Sunday, May 31, 2009

Captured Cuteness...

So I FINALLY put my videos up from one of my memory cards (hoping there aren't many on my other 2!)! I still had videos on there from when Venily was 10 months old!!!

They are all here: Venily's Videos!

Anyways, here is some of the newer cute ones!! :)

Venily saying "I love you Mommy/Daddy!"

Singing "You Are My Sunshine" (The first 2 times she is saying "Sunshine Away" b/c that is the last line too)... lol, she used to not do that!

Another "You Are My Sunshine"- She is such a good little singer!!! :)

Haven kicking when Venily blows her whistle. You can see it when there is 21 seconds left. Venily wouldn't let me take a good video though!

Venily jumping on the bed and singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Happy to You Mommy Day!" (her own made up song that is a combo of Happy Birthday and Happy Mommy Day!)!

Venily climbing into her highchair like she does 10 times a day! Can you tell that she's Jason's daughter, lol?

Singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" that drifts into a 2nd mumbled version, lol!

Venily smelling her feet and saying "Eewww, gross!" haha

Venily reading one of her favorite books

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lovely. Sick again!! :(

I started feeling sick last night and couldn't eat anything. Today was the same, but I didn't really think anything of it. Then when I finally forced myself to eat some lunch, my stomach started hurting and a few minutes later I was throwing up... and throwing up... and throwing up... I think my body is trying to beat a world record for how many times a person can get sick in a year! And to top things off, Venily wouldn't take a nap today for some crazy reason and threw a fit- maybe she isn't feeling well too?! So.... I put a cartoon show on for her right now for the first time ever! I don't like her watching t.v. and she has never shown any interest in it if other kids are in the room and watching it (she'd much rather play)- she'll occasionally watch a minute or 2 of something Jason and I are watching if there is a dog or baby or something on t.v., but she is sitting on the couch right now watching it. I guess it's good to know that if I ever need a few minutes to put Haven down for a nap or something, maybe she will watch a show...

Jason wants me to go to the hospital and get checked out, but I don't think that's necessary yet- and I don't think I could drive myself AND/OR bring Venily along. I don't have a fever or anything, I just feel really nauseous. I really hope this goes away soon!!!!

Okay, I think I'm going to be sick again... I hope Venily lets me lay down for a little while... please someone make this stop! :(

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

23 weeks!

At 23 weeks...
*Haven is developing her lungs
*Could be viable outside the womb!!! The chances aren't great, but they are there- and each week will get better and better!
*I am feeling large but fantastic!
*I am at 133 pounds (+13 lbs total gain....ahhhh! I only gained 23 total w/ Venily!)

Haven is getting really good at hearing outside noises! She kicks away when she hears music or her sister crying! :)

The other day I was riding in the van and flipping through the stations. Venily heard some stupid 80's rock song and I tried to change it, but she wanted it back on! So.... I turned it back on to avoid a fight and looked in the back mirror to see her head-banging away back there... and at the same time little Haven started kicking away. It melted my heart to have my 2 girls dancing at the same time! ♥

Haven has reached the bottom of my ribs now and LOVES to kick them when I bend over or lean forward! Her FAVORITE place to be is with her head on the left (when I look down) and her feet kicking my right side, she is always laying sidesways like that, just like Venily was at this point (my uterus must be comfortable that way)! I absolutely love it when she starts getting really crazy and I can feel her legs kicking on the right and her arms punching on the left! ♥ She has been kicking sooo much lately and it is getting REALLY strong, I am already getting so emotional that this might be my last pregnancy- I love feeling her kick inside me soooooo much! Though she is now waking me up several times a night... I think she gets bored in there when I'm just laying still! Jason is being less of a baby and will feel her kick now without getting weirded out, but I'm sure that will change in like 10 weeks when her foot is sticking a couple of inches out of my side- haha!

I need it to warm up so I can wear skirts or I need to buy some bigger pants (or some darn maternity pants that fit me!). I have ripped 2 pairs of pants already... haha! I am not one of those people that can walk around in pajama pants all day... but that is starting to look like a better option all the time!

Ooooh! And I got my first pregnancy comment from someone who didn't know I was pregnant! We were at ChocolateFest this past weekend and Jason's friend asked Jason if I was! Not that it's not blatantly obvious now, but it still makes me feel good that people are aware that I'm pregnant and not just oddly shaped! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Chase!!!

