Saturday, February 18, 2012

Haven's first hair cut! (coutesy of VENILY!) AHHHH!

Yesterday Venily came home from school with a TON of 4 inch pieces of yarn from someone on the bus.  (Don't ask, she comes home with the weirdest things!).  Anyway, she started pretending it was hair and she was cutting it with her fingers.  I told her straight out that I didn't even want her to PRETEND to cut hair.  Only Aunt Jacki is allowed to cut hair.  I have told her this for years and she has never done anything inappropriate with scissors.

A little while later I was up in the loft and the girls were (I thought) playing nicely downstairs.  I was talking to them and could hear them.  A few times I heard the word "cut" and I told them to stop playing like that and Venily assured me that they were "just pretending", etc.  A few minutes later I came down to check on them and found this...

The yarn was cut up and EVERYWHERE! I told them they better pick it up RIGHT NOW!

Then I saw the Barbie and immediately took Venily and put her in her room (she asked me last week if she could cut her Barbie's hair and I told her that she was NEVER under any circumstances allowed to cut her Barbie's hair).

It was then that I looked at Haven and something just didn't look right.  She said to me "Venily cut my hair too, right here (points to her rights side) and right here (points to her left side)."  (She has some pieces missing in the back too)  And I could see where it was super short.  I started panicking and asked her where the hair was.  It was hidden behind the girls' desk.  I definitely lost it!  There were perfect curls laying on the ground!  I was so upset.  Honestly, it's not really all that bad, but it is definitely noticeable to ME!

So that is the sad story of Haven's first hair cut. :(  Aunt Jacki is going to have to fix it up a bit.  I'm really hoping it doesn't take another 2.5 years to grow back! :(

The next day after her shower and blow dry, it actually didn't look that bad, lol!

She had this to say about it on video the following day (fast forward to about 1/2 way in, lol, she kept making me take videos of her playing with her toys, haha)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ear infections for both the girls! :(

I'm a little behind on this (as usual).  On Feb 12th I took the girls into the walk-in b/c Haven was uncharacteristically whiny (which ALWAYS= an ear infection!).  I had Venily checked while we were there as well.  Both girls ended up with ear infections.  Venily was only a little in one side.  Haven's was in both sides.  Haven was given Cedfinir (2x a day for 10 days) and Venily was given Azithromycin (1x a day for 5 days) since I told him that she had a reaction to Amoxicillian back in October.  THERE WAS NO NOTE OF THIS WHATSOEVER ON HER RECORDS!!!!  SERIOUSLY?!  Her whole body was covered in hives, some sticking out an inch from her body, all of her joints swelled up to 2-3 times the normal size so that she couldn't walk or bend her wrists, etc for several days, she was so miserable that I had a hard time keeping it together, I took her to 3 different doctors in a 24 hour period and they don't think they might want to make a note of this in her records?!?!  I was a little upset about this, lol!

Anyway, the doctor gave me a "uh oh" look when I told him that she hasn't tried any other antibiotics since her reaction!  Venily finished her antibiotics yesterday and yesterday evening her wrist was swollen and itchy.  I have NO idea if it was related or not, but that's all that happened and she was better by this morning.  I really wonder if I had given her one more day of it if the reaction would have gotten worse?  I really hope not!! (hopefully it's not a preview of what's to come the next time she's on antibiotics either!)

As for Haven, this is ear infection #7 for her- her last one was just in December :(.  Here is her updated ear infection list:

*Single ear infection 4 months old. (given Amoxicillin)
*Double ear infection at 5 months old. (given Cefdinir)
*Double ear infection at 13 months old. (given Amoxicillin)
*Double ear infection at 16 months old. (given Cefdinir)
*Double ear infection at 17 months old.  (given Cefdinir)
*Double ear infection at 26 months old (given Amoxicillin) 
*Double ear infection at 27 months old (given Cefdinir)

Friday, February 10, 2012


I sent Haven's preschool registration form and money in yesterday!!!!!!!!!  Jason and I decided that we'd start her at 2x a week and see how things go and maybe move her to 3x a little later on if everything works out.  I'm so excited!!  She's been asking me all week if she gets to go to preschool yet, lol.  She'll be like "Can I go to preschool after I wake up from my nap?"  Me:  "No, hunny, not for a while still."  Haven:  "Can I go when Venily gets home from school?"  Me:  "no, not yet"  Haven:  "Can I go tomorrow?"  LOL!  It's going to be a long 7 month wait for her!!  She's already so excited! ♥

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Haven's new preschool... maybe!

