Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good news?!

Well, we found a new couple to rent out our duplex.  They are actually going to rent it out for $50 more a month than the previous tenants we had.  Soooo.... I should be happy, but I'm not.  I have not met these people, but Jason got really bad vibes from them.  We had one other couple in the past really screw us over and this is deja vu all over again!  Seriously, these people are almost the EXACT same as the other people who never paid their rent, destroyed the house, and just disappeared one day from the house without telling us they left!  Every thing about this situation SCREAMS to me that it is not going to end well, but we have no other option... so they will be moving in in 2 days.  I hope I'm wrong, I really do!  They have a child and a giant dog as well... oh, and neither of them are employed, both are on disability, they are from out of state and despite the fact that they are in their late 30's, have no rent history.  Sounds promising, right?!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Tooth #6 (rt top central incisor) is proving to be one of the most difficult so far.  She started cutting it on Wednesday and as of today it's only about 1/2 way through.  She's been eating less, having diarrhea (really
hoping it's from the teeth!!) which gave her a diaper rash (I've changed 8 poop diapers today), and I've had to give her Tylenol and Orajel before bed the last 3 nights (which I normally never have to do).  I can't wait until it's all the way through!!!  She's still happy during the day, but every once in a while she'll get whiny and I can tell her teeth are bothering her because she chews on her fingers a LOT.  On the plus side though, she stopped waking up at 2am all on her own.  I really think I'm going to attempt to move her crib into Venily's room this weekend.  Yikes!
 (pic of teeth earlier today- the speck on her tooth all the way to the right is just part of something she was eating, lol)

Venily has been whiny for like the last week straight.  I really wish I knew what was wrong with her.  She'll have emotional meltdowns out of no where, which is really weird for her.  I don't know if she's not feeling well, or not getting enough sleep (she even put herself to bed for a nap the other day instead of eating her lunch b/c she said she was too tired!  That NEVER happens!), or what.  I'm thinking it's the atmosphere in the house, because things are a bit tense.
I was OVERJOYED to find out we were getting new tenants and that magically everything had worked itself out.  Things weren't great financially, but we would still have our heads above water.  But, nope, not the case.  I am so angry that I let my guard down!  We are back to square one and I am back to redirecting my thoughts as a defense mechanism. I can't even think about the situation without bursting into tears.  I am very sorry to anyone who has had the misfortune of talking to me about it over the last few days and if you have not, I don't advise it! :(  Jason has assured me once again that everything will work itself out... I have to have faith that he is right.  We shall see, I can't even write any more about it, b/c I don't want to go down that road again...

And ending on a positive note... :)
Even with the occasional whinyness, my kids are still as cute as ever! For that, I am very grateful!!!  Haven is my love and I'm loving all the extra cuddling from her!  She loves when I hold her and she lays her head on my chest and peaks up every now and then to give me kisses!  ♥  She also loves cuddling blankets and pillows and toys...!  And she says "ohhhhhhhh" and "awwwww" while she does it!  Fricken adorable!
And Venily is my little comedian!  She always knows just what to say to make me laugh!  I can be really mad and yelling at her after she's done something naughty and she'll say "Don't be mad Mommy!  ...C'mon, let me see your smile face!" and I can never keep a straight face! :)  Ahhh, I love those girls!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm an idiot!

Haven and Venily have no clothes since all of them got ruined in our washing machine.  I've picked them up a few shirts here and there at resale shops and garage sales, but I've been squeezing Haven into way too small of clothes (like dresses that are too short).  But I kept thinking that Haven should have more clothes than she does... I know Venily did when she was that age... so I looked in my basement!  I found 3 totes full of 12m & 18m clothes (and about half of that are summer clothes)!!!  I feel so stupid that I didn't take them out earlier!  But am overjoyed at how many new clothes she has now, lol, she can probably seriously wear a different outfit every day for the rest of summer!  YAY!  I hope she still fits into a few things next summer too, lol! :)

And someone is looking at our duplex today to possibly rent it!!  Oh please, oh please, oh please!!!!  So much stress will be lifted it they do!!!  They could turn it into a crack house for all I care, as long as we don't have to pay 2 mortgages when we are struggling to pay 1! *fingers crossed*

Monday, July 26, 2010

10 months!

Haven is 10 months old today!  She continues to be absolute perfection and sunshine!!!  ♥  Some days I really do feel like I just dreamt her up, she's just too perfect to be real! :)  I absolutely love and adore her, she makes it more than easy to!  We are already in double digits!  Wow- I can't even remember what it was like when she was a newborn and would just lie there... she never stops moving now, lol!  Oh, if there was any way to freeze her exactly the way she is now!!!

