Saturday, October 3, 2009

Haven is 1 week old!!

I can't believe how fast this week has gone! :(

I forgot how much I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE newborns! They are so sleepy and cuddly and cute! Haven makes the absolute most darling faces and is really quite a sweetheart! Jason and I both swear that she has smiled at us, lol, I know they aren't "real" smiles yet, but you can see what she will look like when she DOES in fact smile, and WOW is it adorable! And this being my second time around, I can not believe how much easier everything is! If she was my only child, I think this would be the easiest job in the world, lol! She sleeps GREAT, all day long, likes to be up at night though, silly girl! I can't wait until she realizes that nights are for SLEEPING!! She has a couple periods of time during the day that she is up as well and loves looking around at everything. She really loves looking at faces of people and out the windows. Loves to eat!!! Loves to pee and poop on her Mommy when she tries to change her, lol! Loves her bouncer seat. Doesn't care for getting dressed or getting her diaper changed.

Her spitting up problem seems a lot better now. Now it's just a few drops of fresh milk that comes out of her mouth after she eats every once in a while. Fingers crossed that that is going to be it!

Here are some pics from our first week together!!!

Also Jacki took newborn pics of her yesterday!!! I'm SOOOO excited to see how they turned out! :)

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