My nephew is 3 today!! I can't believe it! I remember so perfectly standing outside of his hospital room door, waiting for him to be born! We went to Oshkosh yesterday for his birthday party and had a lot of fun! These kids and their growing up all the time...


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Proof of Haven's impending arrival...

Letters for Haven's name... (they will most likely be moved around the room before she is here!)

Just a start to the wipes and diapers that I want to have ready for her! I know all too well how fast babies go through diapers! I'm trying to buy them whenever they go on sale! I'm thinking I might try cloth diapering as well but probably not for the first 4 months...

And here are all the things I've washed and gotten ready for her so far... (SOOOOO happy I'm having another girl and I kept all of Venily's stuff!) All of this is ONLY her 0-3m and 3-6m stuff!! Oh my gosh does my house smell like babies!! It is all I can do to not run out and steal one right now until Haven is ready to be born! lol

Just some of her receiving blankets, sheets and her snowsuit


Onesies, shirts, outfits, and pants

Gowns and pajamas

Spit up rags, hats, bibs, mittens, booties, socks & shoes

Halloween stuff! :)

Christmas Outfits! :)
I'm pretty much set for clothes but I'm going to be looking at garage sales for more cute things anyways- just for fun! There are a few things I definitely still need like a crib for Haven or a toddler/twin bed for Venily, LOTS more diapers and wipes, another convertible car seat, and another dresser. There is also a few things that I'd like to buy- like at least 1 more swaddling blanket. There is LESS THAN 4 months left until my due date!!!

I had the most horrible nightmare last night about ultrasounds and losing the baby- I was absolutely hysterical in my dream. I tried telling it to Jason this morning, but burst out crying just trying to tell him. So, so awful.... I think I should stay off of my online board (6 women have lost their babies past 17 weeks....) but I really do love it and find it so helpful! If only I could learn NOT to click on things that are going to upset me!!!!

Aww.... Remember when...?

Venily 1-3 months old...

♥ Ahhhhh.... I can't wait until Haven is here!! I miss having a tiny, sweet-smelling, chunky-cheeked newborn!!!!!! I've been getting lots of things ready for her! Her name letters are done and up on the wall already, I've already started buying diapers and wipes for her and all of her 0-3m and 3-6m stuff is washed in baby detergent!!! I'm so excited!!!! ♥

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

22 weeks!

At 22 weeks....

*Haven is about 11 inches long!
*I am at 131 lbs (+11 lb total gain)
*Starting to feel really big and pregnant! lol! I HATE having to bend over to pick up toys (which I do a trillion times a day), especially with regular pants on (she is still hanging out REALLY low) but I have discovered that I ABSOLUTELY HATE all pregnancy clothes and refuse to buy any more! I still would like to give one more try to maternity pants- I've heard some good things about Old Navy, but so far I haven't been to an Old Navy with a maternity section! That's okay I got some more skirts with elastic waist bands... hopefully that will get me through this pregnancy!

Here are my 22 week pics (I think she has a friend or something in there!):

I think my belly button might actually pop out this time which is weird b/c it didn't with Venily, it just got completely flat. We'll see!

I bought Haven's letters for her room and can't wait to paint them!! I also bought her baby book last week but want to finish Venily's up before I start on Haven's! I have quite the list of things I want to do before she gets here and am REALLY hoping I can get them all done!

Haven woke me up at around 3:00am last night kicking away! She interrupted a dream I was having about her where I was in labor and was about to deliver, was too far along to get an epidural and then ended up having to have a c-section w/out an epidural or anything for the pain! haha. I watched an episode of House yesterday where a woman who was dieing had to get a c-section, so I'm pretty sure that's what did it!

Wish me luck tomorrow.... it's going to be a LONG day! I'll be watching a 1, 2, & 3 year old ALL day from 6:30am to 4:00pm! Ahhh!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dr's Appt- (21w, 5d)

My doctor's appt went wonderful! No problems anywhere! The ultrasound results were great- zero problems! and my blood pressure, urine, weight gain, and uterus height are all perfect!! Haven's heartrate was at 148bpm. Hopefully this is how things will be from here on out, fingers crossed!!

I also had to do my glucose test today!! I TOTALLY wasn't expecting that, I thought I still had more time! That went well, though the 1 hr wait is seriously forever, I should have my results by my next doctor's appt- June 15th! It's funny how a couple of years ago getting my blood taken was like the worst thing in the world, and now it doesn't even phase me at all! :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Devil's Lake!