We went and visited Haven's new preschool on Monday.  It is seriously my dream preschool.  The place was AMAZING, the teacher was AMAZING, and I was completely blown away by the place!!!  It is a Montessori preschool in the basement of a woman's house that has been completely done up to look like a preschool with different centers and stuff.  We went during the morning while class was in session during one of their "free choice" periods.  You would not believe the kind of things these kids were doing- so incredibly awesome!  There are NO traditional "toys" there whatsoever.  Just super-awesome-amazing Montessori activities.  So even though the kids are having fun, they are learning and working on large/small motor skills, etc at the same time!  I seriously want to cry wishing that Venily was in that class right now and the previous year.  She would fit in SOOOO great there!  Even though I love her 4K class, it is seriously lacking in its ability to teach to her level.

The kids are mixed ages 3,4, and 5 (and Haven would be starting at 2, turning 3) and there is a heavy focus on reading and math activities and concepts.  Lots of sorting and stacking, rearranging, and putting things in order activities!  They also learn time, continents, Spanish, etc, etc!  And in the 7 years that the woman has been teaching, ALL of her students go to kindergarten already knowing how to read!  There were 5 years old preschoolers in the class reading at 2nd grade levels!  And all of the kids come in at different ability levels.  So fricken cool!!!!!  Everything the teacher said was EXACTLY in line with my way of thinking and teaching young children.

So why "maybe"?  Jason doesn't want to.  He doesn't think we can afford it.  He doesn't want to have to drive that far (it's like 25 minutes away).  And he wants me to homeschool her for preschool.  I want her to have the experience.  I think it will be what is MOST beneficial to her and I am willing to sacrifice big time in order to send her there.  So, we shall see...  I need to send in her registration form and money ASAP b/c there are 20 people on the waiting list after us (I'm SO glad I got on the list back in October)!!  *fingers crossed* I can get Jason on board b/c my heart literally hurts thinking she might not go there! :(  I think I'm going to try to get her in for 2x a week instead of the 3x (even though she really discourages parents from only going 2x a week).  I can homeschool her on the other days and it will cut down on costs, driving, etc.  Now I have to try to run it by Jason...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Online Giveaways!!

So, over the weekend, my sister and I decided to enter some online giveaways that were ending soon.  I've been sponsoring quite a few items for my business (mostly gift certificates and a few drawings too) and it's great for getting new fans for my facebook site and I get a lot of orders then as well.  So I thought, hey, maybe I could win someone else's things.  It's free to enter and the odds can be quite good sometimes like 1:30 other times more like 1:100 or 1:200, depending on the giveaway.  So far I've won:

*a pillowcase dress for Venily
*lots of hair bows and clips
*2 different envelopes of coupons
*2 different baby blankets (a regular sized one and a crinkle blanket toy)
*crocheted unicorn hat (I'm going to give it to Venily for Easter- she LOVES unicorns and is going to be so excited, just the other day she told me that she wanted to change her name to "unicorn", LOL!!! And she has told me numerous times that she wants to be a unicorn for Halloween next year!)

Image 1

and I've made deals with other businesses for custom name plates and a crocheted owl hat (that I'm giving to Haven for Easter) in exchange for drawings. :)

My sister has won a TON of hair bows and clips, jewelery, coupon envelope, a few "surprise" items that she doesn't know what they'll be, and a Scentsy product.

And only a few of the giveaways that we entered have ended and announced winners yet, we still have a ton more to go!  Pretty cool, right?  It's been fun and I've won a lot of free stuff that I would never normally be able to spend money on!  I can't wait until this stuff starts coming in the mail- it's like Christmas! :)

My next step is couponing!!!!!  I'm pretty excited about all of the practical stuff I can get free too and we are in DESPERATE need of cutting down our grocery and basic goods costs!!!

UPDATE:  I just won a Valentine's T shirt for Haven w/ her name on it and a matching bow!!!  And my sister won a $40 adult product ;)  that she is giving to me!!!  SOOOO MUCH FUN winning things, haha!!!!

