Sunday, April 17, 2011

Workout Week 3

Sun, April 10- none! :(
Mon, April 11- none! :( (which means no more slacking the rest of the week!)
Tues, April 12- 20 min total body (perfect 10)
Wed, April 13- 20 min total body (perfect 10- still can't do combo #7 and #8 all the way through!),10 min rock solid abs (good, lots of crunches and easy ab stuff, but effective!)
Thurs, April 14- 30 min bridal body burn (no worries, I'm not planning on getting married again, but I did love this workout.  Combo of cardio and full body toning and I like the instructor's accent! :) )
Fri, April 15- 20 min 10lb Slimdown Core (loved it! Cardio and total body, focused on abs), 10 min sensual bellydancing (lol, Haven thought this one was hilarious!)
Sat, April 16- none (sick!)

I got my butt kicked again this week, lol! (which is fine with me...)

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