Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Venily is 23 months!!

I hope to have a better update next month when Venily turns TWO!!! I can't wait!! Venily's grandma is making her a blue princess castle cake for her party and she is VERY excited!! I tried to get invitations for her the other day but couldn't find any I liked. She is also very excited to finally be able to pick out her fishies- we go to pet stores all the time and she tells me which kinds she wants to have! :)

Miscellaneous things about Venily for the last month:

* She is VERY into knowing what everyone's last names are! LOL! I don't know why, she just loves to use people's full names... She knows the last names of all of her cousins and a lot of other people in her family!

* Her current favorite song is "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon. Though she also still loves all of her past favorites. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when we are listening to the radio and a song comes on and she says "I LOVE this song!". haha

* She is OBSESSED with peeling the papers off of crayons and/or the stickers off of anything! She will sit there and do it for 45 minutes! I give her a bowl to put the papers in though, so they don't get all over the place, so I don't mind!

* She also still bites her nails and it has gotten WORSE!! She bites them (including her toe nails!!) to the point of bleeding! It drives me soooo crazy! Now she will hide under the blankets and do it and then come tell me that she did it. I am going to ask her doctor about this at her 2 year check up... speaking of which, I need to make it (but maybe I will just wait until Haven is here so I can schedule them both at the same time)! I've noticed that she does it when she's tired and when she's bored...

* She has gotten SOOOO much better with being shy around people. She still definitely is, but I think she is starting to warm up a LOT more quickly!! We seem to be making progress every month!

* She CAN'T wait to be a big sister!!! It's the cutest thing! She talks about Haven all the time, asks when she's coming, and gets so excited when I go to my doctor appointments. Anytime I watch a baby show on t.v. she get SUPER excited when the baby comes out! She says "MOMMY!! Baby got pushed out!!! YAY!!!! BABY GOT PUSHED OUT!!!" and she'll clap and has the biggest smile on her face! :)

* She goes to bed every night with Big Baby, Little Baby, and her 2 butterfly blankets and she needs to be all tucked in! :)

* She is picking up on so many of our phrases and mannerisms and it is HILARIOUS to see her do something or say something that I didn't really realize that I do a lot. LOL! Like cross my arms when I brush my teeth. Daddy has also taught her some 'not so nice' phrases like "What's with this guy?", lol, and he taught her to say "get a room" to the neighbor girl across the street who is always making out with her boyfriend in the driveway! Lovely!

* She is starting to get really good with scissors! I decided to buy her some while all the school stuff was on sale and she likes to "cut" coupons with me when I am cutting them out! She is getting the right hand positioning down and LOVES to make a million cuts and gets excited when pieces start dropping to the ground!

* She pretends for EVERYTHING!! I love it! She is really creative too! In a 10 minute span of time she will pretend that a crayon is a toad and she will tell me to "pet the toad GENTLY" (lol), she'll put it in a cup and pretend it's a straw and that's she's drinking milk, then it will be scissors and she pretends to cut my hair with it, and then it will be chapstick and she wants to put it on me, lol, etc., etc. etc.!

* The other day she was looking out our sliding glass door to our porch where her picnic table is and there was a beetle on it. She got soooo excited and was saying "GOOD MORNING BEETLE!!! GOOD MORNING!!! What are you doing beetle?"..... "OHHHHH! Eating the macaroni and cheese? (huge smile as she looks over at me and points back at the beetle). Mommy, EATING the macoroni and cheese!!!!!" LOL, she had had macoroni and cheese out there the day before. It was soooo cute!

Also Venily asked "Why?" today!!!! AHHHHH!!!! LOL! Jason and I were cracking up. Jason told her not to touch something and she said "Why?". I was stunned, she'd never asked that before! Then a little later she asked "why?" for something else as well. :)


  1. You will soon come to HATE the word "why?"! lol! My kids ask "why?" ALL the time!! It is so cute, yet SOOO annoying, all at the same time! lol!

  2. Oh my gosh, she must have asked it a hundred times today!! LOL! Looks like we are at the start of a new phase! She also says "Because why?". And most of the time she doesn't even care if I have an answer, she just wants to ask and ask and ask, haha!