Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Workout Week 4

Sun, April 17- 30 min Bridal Body Burn (cardio blast and full body toning)
Mon, April 18- None :(
Tues, April 19- 20 min 10lb slimdown upper body (the instructor's huge arms are gross, lol, but I liked this one.  I think a huge problem is my arthritis/tendinitis as to why I can't do a lot of upper arm exercises on the ground.  This didn't have any and I was able to do pretty well, though I also don't have a lot of upper body strength!)
Wed, April 20- 20 min 10lb slimdown lower (LOTS of squats.. yuck, lol)
Thurs, April 21- 20 min Cardio Burn Abs (so fun!  standing abs w/ dancing- though I am glad no one is here to see me, lol!), 10 min Buns & Thighs (love this instructor!)
Fri, April 22- 20 min Cardio Burn Abs, 10 min other abs workout (forgot the name)
Sat, April 23- None (way too busy with Easter stuff!)

Yay for finishing 4 weeks of working out!!!!! :)

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