Friday, August 29, 2008

August 29, 2008 (Venily is 10 months, 2 weeks, 2 days old)

Wow, I always feel so behind on this page. Venily grows and changes and learns so much each day that there is no way to keep up with her or write about all the cute things she does!

Venily said "Grandma" for the first time last night. No lie! She ACTUALLY said "Grandma"! Not "gra" or "gram" or "nana" or anything like that.... "grandma"! It's definitely been the most compex word she has ever said! Jason was holding her and she was fussy (she's teething badly) and Lauren was sitting on the couch and I was sitting on the floor and she turns, looks right at her, points, and says "grandma"! HAHA! We couldn't believe it! I was just reading how most babies are just starting to learn their first word right now, and some won't say their first word for another couple of months.... Venily already knows and says over 15 words that I can think of! She is a little chatterbox!

ALSO, SHE IS SAYING "MOM" NOW ALL OF THE TIME!!!!!! :) It's her new favorite word and I couldn't be happier! :) HAHA! If I leave the room, I hear a very persistant little voice say "MOMMMMM- OMMMMM-OMMMMM"!!! I ABSOLUTELY love it!

Her walking is going well. Her record is 10 steps in a row, which she took at Grandpa Rick's house, walking towards the baby on the t.v. She won't walk for me if I try to get her to, but she does frequently walk all on her own. Usually when she is standing, she will take the first couple of steps towards something and then drop or fall down and then crawl the rest of the way, but she is doing really good!

If it was even possible, she has been getting into more and more things lately. She is way too smart for her own good and has figured out ways to get past every single barricade I can come up with! I really can't wait to get into our new house and super Venily-proof the whole thing so she can go wherever she wants and not get into anything! Oh and I caught her playing with a beetle today and a spider the other day! What kind of girl did I get?! HAHA!

Speaking of our house, it is all finished and has been for over a week, just sitting there waiting until it is time to be delivered to our foundation. Jason has been SLAVING every second of his time trying to get everything in order. He is doing an AMAZING job seeing as he frequently is all by himself doing it. He has more drive than any person I know! We don't know exactly when it will be delivered but it's projected for the 9th. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! We are hoping to look around for appliances and furniture this weekend because of all of the Labor Day sales. I am very excited!

Last weekend we went to the Kansasville picnic, a hippie music festival (lol), and the Milwaukee Zoo. Venily had so much fun at all of them! I'm very sad that summer is coming to an end. It's already way too cold for me in the mornings and it's still 80+ degrees during the day!

Last night we watched Barack Obama make his presidential nomination acceptance speech at the DNC! Venily watched it too! Even she was captivated by him... and that is not easy to get the attention of my hyperactive baby, lol! She kept clapping for him too! I was moved to tears several times thinking that right then we were a part of something so much bigger than ourselves, a part of history that will be looked back on years and years from now, a complete turning point for our future. When she is older I can tell her where she was when he made his speech and you can be sure that she will be with us in November when we mark down his name as the next president of the United States! Ever since having my own child I think it is so much more important to make sure that her future, the future of the United States, and the world is looked after and improved upon for her sake! I'm so happy Venily can be a part of it! I haven't felt this optimistic in so long! Here is the speech in case you missed it!

I got a bunch of stuff already for Venily's 1st birthday party... now I just need my house to have it in!! I'm guessing that we will have it ready (or as ready as it can be) just in time... at LEAST I HOPE!!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 19, 2008 (Venily is 10 months, 6 days old)

Venily learned a new word!! "More!" Yay, that's a useful one!!! She says it like... "moo-bore". It's sooo adorable! She says it when she's eating and wants more of something. She gets all serious and points at whatever I have that she wants and says "moo-bore, moo-bore". HAHA!! She never ceases to amaze me!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

August 17, 2008 (Venily is 10 months, 4 days old)


I'm so proud of her!!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

August 16, 2008 (Venily is 10 months, 3 days old)


Venily has been getting more and more daring, taking steps to get to things the last 2 days!! This morning she took a couple of steps to Grandma! I thought I was ready for this... now I'm not too sure!

August 16, 2008 (cont) (Venily is 10 months, 3 days old)

Took 3 more steps for Aunt Jacki today!! (Mommy doesn't seem to be interesting enough to walk to!)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 13, 2008 (Venily is 10 months old)

Well, Venily is 10 months old already!!! I can't believe it! Do you even know what comes after 10 months?! 11 months, then a year! OH MY GOSH!!! I can't see how it's even possible!

