Saturday, September 19, 2009

Well, I've never been this pregnant before...

39w, 3 days today! So needless to say, Haven didn't come yesterday! :(

I walked for about an hour in the morning with Venily yesterday and then some more with Jason and Venily when Jason got home from work, but still nothing. BH contractions are coming and going, but no other signs that labor is going to start soon. I am getting impatient! I am 100% ready for her to come TODAY!! I wish my doctor wouldn't have gotten my hopes up so much by being so sure that she'd come by this weekend, because if she doesn't, OH will I be mad, haha!

I think I will clean up around here some more and then do some more walking!! Come on little girl, we ALL want to see you now!!!!


  1. I was going to say this the other day but I didnt want to jinx you. Doctors shouldnt even open their mouths. Mine did and I ended up crying going into my 40 week appt because he had thought for sure I would have gone into labor before that. Theres really no way for them to tell. They can guess, but really you could be 4 cm dialated for a week not not go inot labor. Dont sweat it, and just relax. Walking is oonly going to make you tired. It will eventually happen... just hopefully before you have to be induced!

  2. Maybe Haven is waiting for her freind Adalein to get closer so they can share their B-days! Haha! J/K! The girl at my work is having her 2nd child and is 1 week behind me. She'll probably go into labor before me or same time as me. She's having a boy so Adalein will have a BF when she's born too! What a lucky girl to have so many friends! Haha!