 2 days ago!  YES, done with teething forever!!! (It's been 2 months since her 3rd two-year molar cut through- that final one was definitely taking it's time!

4) Venily has her 4 1/4 birthday coming up next week and I have some cool new updates about her reading progress! :)

5) I have not seen or heard from our crazy cat lady neighbor in a long time.  The last thing she did was take down half of her ridiculously tall, awkward fence and put up a flimsy, falling apart bamboo-ish fence in place of the other half.  Normally she is running around the neighborhood all the time, talking to her plants and trees, or just staring at something in her yard while standing perfectly still for hours on end (not even exaggerating.).   I wonder what she is up to!