Here are her 10 month stats:

Weight: Still about 21lbs (weighed her myself, so not very accurate)

Length: 31in

(Venily was about 20lbs and 29.5 in at 10m!)

Haven's updated growth charts:

Clothes size:  some 12m, more and more 18m

Diaper size: 3

Shoe size: mostly 4's (and all but 1 pair of her Robeez shoes are just fitting her, which I'm sad about b/c Venily wore them for a long time, though I've been experimenting with other kinds of shoes as well and she walks good in them too!)

HAIR LENGTH: longest top pieces- 1.5in
longest bottom/back pieces- 2in

SLEEPING: Waking once a night usually.  Goes to bed around 8:30pm.  Wakes up around 2 or 3am and I nurse her back to sleep.  I am still putting her in her crib awake for naps and bedtime and it only takes a minute for her to put herself to sleep!  I'm really considering putting her in Venily's room soon.

She's pretty consistent with 2 naps a day.

She hasn't sucked her fingers in over a month.  I'm very happy that she broke the habit on her own, but I kind of miss it, lol, it was sooo cute!  This is usually how I find her sleeping...

EATING:  Eats 3 meals a day, all regular table food (NO baby food!).  She eats whatever we're eating and LOVES everything.  She continues to eat a LOT.  I always give her more on her tray than I think she can eat and she always eats it ALL, haha!  She is still breastfeeding as well.  Unfortunately, she now pulls down my shirt when she wants to, which is fine but NOT while we're out in public!  I dread weaning, though I know it'll probably be easier than I am imagining.  I give her water in her straw cups with her meals.  I'm really hoping that she's going to do well with whole milk at 12m (Venily couldn't tolerate it until 19m!)!  She doesn't seem to have any reaction to it.  She eats a lot of cheese and things with milk in it and I've even given her bowls of Cheerios with whole milk and she didn't have any problems, so I am optimistic!

She continues to improve on spoon skills.  I always give her a spoon and/or fork with her meals.  I've seen her trying to use her fork a few times, lol!  So then I help her get something on it and she eats it off. :)  Though she definitely prefers her hands over anything!!!

She is starting to dislike the taste of her Poly-vi-sol, but still eats it with no problems.

PLAYING: Some of her favorite toys: cell phones, books, ducks and toys she can squeeze to make them squeak, straws, and she loves balls!  She also loves containers where she can put small toys and blocks in and out of them.
I love that she breaks out into a dance whenever she hears the iCarly theme song! :)

APPEARANCE: Always growing and all the walking is thinning her out even more!

TEETH: 5 teeth!  (more than Venily had at 1 year!) and 1 more VERY close!!

SPEECH: Previous words: "this", "that", "duck", "Dada", "teeth", "more", "hi", "Mama", "ball", "dog", "eat", "up",  "kitty" (kkkkk), "ick","more"

New last month: "bye", "bang", "block", "book", "no", "clap", "pat", "pill" (for pillow- she LOVES snuggling up to pillows and blankets), "please" (I swear she kept saying this while pointing at her cup the other day, lol!), "sit", and "boo" (when playing peek-a-boo), "cup", today she started saying "all done" (well a form of it anyway, lol, while doing the sign for it!).  And probably some others I'm missing, she's definitely verbal!

Venily knew 20 words at 11 months and a couple hundred by 14 months, so Haven is definitely on a similar path!! And as many words as she can say, I am always amazed at how many she understands as well, probably several hundred!

*previous-"eat", waves, claps, does "so big", gives high fives, pats her legs for "pat it", puts her hands up to be picked up, points, "water", "all done"/"all gone", gives kisses
*new last month- "blows kisses", puts phone up to ear and and says hi or puts hand up to ear when she sees a phone, "stomps" her feet when we sing "If you're happy and you know it, stomp your feet" (while sitting)
*working on- "roll it"

ANIMAL SOUNDS:  This last month she has really gotten good at her animal sounds!!  She now knows fish, sheep, cow, elephant, bee, and kitty!!!  Her favorites are elephant, sheep and cow! :)

MOVEMENT: 100% walking/ running!!!  Won't crawl at all!  She is fast and can bend over and pick things up, turn around in circles, carry heavy things around with her, etc.  I tried to crawl after her while we were playing and she was running away and I could NOT catch her, no matter how hard I tried, LOL!

Climbs on everything too!  Up the stairs, onto our bed, up on chairs, up on her picnic table, on Venily's step stools, etc.!  She's a little daredevil!