Here's some pics from our trip:

Well, Venily had her first camping trip this weekend! Overall it was really fun! WAY TOO COLD for me, but still fun!

We got there, set up our tent and headed right out on an over 4 hour long hike! The last time we went to Devil's Lake (like 5-6 years ago) Jason made me go on these HORRIBLE stairs (I am scared to death of stairs) that are like 1 mile long and lead all the way up to the top of a huge mountain. Well.... somehow Mike and Jason tricked me into going up these stairs AGAIN!! Ahh! I was hyperventilating the whole way! AND Jason had Venily strapped to him, which made me even more nervous! We FINALLY got to the top and then the guys wanted to go rockclimbing so me, Venily, and my sister were on our own. There was NO WAY on earth we'd be able to go back down those stairs...EVER, let alone go down with Venily so we had to find our own way and we kept going for a couple of miles, realize we were not going the right way, and then backtracking! Venily wanted me to carry her most of the time, so that in itself was hard! Venily is about 24lbs and being 21.5 weeks pregnant hiking on rough terrain was EXHAUSTING!! haha! My legs and back are still killing me today! But I enjoyed it- I feel accomplished!! :) Though I am sure my blood pressure was pretty high while climbing those stairs!! I hope I don't have nightmares about them tonight!!

After that we got back to our tent, made some dinner on the fire, and went to sleep. It got down to 30 degrees F that night! Sooooo cold! Venily and I shared a sleeping bag and had a comforter wrapped around that so it wasn't too bad, but still too cold for my liking! We left the next day.

I think it was a nice "trial run" for camping. I'd like to go some more this summer when it's a lot warmer and we can go swimming and not freeze to death!

My next doctor's appointment is tomorrow!! I will update again when I get back!

Friday, May 15, 2009


I was supposed to have my doctor's appt. today but they called me saying he wasn't going to be in today and I had to reschedule it for Monday! I just want my ultrasound results- I don't want to wait 3 more days! I'm sure everything is fine... she was measuring right on schedule (except her legs which were measuring like a week ahead, but that's to be expected, lol), I got to see all the chambers of her heart and the areas of her brain and stuff and I know she's got everything where it's supposed to be, but I just want him to TELL ME THAT!!

I've been getting a lot stronger of Braxton Hicks contractions too (though they don't hurt at all)! Probably about 4-5 a day!

The movie last night was good! Jason actually REALLY liked it! haha. That just figures!

I can't wait to go camping tomorrow!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm 25 years old today!!


I'm not thrilled about being 25, definitely mid-20's now! But I am EXTREMELY happy with where I am at 25 years old! Married to the most wonderful man, 2 gorgeous little girls who are my whole world, living in a nice, new house, with my dream job!! Winning the lottery would be nice, but until then, I am VERY, VERY happy! ♥

We're going to go see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past tonight, lol, doesn't look too promising, but I have ZERO interest in any of the other movies out right now like Star Trek and Wolverine, and my sister saw this movie and liked it, so we are going to try it! Then we're going camping at Devil's Lake this weekend!!! It will be Venily's first time camping, so that should be fun! We were debating staying 2 nights or 1, but with this being Venily's first time, we decided to go with 1! Hoping we can do lots of hiking, I'm excited!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

21 weeks pregnant and Venily is 19 months old!!

At 21 weeks pregnant:
*Haven is almost a pound! And SOOOOOO active!
*I am 129 lbs (9 lb total gain)
*Feeling GREAT!!! Though tired during the day (only b/c I stay up so late once Venily goes to bed, trying to get things done!).

And I have my next doctor's appointment on Friday (2 more days)!! I'm looking forward to my ultrasound results!! Hoping she passes with flying colors!!

Venily is 19 MONTHS OLD!!!!
*She is doing FANTASTIC!!! Possibly the smartest child in the universe if you ask me! :)
*Working on getting all of her 4 incisor teeth right now. She has had the same 12 teeth for several months now, so it will be nice to get these last 4 in and done with! They are a LOT easier than her molars though, so I don't think it'll be too bad. They don't seem to be bothering her at all right now and 3 have already broken through! :)
*Says "thank you" all the time now without being asked!! ♥ It makes me smile every time!
*Every day I think "I should start potty training today..." but then I always come up with an excuse and say "maybe tomorrow". LOL! I DO NOT look forward to it, but seriously I think it's about time I give it a try. Now that I'm not sick, now that the weather is nicer, now that we only have like 4 months left until Haven is going to be here.... I just know it's going to be so much work!
*I took a video of some of my favorite things that Venily says and will try to put it up later today. The other day she dropped something and said "Uh-oh, spaghettios!!!" HAHAHA! I laughed for 5 minutes straight!! I also have a video of her reading one of her favorite books, very cute!

