Saturday, September 5, 2009

My tall girl!

Yes, those are pants, not capris, lol!

I haven't measured Venily in a while and have had her in dresses and shorts most of the summer. So, now that it's getting cooler she is starting to wear more pants again. Well, I noticed that most of the pants that fit her waist are COMPLETE high waters now, lol! Like ridiculously so... and I started to think about it and realized that she has been reaching the light switches without her stepstool as well, and I measured her! 35 inches!! (And 25 lbs).

I went through all of her 12m (and a lot of her 18m) pants today and boxed them up for Haven! And I took out all of her long 18m & 24m & 2T pants and put them in her closet. Venily wears a 12m in waist, but definitely needs a 24m or 2T for length. It doesn't help that she doesn't wear a diaper so the bigger sizes fall off her even worse than if she did wear one. She doesn't have much for a butt or hips, but given her parents, there wasn't much hope for that!

I went to the store the other day and bought some adult skinny belts that were on sale and Jason and I turned them into belts for Venily by cutting off the ends and making new holes in them!! (I don't know why they don't sell toddler belts even though most pants have belt loops?!) They turned out so good, looks like I bought them for her!! :)

Jason and I both had high water pants all through school and I refuse to let my daughter!! No matter what it takes! :)

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  1. I have the same problem with Kadance needing a bigger size pants for length, but then they are too big in the waist (although Kadance is NOT tall, so I really don't know WHY she ends up needing a bigger size for length?! lol) Anyways, I really like, and would highly recomend, Childrens Place jeans, because they have the adjustable waists! So you can get the size you need for length, and then just tighten up the waist so that they don't fall off!