January 2012 Resolution Review!

RESOLUTIONS FOR 2012 end of Jan update!
 (and things I want to accomplish in 2012)

New additions/updates for January highlighted in yellow!!
Resolutions that are completely done highlighted in purple!!

1. Read 75 books {5.5/75 completed}

(need 6.25 to be on track so I'm a little behind!)

*January- 5 books read

2. Donate Blood 3 times this year {0/3 completed} 
Not eligible to donate again until Feb 21, 2012

3. See a movie all by myself {0/1 completed}
 Something I've always wanted to do, but the thought of it fills me with anxiety.

 4. Attend at least 1 meeting of an adult book club! {1/1 completed}
-DID IT!!!!  It went well.  I made my sister go with me and we were most DEFINITELY the youngest ones there by like half, lol!  We might go to another one as well now.  One of the women who I thought was kind of one of the younger in the bunch said her dad was 88!!!  LOL!!!!  I convinced my sister to go with me and they kept looking over at us when they'd talk about "high school kids" so I think they thought we were even younger than we are, haha.  I didn't speak a ton, but did say a few words here and there, which was more than I thought I would, lol! :)

5. Draw 25 pictures {3/25 completed}

January- 3 pictures completed

I have a bunch more that I need to do as well!! :)

6.  Visit 3 new state parks I've never been to before {0/3 completed}

7.  Complete at least 1 portrait painting {0/1 completed}

8.  Complete 10 crafts from pinterest (for/with children or for/by myself) {2/10 completed}

*(1) Cut up pipe cleaners in a bottle and move them around with magnets!
*(2) Butterfly snack bags (brought them into Venily's class and the teacher said the kids LOVED them!! :))

9.  Finish the girls' baby books!  {0/2 completed}
 For real!!!  I'm embarrassed to even write that!

10.  Have at least 3 pieces of my artwork submitted to the fair {0/3 completed}

Need to get to work reading over the rules!

11.  Workout 25 times. {0/25 completed}
 - Because that seems like a tangible goal and I'm uncertain about how much I care about being in shape.  It changes daily.  I think I would like to lose 3.5 pounds, just b/c of the scale.  I would like being in great shape, but I am in decent shape anyway so do I actually want to have to work at it?  Not sure! 25 times is a start!

12.  Make my wedding scrapbook.  {0/1 completed}

5.5 years later, I still have all of the stuff to do it, but have just never done it!

13.  Walk around the lake 15 times. (2.5 miles each time) {2/15 completed}
January- 2 times

14.  Try 10 new recipes! {0/10 completed}
 - Super excited about this one!  We are so bored of the things we eat.  Being vegetarians (and now Jason doesn't eat soy) limits our options tremendously!  I'm excited to try new recipes b/c I hardly ever do!

15.  Go through and organize at least 5 boxes {0/5 completed}
 - I've gone through like 3 boxes, but I still have things in them that I'm trying to sell.  Once it is completely gone, I will "count" the boxes, haha.  I did make $75 in the last week selling some of the girls' old clothes and crib set!  It's a start! :)

And a list of random things I want to do as well (to be crossed off as done)...

16. Go horseback riding (it's been YEARS)

17. Get a professional massage (have never had one)

18. Go paddle boating (b/c I say it EVERY summer and the girls are big enough not to jump off now... hopefully, lol)

19. Go one week with no computer. (Just b/c...)

20. Take the girls to visit my dad at the cemetery. (we pass by it all the time, but I have only gone once in the last 20 years, right before I got pregnant with Venily)

21.  Paint the hallway (3 years in our house and it is still unpainted drywall w/ texture stuff on it- gross!)

22. Repaint our living room! (I cringe every time I see the huge white patches on our walls!!!)

23. Take some kind of an art class

24. Design a tattoo in honor of my girls (NOTE- I did not say GET a tattoo, lol!  That would go against my "donate blood" resolution.  And if I were to get a tattoo, it would take some serious thought! but maybe someday...)

25. Buy a lottery ticket (B/C you can't win if you never play...)

26. Create an Etsy shop.

27. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy

28. Bring the girls to the Shedd Aquarium

29.  Get dressed up and go on a date with my husband.

30. Find 3 different kinds of drinks I can actually drink 1/3 completed