Some other cute Venily stories:

*Yesterday she wanted to go out on our porch and we have a bit of a wasp problem, so she knows that if she sees one she has to run inside and then I usually get the wasp spray and kill them. Well, she went out, thought she saw a wasp (it was really just like a piece of dirt or something on the ground, lol) and ran to the locked cupboard under the sink and was saying "WASP! WASP!" and tried to open it. She wanted to get out the spray. I told her that only Mommys and Daddys can use that spray. So she looked around, grabbed a fake can of cherries from her little kitchen and ran over to the door. She opened the screen a little, put her can outside and started making spraying noises like she was killing the wasps! LOL! Then she'd close the door, look around, and do it again, just like I do!!! She is so funny!

*This morning I was getting her breakfast ready and was cracking a hard-boiled egg. She put her baby in her baby's stroller. And was saying "Baby eat! Baby eat! EGG!!!". So I put some on the edge of the counter and she came running over grabbed it shouting "THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!" Then she brought it over to her baby and blew on it (LOL!) and put it on her tray. Then she said "Baby eat!" and pretended to feed it to her! :)

Tomorrow is my 25th birthday! YIKES!! Hoping to maybe go to a movie or something and possibly go camping this weekend (depending on the weather)!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I ♥ Baby Dreams!

I wish I could have them every single night!!! Last night I dreamt that I had Haven (again, lol)!! Her birth was very fast and very easy, so I'm hoping that that is truly the case! She was 10 days early and she was 7lbs, 19in. And GORGEOUS, just like her big sister!!! I sooooo can't wait to see her!! I have terrible newborn baby fever, lol!!!!

And Venily got to feel Haven kick some more this morning!! Yay! She gets so excited, it's really cute!! ♥

Monday, May 11, 2009

Daddy and Venily got to feel Haven kick!!!

Usually as soon as I talk Jason into feeling my stomach (which takes forever) Haven decides to stop kicking. Well, I think he realized that I was starting to get hurt feelings that he didn't want to feel her kick and actually listened to me this time! :)
It was so cute too b/c he would feel her kick and Venily would move his hands out of the way and put hers there so that she could feel the kicking too! She really loves her baby sister!!!

Earlier today I tried to get Haven kicking on video because you could definitely see each time that she did.... BUT... as soon as I got up and got my camera and turned it on, she would switch to rolling around instead. Then I'd get back up, put my camera away and lay back down and she'd go right back to kicking, lol! SHE'S AS CRAZY-ACTIVE AS HER SISTER!!!! I don't think she ever stops!!!!

Eye Color Predictor!

I thought this was so cool!

Looks like Jason and I have a

16.6% chance of having a child with blue eyes.
16.6% chance of having a child with green eyes.
66.6% chance of having a child with brown eyes.

It's funny because I have blue eyes, Jason has brown eyes, and Venily has green eyes!
I am hoping that Haven has blue eyes!! :) It took Venily's almost a year though to change from blue to green!

Dead Body and Free Food!

LOL. We had a VERY nice Mother's Day yesterday!! First of all I was woken up by Venily kisses and hugs and her saying "Happy Mommy Day!"!! Then we had a picnic breakfast in the park with Jason's family. The food was awesome and we watched them pull a dead body out of the lake right next to us while we were there, so that makes for a very interesting story, haha. Jacki and I watched a chick movie with no complaining from the guys, lol, how often does that happen? And we went out for an awesome dinner at Red Robin's that was COMPLETELY FREE because we had to wait 5 minutes. We got the best service we have ever had ANYWHERE and got TONS of food including the biggest ice cream cake ever! Then we spent a couple of hours at my Mom's while Venily played with her Grandma, the dogs, and her aunt and uncle. A GREAT DAY!!! :) I hope all of the other Mommys out there enjoyed their day as well!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

♥ Happy Mother's Day! ♥


Officially celebrating my 2nd Mother's Day and couldn't be happier!! Happy Mother's Day to all of the great Mommys out there!! Nothing in the world could make me feel more blessed than being a Mommy to my 2 little girls!! :)