Has peed AND pooped on the potty this last month!!!

Understands multiple step directions.



Haven's LIKES:

*Being upside down

* toilet paper

* Following Venily around EVERYWHERE!

* BALLS!  (She goes nuts every time she sees a ball or anything that resembles a ball- balloons, gumball machine, globe at the library, etc. etc.)

* Animals!!  Just ADORES them!  Points and gets excited every time we see an animal (real or fake)!

*Swimming at the lake

*Eating! :)

* Climbing, she's a little monkey!

*Being outside

*Being tired out of the house!

*When her teeth bother her (which really only seems to happen right before bedtime and only on some nights)

HAVEN/ VENILY COMPARISON: (Venily's 10 month Update)

Pics: Venily at 10 months!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tooth #5!

Is finally completely through!  Haven wouldn't let me get a great picture, but here is the best I got...It's her left lateral incisor.  Waiting on that darn right central incisor to finally cut through now... then hoping we get a break for a while!! :)
And here is a straight forward one of her 2 little spaced out teeth that are coming in well now! :)  She's going to look so different with 4 top teeth all grown in!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pooped on the potty!

Haven pooped on the potty for the first time today!  I went to put her on after her nap and she had started going in her diaper and finished up on the potty! 

We went to the museum today and both girls had a BLAST!!  The last time we went was last October.  Venily had just turned 2 and Haven was only a month old, lol.  This time, Haven was entranced by everything, she was so excited!  There were a ton of stuffed animals and she thought they were just as good as the real thing!  And Venily was super interested in everything, asking a million questions... she never stopped, lol!  I can't wait to bring her back to the Milwaukee museum some day, she's going to think it's better than Disney world!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

2nd movie ever (for both girls!)

We went and saw Toy Story 3 at the theater today with both girls!  It was both of their 2nd time at the theater. Venily went one other time at 6 months old to see Horton Hears a Who and Haven went once at 3 months to see Avatar (both previously slept through a majority of their first time)!  :)

This time both girls did really good!  Venily hasn't really ever sat through a whole movie at home even, so I wasn't so sure she'd like it.  PLUS, we decided last minute to go and went instead of nap time, but she still did fine.  She was antsy to leave toward the end when it started to get a little scary, but toughed it out and stayed! :)  Haven had fun playing with like 20 different straws we kept giving her, ate a whole bowl of her snacks, had to be changed, and wanted to run around toward the end.  Overall though, she did AMAZING!  She was really tired and I held her for the last 15 minutes near the door and she ended up falling asleep for the last 5 minutes, haha, she couldn't have fallen asleep a little sooner?


Haven slept through the night last night!!  It's been a while!  She was up for the morning at 5:50am though and wouldn't go back to sleep! :(  I think she was wore out from swimming at the beach!  She's such a little fish! :)

Speaking of which, Venily brought home 2 new snails from the beach and put them in her fish tank with Edward!!  Several names are being considered, but Venily hasn't narrowed them down yet, lol!

Haven has 2 MORE new animal sounds!!!!!  Last night she started to buzz for a bee (and she sticks out her little fingers and buzzes her belly to get me to do it too- which she thinks is the funniest thing in the universe!)!  And today she started to meow for a cat, which is more of a squeal, but still the cutest thing EVER! :)  We were showing Daddy all of her animal tricks today and he was very impressed!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

14 sight words!

Venily knows 14 sight words now!  She is learning quickly.  She was so cute "teaching" them to me today.  She loves when I pretend I don't know them and she has to tell me what they are!

She now knows "Venily, Haven, Daddy, Mommy, a, of, and, I, the, for, to, in, is, & you"!  ♥

She is also loving this "bean sorting game" we made up, lol.  I have a bag of bean soup mix that has like 11 different kinds of dry beans in it.  I give her a bowl of them and an ice cube tray and she separates them all in the right compartments!  It's really cute.  She gets so caught up in it, she doesn't want to do anything else! :)

A Good Article

Sleep Training Strategies

As soon as Haven cuts these last two top teeth, I'm hoping to get on this!  She only woke up once last night, but I KNOW she doesn't need to be waking up once!

New Animal Sound!

Okay, so Haven has known how to blow her lips for a while now and I always tell her that that is what an elephant says, but she hasn't put the two together until today!  Yay!  We were at the library and she picked out 2 animal books (her very own first library books ♥ ) and we were reading them at the little table there.  There was a picture of an elephant and I said "ooooh, look, it's an elephant" and she started blowing her lips! Now she does it every time I ask her what an elephant says! :) Elephants are one of my top 3 favorite animal sounds, that and fish and bunnies!

