Saturday, April 30, 2011


We had a great Easter this year.  We got to see 4 different Easter bunnies!!  2 of them Haven "liked" and 2 of them Venily LOVED so that was good! :)  Venily even talked to and hugged one!  Yay!  We had lots of different Easter egg hunts as well.  Both girls did well.  Haven was able to find all her eggs by herself and put them into her basket on her own.  And Venily got a lot, but didn't have any real sense of urgency ever, haha, and was selective on which color eggs she wanted most of the time! :)

Also, Venily made it a point to tell us every time we saw an Easter bunny that it was just a person in a costume.  And she wanted to know why all the different Easter bunnies looked completely different... good question! :)

We went to my grandparents' on Easter and both girls did great with not being too shy!  Venily hid for about 20 minutes at first, but by the end she was hugging and kissing my grandparents and not wanting to leave, lol! :)  Both girls got lots of different Easter baskets from lots of different people and way more candy then they'll ever need in a lifetime.

And here's some pics of them all dressed up for Easter (my nephew, Chase, spent the night at our house the night before Easter):

And comparison collages of all of their Easters!

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