I measured her and weighed her today and she was 20 pounds, 29.5inches long. I updated her charts!

Venily is doing good. I'm pretty sure she is TEETHING big time! She's been moody and drooly and bossy lately, lol! She is currently on a yelling and whining phase. When she wants something she yells... LOUDLY!!! HAHA, at home, in the store, in a room full of people... doesn't matter, she always has to be the loudest one! The other day she was yelling so much the day before that her voice was all hoarse and low, it was really funny. I've been trying to ignore her when she does it so she knows that yelling doesn't get her what she wants, and I think it's starting to work! I will be very happy when these teeth finally cut through!

Venily isn't walking yet, but I have no doubt that she will start within a month. She stands all by herself ALL the time and will take a step towards something and grab on (she likes to hold onto the table, take a step towards the couch and then grab onto the couch).

She hasn't been eating as much as she used to since she got sick and is now teething, but she still eats pretty good. She also used to eat anything and everything, but is starting to get a bit more picky. If she doesn't like something she will just take one piece by one piece and drop them off the side of her highchair, haha. She also does that when she is full! I wish I could get her to stop! :) She is still eating all real food too and has been for a long time, which when we met with her pediatrician, she was surprised and impressed by that!

Nighttime sleeping is pretty much hit or miss. Sometimes she only gets up once or twice and will sleep in her crib all night. Other nights she's up every hour and has to sleep in our bed. I really think having her own room will help her out tremendously!!! BUT, on the plus side, she is taking AWESOME naps during the day!! (She is taking one as I type this!) And she is ALWAYS on schedule with them, so that makes things so much easier to get things done. She is down to 2 naps a day and has been for several weeks. She takes her first nap at about 9:00am and her second at 1:00pm (give or take an hour). And they are both usually about 2 hours long each!!!! It's SOOOO nice. And when she wakes up, she usually plays nicely all by herself in her crib for like 20 minutes, lol.... as long as I'm not in there!!

At 10 months...

Venily's LIKES:
*DOGS and all animals
* climbing up on things (she's a little mountain goat!)
* Daddy horsey rides
* silly sounds
* making music (she has a xylophone, piano, drum and tambourine! And Mommy has learned how to play Twinkle, Twinkle little star, Pop goes the Weasel, The Farmer in the Dell, and London Bridges!!!!! I'm so proud of myself, haha! (her piano taught me how to play them, lol, I have 4 more songs to learn!!)
* BOOKS- definitely her current favorite toys

* Not getting what she wants
* Being told "NO"
* Being restrained in any way!

Friday, August 8, 2008

August 8, 2008 (Venily is 9 months, 3 weeks, 5 days old)

We met Venily's new pediatrician on Wednesday and LOVED her!! I feel really confident in her and she made me feel like I could call her for anything, which is really important. Also, she has 4 children and the youngest is 10 months! How awesome is that? She knows EXACTLY what I am going through! We're VERY happy with her!

Venily's rash is almost completely gone now. But she was really sick yesterday with a fever (which is going around). It broke our hearts to see her sick! I kept giving her Tylenol yesterday and she was still burning up. We even tried giving her a cool bath (saddest thing ever- she had sad, tired eyes and was shaking so bad she couldn't even play with her cups), dressing her really lightly, popsicles, etc. and nothing was working. We finally called her doctor but since it was after hours, we got the on-call doctor (which happened to have been my pediatrician as a kid). He told us to give her motrin since her temp was over 100 and that really did the trick! Her fever went down completely and I checked her a couple times during the night and again this morning and she is all good now! Sick babies are the saddest!!!

On a happier note, I got Venily's birthday dress, LOL!! It's soooo cute! I got it in a 12m though, so I'm hoping it will still fit her on her birthday. They only had it in 12m and 24m. But Venily is already wearing 12m and even some 18m (actually right now she is wearing a 2T shirt that fits her great, lol)! If she starts to outgrow it maybe I will turn it into her 10 or 11 month picture dress! It's red and white gingham with cherries on it.... but I think we're going with a pink and girly theme for her party... so maybe I will have to get her another dress anyway! HAHA! They have the CUTEST stuff for a 1 year old birthday party at Factory Card Outlet! ONLY ABOUT 2 MORE MONTHS!!!

Our house is coming along great! Jason almost has the entire basement formed up. He's just working on making sure it is absolutely square (a must for modular houses) and then we'll be ready to pour the rest! It's starting to look like it's going to be an actual house!!!!