She now currently knows fish, sheep, cows, and elephants!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MORE Teeth and more!

Tooth #5 (her left lateral incisor) is starting to cut through today.  And tooth #4 has grown quite a bit overnight, lol!  Oh, and she is still GRINDING like crazy!  I hope the novelty of it wears off soon!
So, if you look from left to right and name them a-d (#s are too confusing, lol).  "a" and "c" are all the way through, "d" is cutting through and will hopefully be out within a day or 2 and "b" is really close as well, probably within a week! :)

Haven is loving "t's" today!  And is talking up a storm!  She is also saying "moooo" for cows now AND "baaa" for sheep! :)

And I forgot to write that she now says "book", "block", and "bang" now for about the last 2 weeks!  Though "ball" is definitely her favorite "b" word of the moment!  We went to Walmart yesterday and she was CRAZY over all the balloons that were up!!  She was almost hyperventilating she was so excited, LOL, she kept pointing to them and saying "BALL!  BALL!" and twisting around so that she could see them for as long as possible, haha!

She has also discovered the correct way to say "hi" on a phone (putting it to her ear instead of up on top of her head)!!!!  She does it every time she sees a phone or someone talking on one (like Daddy!) as well!

Oh, and she is blowing kisses too!  She started a few weeks ago but has REALLY been doing it well all morning!

She is learning new things faster than I can update, LOL!!!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this age!! :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tooth #4!

Is officially completely through! :)
Haven is 9m, 3w, 2d old today!  It is her left central incisor.  Hoping the other 2 come sooooon, because they are really bothering her now! :(  And she is going to look oh-so-silly with her 2 top teeth not next to each other, haha!  Though I do think her one little vampire tooth is ADORABLE! :)

(taken early this morning)
(her super cute vampire tooth smile!)

Climbed up on our bed!

I was making the bed yesterday and was up on top of it, rearranging the pillows and Haven climbed right up by me, like it was nothing, lol!  Our bed is an IKEA bed that's pretty low to the ground, but still high enough that falling from it would NOT be good... so now I have another thing I have to watch out for, lol!  She climbs up on EVERYTHING... I had to move her little chair too b/c she keeps climbing up and standing on it to take down Venily's letters!
Haven also peed again in the potty yesterday!  I've only put her on a few times, and 2 of those times she's already gone!  I'd like to do it after every nap, but that just doesn't happen...

I got a free package of Huggies diapers in the mail the other day and put them on Haven and after only ONE day, she had completely broken out from them! :(  She used to wear Huggies all the time with no problems... guess we are sticking with Target brand until the end!

Haven is getting her 4th tooth, I'm not going to count it until it's 100% through though!  It's the opposite central incisor than the lateral incisor she already has, so there is a temporary 1-tooth gap in between, lol!  The last few days she's been super crabby, followed by her normal super happy self, and then back to super crabby, so I know they are really bothering her!  And she just started grinding her top and bottom teeth together today!  Yuck- I hope she stops soon! :(  That's definitely at the top of my 'least favorite sounds ever' list!

I've been compiling a list of all of her milestones for her first year so I can fill out her baby book.  Which means, I've re-read through all of her blogs since birth!! :)  I love being able to do that... it's so amazing to see how much she has grown up in 9 months!  Soooo hard not to want another though, lol!  And I was looking at a milestone chart and she can do everything up until a 13 month old and almost everything up until 18m!  College within a few years?... hmmmm, lol!

Venily updates!
Venily went to her first friend's birthday party on Saturday!!  She knows Aubrey from her library classes and the playgroup we go to.  She had SOOOO much fun!  There was a sandbox, trampoline, kids' swimming pool, pinata, decorate your own cupcakes, etc.  We ended up staying for 5 hours, lol, and I still had to drag Venily away!  :)  Venily and Aubrey are sooooo cute together!!!  Aubrey has a little sister who is a month younger than Haven as well named Autumn. Haven was NOT very nice to Autumn, however.  I've actually never seen her that mean to another person before (kept getting mad and pulling her dress and hair), and she was really crabby while we were there, which is really out of character for her!  (Though everyone did think she was super cute walking all around.)  When we got home, I checked in her mouth and that tooth had finally begun to cut through! :(

I forgot to write on Venily's last updates that she is soooo good with the computer now!  She goes to and can completely navigate her way through it, pick out what games she wants to play, etc.  And I am always so surprised at how well she does at the games!  There is one game that will show a picture of something like a box and then have a "_ox" and it will give you an option of like 5 different letters to fill in the blank and she knows which ones to put in!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Venily updates!

