Saturday, April 9, 2011

Venily's Newest School Info...

She got approved for the Trevor-Wilmot 4K program!!!!!!! (our 2nd choice school).  Wheatland still needs to approve the open enrollment application but their denial has to be postmarked by yesterday so if we don't get anything in the mail on Monday, I think it's safe to say that they approve.  We have still not heard whether or not Wheatland would consider letting Venily go to their 4K program (our 1st choice school) but I'm starting to think that it's going to be too late since they already did their 4K testing.  Also, Venily is approved for full day Head Start preschool at Wheatland if we chose to let her go there (our 3rd choice program).

So, as it stands, Jason and I need to decide if we want her to go to 4K at Trevor-Wilmot (where I'd have to drive her to and from school each day) or full day preschool at Wheatland (where she'd get to take the bus to and from school).  Throw into the mix the fact that I have to be at my house at 7:40am to get Allison on the Wheatland bus and that I will be most likely watching Kylee as well next year and have to get at least 3 kids and myself dressed, ready, and out the door in time to drive Venily off to school (though I won't know until the middle of May if Venily is in the morning or afternoon class) and it starts to get interesting!!

The following year will be so much simpler!  Full day kindergarten for Venily at Wheatland and the bus will pick her up and drop her off with Allison!  (which would also be the case if I sent her to Head Start next year.... but I REALLY want to have her go to 4K!)  Decisions, decisions!!

Also, they didn't send me the results of her 4K screening yet.  I guess it was enough to get her "in" but I am curious to see what scores she got since I know how shy she was during it!

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