Sunday, May 24, 2009

Proof of Haven's impending arrival...

Letters for Haven's name... (they will most likely be moved around the room before she is here!)

Just a start to the wipes and diapers that I want to have ready for her! I know all too well how fast babies go through diapers! I'm trying to buy them whenever they go on sale! I'm thinking I might try cloth diapering as well but probably not for the first 4 months...

And here are all the things I've washed and gotten ready for her so far... (SOOOOO happy I'm having another girl and I kept all of Venily's stuff!) All of this is ONLY her 0-3m and 3-6m stuff!! Oh my gosh does my house smell like babies!! It is all I can do to not run out and steal one right now until Haven is ready to be born! lol

Just some of her receiving blankets, sheets and her snowsuit


Onesies, shirts, outfits, and pants

Gowns and pajamas

Spit up rags, hats, bibs, mittens, booties, socks & shoes

Halloween stuff! :)

Christmas Outfits! :)
I'm pretty much set for clothes but I'm going to be looking at garage sales for more cute things anyways- just for fun! There are a few things I definitely still need like a crib for Haven or a toddler/twin bed for Venily, LOTS more diapers and wipes, another convertible car seat, and another dresser. There is also a few things that I'd like to buy- like at least 1 more swaddling blanket. There is LESS THAN 4 months left until my due date!!!

I had the most horrible nightmare last night about ultrasounds and losing the baby- I was absolutely hysterical in my dream. I tried telling it to Jason this morning, but burst out crying just trying to tell him. So, so awful.... I think I should stay off of my online board (6 women have lost their babies past 17 weeks....) but I really do love it and find it so helpful! If only I could learn NOT to click on things that are going to upset me!!!!


  1. I am SOO jealous that you are getting your little girls room ready!! We still have to finish our basement so we can move our 7-year-old daughter down there, THEN we can start working on the baby's room!!

  2. I'd go crazy! I like to have things ready way ahead of time! I bet your daughter is excited to have a new room soon though!