Venily turned 2 3/4 years old on the 13th! :)  Three more months until she is THREE!!!  I can't believe it!!

She continues to be as funny as ever!  She is really into using a big vocabulary, even if she doesn't always have the meaning of the word right.  For instance the other day I told her we were going to the park and she said "We are going to the park?  Yay!  I am so devastated!"  LOL! She likes to throw in big words like that all the time and crack us up!

Other hilarious things she says:
(after listening to us say something) she'll say "that is SOOO true.  And you know what else is true?... (insert random thing that may or may not be connected to previous conversation)" haha

And when she asked for something she'll say "Please?!  For meeeee?.... I'll be your best buddy!"

Or if we do something that she likes she'll say "You're not the meanest Mommy in town, you're the NICEST Mommy in town!" 

or she'll say "You are such a little cutie-pie!"

I LOVE ALL HER LITTLE SAYINGS!!!!  ♥  I want to listen more carefully and remember to write them down, b/c they are just too funny!

She's really come a long way with swimming in the water too!  At the start of summer, she was very hesitant.  Then last month we were at a family party and she swam by herself with water wings on for the first time.  The next weekend she swam all around with her life vest on and wouldn't let me touch her at all, she wanted to do it herself.  And now last weekend at the Aquatic Center, I actually got her to jump into the water (with her life vest on) all by herself without someone catching her (up until this point in the summer, she wouldn't even jump in AT ALL, even into someone's arms!).  I'm hoping by the end of summer, I can get her to dunk her face under.... we'll see!  (Haven dunks her face under no problem, she is definitely much more comfortable in the water than her sister was!)

Venily is fighting her naps again!  The last time I wrote about it she would take a nap, and then not the next day, then take a nap, then not the next day but that stopped for several months and she was back to taking a good nap every single day.  She has started that up again!!  Sometimes even going a few days in a row with no nap!  I still send her to her bedroom during that time for "quiet time", but I'm really hoping she doesn't try to phase out her nap yet!  She is, however, sleeping in a bit in the morning... she now gets up steadily around 6:30 and even has slept in until 7:00 a few times, so that's nice!!! 

Venily is doing great with the sight words we have learned so far!  She previously knew "Mommy, Daddy, Haven, and Venily" and now also knows - "a, of, and, I & the".  She is soooooo proud of herself!  She runs over to the wall where we have them up on all the time and says "Let me tell you my words!"  and keeps asking for me to give her more words, lol!  I write them on paper and point them out in books too and she recognizes them there as well!

Here are some videos of her saying her letters and her words!

Unfortunately, I really don't think we are going to be able to afford preschool this year, so I'm glad she likes learning things from me!  We have run into financial problem after financial problem all summer and just when my head is about to explode trying to figure out how we're going to make it all work out.... our bottom tenant's from the duplex we own (and REALLY want to sell) are moving out it 2 weeks!!!!!  Which SUCKS!!!  First of all, they are supposed to give us a month's notice, and second of all, where is the extra $650 a month going to come from?!  Hopefully we can get it rented out right away, but even then, we're going to be out a LOT of money, money we REALLY don't have! :(

We started using conditioner for the first time the other day!  Her hair was crusted with oatmeal and it hurt for me to brush it, so I was hoping that would help break it up.  And her hair was soooooo nice when I was done.  Why didn't I start using it earlier?!  Just one of those things I never even thought to start doing, lol!

No more crawling!!!

A few days ago Haven decided that she'd give up crawling for good!  She hasn't crawled AT ALL in several days now, lol!  Not for anything!  She will be sitting on the floor and want a toy a few feet away from her and she'll stand up, take 2 steps and sit back down next to the toy or just bend over, pick it up and bring it with her.  SHE IS ALWAYS ON THE MOVE!!!!  She does laps around our house, lol, and runs around and around and around!! 

I tried Robeez shoes on her the other day and she did great in them!  She was high stepping a few times when she first started, but quickly forgot they were there!  She and her sister were running around Kohl's the other day while I was finding a birthday present for Venily's friend!  They were soooo cute! :)

Balls are currently her favorite thing ever!  She has a beach ball that she just LOVES!!  But it is sooo big that when she carries it all around, she falls a lot.  She doesn't care though, just stands right back up saying "BALL, BALL!", picks it back up and keeps going! :)

We have a new trick to get "icks" out of Haven's mouth, haha!  If we try to take them out, she clamps down with her jaws-o-steel and it's almost impossible to get it out.... but.... if we say "Give Mommy/Daddy the "ick"", she'll reach into her mouth and give it to us very proudly, lol!  Should have thought of that sooner!!

