Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Haven's 18 Month Well Check!

Haven had her 18m well-check today!!  I prepped her a bunch beforehand.  I told her all things Dr. Welka was going to do (listen to her with a stethoscope, look at her ears, look at her eyes) and I even told her that she was going to get shots, but that she'd get a surprise when she was done.  She was very excited!  All morning long she was saying "Go Dr. Welka's?  Go Dr. Welka's? Listen heart beep? Give Dr. Welka hugs and kisses?  Get shot?  Get surprise?"  Lol, she always calls heart beats "heart beeps" and she didn't give Dr. Welka hugs or kisses, haha.  :)

The nurse that we usually have was out sick, and I really liked the nurse that she got this time!  Haven did really well!  She measured in at the following:

WEIGHT: 25lbs, 12 oz (75%- the nurse looked at her chart and was annoyed that they weighed her at the walk in at 27lbs with all her clothes and shoes on last time and it made a weird spike in her chart, lol)

HEIGHT: 36 inches (100+%- well off the charts, lol!)


So here is her updated charts:

Looks like she will be tall and thin like the rest of her family, lol, no real shocks there!  I am betting that she is going to be even taller than me! :)

Haven was talking like crazy to the nurse and the doctor. Dr. Welka kept saying how different my 2 girls are since it took Venily FOREVER to finally start talking to her, lol!  Haven checked out great!!!  Her blood tests from last time all look good.  Her lead level was less than a 2, which I guess is good.  And her ears are all clear!  YAY!!!  (I can totally tell that she is starting to feel a lot better b/c she actually slept all through the night last night in her own bed and is taking a nap as I type this in her OWN bed!  Hopefully we are done with ear problems for good now!  Also, 3 out of her 4 teeth that she is working on are cut through, so hopefully that will be done soon too!).  Everything else with Haven is just perfect!  She is well ahead of everything she is supposed to be doing at this point and the Dr. just went over a ton of different safety things to watch out for in the summer.  She also commented on how her belly button hernia has gotten much smaller!  When she said it, it was the first time I really noticed that it had gotten a lot smaller as well!

And a wonderful surprise... NO SHOTS this time!!! Yay!  As we were walking out to the car Haven was confused looking at her surprise (which was destroyed before we even got home) and kept asking me... "Get shot, Mommy?"  Lol, I was happy to say "Nope, not this time!".  She won't need shots again until her 2 year well check in 6 months!


  1. I didn't know you took the girls to Dr. Welka!? Do you go to her office in Waterford? If I ever had to switch Adalein to a closer Doc, I have Welka in mind.

  2. Yes, we go to her office in Waterford. We've been going to her since Venily was 9 months old! I like her a lot. She has 4 children and her youngest is only like 3 weeks older than Venily so that has always been really nice... I feel like she knows just what I'm going through! She's always super bubbly and happy, very positive and upbeat and my girls love her! Some things that I've noticed about her though is that she's not super proactive about things and takes a more "wait and see" approach to a lot of things, which can be good or bad depending on the situation. Also, I've been to Dr. Rocco before with Matthew and I can say that it's a TOTALLY different experience there! I loved the atmosphere there and how it caters so much to young children! The Waterford offices and waiting room, etc. are definitely not as cool, lol! Also, Dr. Welka's nurse is a very sweet older, soft-spoken lady, but she drives me CRAZY when she gives my children shots. It is amazing that I haven't punched her in the face yet! She is SOOOOOOOOOO slow giving the shots and doesn't have them all ready before she begins and takes like 5 minutes in between each one if there is more than one that I just want to scream, lol! (can you tell this angers me?! haha). Also some of the receptionists are kind of bitchy! Overall though, I love Dr. Welka!