I've noticed that she's been following multiple-step directions a lot more lately too!  I can tell her "Go get your necklace and put it in the basket" and she'll go find her necklace and put it in there!  Or I can say "Go bring this ball to Daddy and give him a kiss" and she will, etc. etc.!

Her nap schedule went out the window!  She is way too hyper running around to be on schedule.  Plus her teeth started bothering her today, so I'm hoping that means they are coming through SOON!!  She's started biting a little while nursing again as well, which I'm hoping is also a sign and I'm hoping ends as soon as they poke through!  A LOT of damage can be done from a bite with top and bottom teeth!  :(

Haven got her 9 month pics taken today by Aunt Jacki!!  She wasn't smiley, but they still turned out cute!  Thanks again Jacki!!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

9 1/2 Months!

Haven is 9 1/2 months old today!!!

Walking: Haven continues to improve her walking skills each day!  She is now walking about 95% of the time, turning well, bending over to pick things up, and she is FAST too, haha!  I love it!  She can practically run!  The less time she's off the floor, the better b/c that means the less little "icks" she's putting in her mouth, lol!  And it's better for her poor little knees as well!  Every time I tell people she's only 9 months, they are shocked! :)  We were at the library last week and Haven was walking next to another little girl.  They were almost the exact same size and the other girl was almost TWO, lol!  She was really small for her age, and Haven is really tall... they were so cute together!!

I still haven't tried out any shoes on Haven... I suppose I'm going to have to do that now!  She was walking around the store with me today on the floor, but she's going to need something to protect her feet, especially while outside!  I'm hoping that goes well!


Teeth:  Still has only 3.  The other 3 on top are SOOOO close, I can see them right there!  I can't wait until they come through because I literally wince every time I look at them!  Some are turning blue now, like a blood blister (Venily's molars did that as well while coming in).  They LOOK like they hurt, but Haven has been happy as ever, so I guess they're not bothering her, or she is used to it!  I'm really hoping they all just come in on the same day!!!  That would be great!

Sleep:  Sleep training is amazing.  I want to tell every new parent out there and shout it from the rooftops! lol.  But I know some people are very against it, and that is there deal.  (I still think sleep training Venily as a baby would have been SOOOOO much more difficult and possibly wouldn't have even worked!)  Haven has never slept better!  She has become soooo much more scheduled too since we started it!  Here is her sleep schedule, give or take 30 min (when not out of the house, of course if we leave the house, everything changes!):

5:30- wakes to nurse, falls back asleep until around 7:30
10:00- nap
3:00- nap
8:30- bed (sometimes earlier, last night BOTH girls were sleeping by 8:00! :) )
sometimes wakes up around 1:00am.... I've just been nursing her back to sleep since she's in our bedroom and Jason has work.  I WISH I could let her CIO like I have been doing... not sure how I'm going to change that...

Anyway, when I put her in her crib now, she only cries for a few short minutes (sometimes just a few seconds) before she puts herself to sleep! :)

Kisses: I get so many kisses a day from my little Haven!  It's like a drug, it instantly makes me so incredibly happy! ♥  When she wakes up in the morning, I usually put her in bed with me for a while as I lay there with my eyes closed and she happily plays for a bit and she is ALWAYS kissing me as I lay there!  It is literally the best way to start my day! :)

NO!:  Continues to be her current favorite word! :(

Eating:  Still eating ALL table food now (besides breast milk).  And I've been giving her bigger pieces of everything now, and she doesn't have any problems!  I've been freezing her baby food that she has left and making them into popsicles for her, lol!  I didn't want them to go to waste.

Animal sounds:  Before the 4th of July we were talking to Venily about how she will get to see fishies at my Uncle's party and Haven started making the "what does a fishie say?" face!  Now she is doing it all the time!  It's one of my favorite animal 'sounds'!!!! :)

Other:  She tried coloring the other day and did really well!  Actually colored quite a bit and I didn't even help her!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anniversaries! ♥

Jason and I celebrated out 9 year dating anniversary yesterday and our 4 year wedding anniversary today!!  I can't believe it's been that long already!!  We FINALLY got our central air hooked up for our "anniversary present".  It's great!  We have been just dieing here this last week!  I can finally dress my kids again and they are not constantly soaked in sweat!  Though I am becoming ever more skeptical that Venily is going to be able to attend preschool. :(  We didn't have any money BEFORE all of our water problems and now we had to pay EVEN MORE to get our central air hooked up.  I can't even think about it or I will start crying... I'm just going to hold on to the hope that maybe things will turn around!  (P.S. To top it all off, our water problems are NOT completely fixed and probably never will be!  I ruined a few more of the girls' clothes with my last wash!).

Today, for our anniversary, we went on our first date since Haven was born!!!!  My mom watched both the girls (nobody but Jason and I have watched Haven yet)... and I was a little terrified, but about an hour before we left, I realized that I have not seen my camera in quite some time.  So I started looking... through my diaper bag, on the counter, through my car... I couldn't find it any where and I just knew it was lost forever!  So when my mom came to watch the girls I was a little preoccupied with that (and focusing on not throwing up, I was so upset) that I let them go pretty easily!  We had free tickets and went and saw Eclipse!!!!  ♥  I'm a HUGE fan of the books!  The movie was okay, not great.... but I'd willingly watch it over again and again and again, LOL! :)  Seeing the movie was a lot of fun!  Jason and I were the ONLY ones in the whole theater and Jason was cracking me up the whole time about how he's soooo "Team Jacob".  And how obviously hotter Jacob is than Edward, lol.  And I came home to the best sight ever!  Both my girls playing on the floor with their Grandma, completely cracking up!!!! :)  Haven didn't have any problems at all and both girls were GREAT!!  I was so happy, but then started getting this "where the Hell is my camera?" feeling back!  

Both girls went straight down for their naps and Jason and I searched for like 4 more straight HOURS!!!  I knew I had my camera Sunday night and it was only Thursday today.  I retraced my steps a million times, looked EVERYWHERE and cleaned out the car, laundry, floor etc., etc.  I wrote down a list of every place we had been in the last 3 days.  I called 6 different places and asked them to look in their lost and found for my camera... no luck!  I remembered that we went to a restaurant and Jason had asked me if I had my camera and I had said no (he had wanted to take a picture of Venily).  So I was sure I must have lost my camera before then, but Jason decided to call that place anyway and told them to ask around and left our phone #.  A few hours later, we got a call and THEY HAD FOUND IT!!!!  I freaked out, I was so happy, lol!  I soooo didn't think it was there and I hadn't left our phone # with any other place I had called, and I had been frantically searching for sooooo long, I was sure it was gone forever and nobody would ever know how to contact me if they HAD found it... and we have like less than $0 to ever buy a new one, so I was sooo sad about it.... I just couldn't believe we actually got a bit of luck! :)  We went and picked it up right away and I am definitely a happy girl again!  I have lost my wedding ring twice before and it was the same sort of thing (though my rings were even worse!).  I just HATE that feeling more than anything!  I wish it hadn't almost ruined our day, but I am so thankful now, it was almost worth it!  I'm definitely putting my phone # on my camera and keeping a better eye on it from now on!! Ahhh, maybe our luck has actually turned around?!  I hope!!

Anyway, I love Jason more than anything!  We started dating the summer after my junior year of high school and have been inseparable ever since!  And our wedding couldn't have been more perfect, everything just the way we wanted it to be!.... We were reminiscing the other day about when we first started dating and Jason was like "isn't it weird that we both rode by on my motorcycle the exact spot where we built our house?... Imagine if someone would have told us back then that 9 years from now, we'd be married, and have a house here with 2 kids!"  LOL!  And it's true, it's so crazy how life works out sometimes!  One little decision can change your whole course forever!

I'm very happy with where we are now and hoping for more great things to come in the future!!! 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Haven's favorite word of the last 2 days?!  "NO!"  Lol, not good!  Whenever she's getting into something she's not supposed to be, I say "No, no, nooo!" and then she responds back with "no, no, no!"

Earlier today I said "Haven, come here!" and she looks at me, smiles, and says "no!"  My heart sank!  Then I said it again "Haven, come here!" and she said "da!".  Lol, so okay, she probably isn't saying "no" to be defiant, but it IS one step closer to that stage!  She was also eating egg yolks and waffles this morning for breakfast.  She ate all the waffles first and a few of the egg yolks and then proceeded to take them one by one, look at the ground and watch them hit it as she let them go.  I said "no, no!" and she continued on with what she was doing while saying "no, no" each time! :)

Speaking of eating, that girl can EAT!!!!  I was delirious with heat exhaustion (my house was 91 degrees while I was cooking dinner over the stove) and I ended up making WAY too much.  I also put "way too much" on Haven's plate.  We had spaghetti, green beans, and mashed potatoes.  When I put hers on her tray I said out loud "Woah, Haven, sorry, I gave you way too much!  Oh well, you'll eat what you want!" and I sat down and ate my food.  She sat and ate really well, as usual.  When I was done with my food, I went to go check her plate.  Every last piece was GONE!  I was shocked.  I checked the floor, expecting it to be all over, not a single thing was on the floor!  I checked her bib pocket, expecting it to be filled to the top.... there was only like 3 little pieces of spaghetti in there!!  I'm like... "Where did all of your food go?... No, seriously, where is it?  There's no way you ate all of that!"  And she just smiled and picked up one little tiny noodle that was hiding in the corner of her plate and popped it in her mouth!  I still can't believe that that much food fit in that little tiny belly!   I remember Venily at that age until like 20 months, could EASILY out eat me AND Jason COMBINED!!! LOL!  I used to get sick to my stomach at the thought of how much food she was eating!  And every time she'd finish something I'd ask if she was all done and she'd always say "More, please!"  Lol, and now I have to beg her to eat anything! :)

My brother posted these pics the other day.  I think Haven DEFINITELY looks like me!!  (I'm a little older than her in these pics, but I can still totally see her in them!)
I wish my scanner worked b/c I have even better pictures where I think she looks just like me!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Weekend and kid updates (of course)

We had a very nice 4th of July weekend (and by WE, I mean me and the girls).  Unfortunately, Jason had to work all weekend, as usual!  He had a festival in Illinois that he was doing sound for, that we could have stayed with him at his hotel, but I didn't want to miss the family party we had!  We had our neighborhood parade in which Venily dressed up as Pocahontas (famous American hero) and Haven was the Statue of Liberty (famous landmark).  Both girls did good!  I was a little disappointed in the whole thing... but I'm not on any neighborhood boards or go to any meetings or anything, so I guess I can't complain!  Then we went to my Step-Dad's family's party.  Both girls had a lot of fun!  Venily got to play with Alana (who she only gets to see a couple times a year), and they are only a few months apart and were soooo fricken cute together! :)  Played and held hands together the whole time.... I really wish we lived closer, b/c the girls could be really great friends!  There was a bounce house thing they rented, they have a pool, and some ponds with fish... so the girls were set! :)  And I actually let Haven out of my arms and into other people's a few times while I was there!!!!  Pretty crazy, lol!  And she did good as long as she couldn't see me! :)

We never actually got around to seeing any fireworks (it's past the girls' bedtimes and I didn't feel like attempting that one alone), but we sure do hear them all night long every night, uhhhh!  Good thing the girls don't have a problem sleeping through it!

And some updates!

Today was the first time (that I noticed) Haven was walking, bent over and picked something up without getting down and then stood back up and continued walking!  I watched her do it a couple of times today!  She is really walking well now and definitely prefers it over crawling.  I'd say she walks about 75% of the time now.  She usually pulls up on whatever is closest to her, walks as far as she can before falling and then will crawl the rest of the way until she gets to what she wants or gets to something else to pull up and walk from.

Sleep training continues to go amazing!  Haven is putting herself to sleep now for naps and bed every single time again.  I rarely make it past the 5 minute mark when I am supposed to go and comfort her and usually only have to wait about 30 seconds now before she is fast asleep!!

The race is on for her next 3 teeth to come in.  I change my mind every time I look in Haven's mouth about which one is going to be next, lol!  They are all really close and look very painful!  Luckily, Haven doesn't seem bothered by them much at all!  If you look at her and think about the top 4 teeth, and number them left to right as 1-2-3-4 (with 1 already being in).... I now think that they are going to come in this order: 3,4,2.  I guess we'll see soon! :)

I've noticed that Haven doesn't suck her fingers any more! :(  Which makes me sad, b/c it was so darn cute... but makes me happy too b/c I don't need to worry about putting on the finger sucking guard to make her stop, lol!

And a Venily update!!!  We are working on common sight words now!!!  Venily is super-duper excited about it!  She is ALWAYS coming up to me and asking me if we can read her cards, lol!  She has known all of her letters and what sounds they make for a while now, so I decided to try some words!  I will update as she begins learning them! :)  I haven't done much in the "specific teaching to Venily" department in a while now, and feel really bad about it.  A lot of my focus goes on Haven because she is picking up new things so quickly, so I have decided to make more of an effort to give her more one-on-one time during the day!!  I think she'll really enjoy it a lot!