Friday, April 15, 2011

Venily is 3.5 years old today!

(This was supposed to be posted on Wednesday the 13th!  Oops!)
(I'm big on half birthdays... but only for the kids, of course!)

 Rainbow color day at school today!

You know the "There was a little girl" nursery rhyme? It ends with "And when she was good, she was very, very good but when she was bad she was horrid"?  Yep, it was written about Venily!  That is her EXACTLY!!

She can be the sweetest little girl that ever was.  I can ask her to do something and she literally says "Yes, Mother!  Sweet, sweet mother!" (she says this often!).  She helps her sister with things and makes her feel better when she is sad. She picks up her toys and does things I ask without any complaints!  She is very loving and always giving kisses and hugs and "I love you"s!

And then there is her "horrid" side!  Pure and absolute sass!!  Sassy arms across her chest, sassy voice, stomping, and tantrum throwing!  Unfortunately, this side comes out often as well!  It's usually pretty manageable, but some days I just want to pull my hair out!!  Uhhh!  I'm really looking forward to "4's" since I've heard they are a lot better!  Only 6 more months to go! ;)

And some totally random stuff about Venily at 3.5 years old!

On a more positive note, I think that Venily is going to be an awesome mother.  She already thinks that she is Haven's and Kylee's (and any other small child that she's around's) mother.  And she loves taking care of things (including bugs, plants, baby dolls, etc.). :)

She's really into puzzles right now.  She's gotten like 10 from the kids' resale book store and she'll do them over and over again with crazy amounts of focus!  She's even done a few 63 piece puzzles with very little help!

She is an excruciatingly slow eater and face/hands washer!  It takes her FOREVER!!!!  Most of the time when I send her in the bathroom to wash her hands and face after eating she'll be in there for like 30 minutes playing around!  LOL!

She loves picking out her own clothes! (Which I try to only allow when she doesn't have school or somewhere we need to be... though she did wear her bug catching vest to school one day since Daddy brought her, haha).  She loves doing her own makeup and her own nails and things too! :)

She is super stubborn and always wants things her way or not at all.  So much like her father... (and I'm sure he'd tell you she's just like me...)

She is definitely caught in that "wanting to do things by herself" and "wanting everything done for her" stage.  For this, I've found that reverse psychology usually does the trick!   There are a lot of things that I want her to do herself... wipe her own butt after she poops, wash her own body in the bath, put her car seat buckles on and off, zipper up her own jacket, put her own shoes on, etc. etc. (all things she's perfectly capable of doing herself, but if she KNOWS I want her to do them herself, she's much less likely to do them!).   But if I pretend like I want to do them, then she HAS to do them by herself, haha!  (And vice versa when I want to just do something for her b/c we are in a hurry or something).

She has an imaginary friend named Fanna and at one point Fanna had an unfortunately named daughter called "Fucka" (which I quickly put an end to!).  Lol, I have NO IDEA where she gets these things from!  She's been talking about Fanna for weeks now though!  She lives in Africa I've been told and she's always telling me things that Fanna likes and doesn't like!

Right now Venily is obsessed with ladybugs.  Venily and Haven literally love them to death most of the time.  They are picked up and carried and "protected" and "fed".  But most of the time they end up in pieces (YUCK!) so I've tried to put a stop to any ladybug handling when Grandma isn't around!!

Venily and Haven are also both obsessed with princesses and Tinkerbell.  Venily lives to be a princess!  She always tells me that when she's being good she's "acting like a princess".  And when she goes to bed nicely she "went to sleep like a princess", etc.  I've been renting a lot of Disney princess books and movies from the library and she loves them!  Her favorite princess is Jasmine.  And she talks all the time how she wishes she could go to Jasmine's house and see her.  I told her about Disney World and how we will go there some day and she's VERY excited (though it probably won't be for several more years)!

Fears.  She seems to be getting a lot better about her fear of adults and adult men. I just need to make sure she is continually exposed to new adults all the time!!  And the other day Venily shocked me by climbing right into the Easter bunny's lap at the store and talking to her and even giving her a hug!!!!!  Last year she wouldn't even stand next to the Easter bunny without me holding her and was absolutely terrified.  This year every times she sees an Easter bunny at the store or a picture of one she tells me that she thinks there is a person inside the costume!!  What the heck!!  So I only get 2 years of her believing that the Easter bunny is real?!  That doesn't seem fair, haha!

Lately she's been getting sick and hurting a lot suspiciously after being around other people who aren't feeling well or get hurt.  For example, a girl in her class got her tonsils out and could only eat soft things and ever since Venily's throat has hurt and she can only eat soft things.  Hmmmm...  similarly, Haven's teeth have been bothering her a lot so Venily's teeth have been hurting her too, lol!  And if Haven falls and hurts her foot or I have a headache, etc, Venily has the same problem!!  I don't know if she's just sensitive and "feeling others' pain" or she's just in need of attention!!

She got gum stuck in her hair the other day and luckily Aunt Jacki was able to save her hair with very little having to be cut off!!

She is incredibly silly all the time!!

Yesterday I asked her what the colors were in the rainbow since she had just watched the rainbow episode of the The Cat and the Hat earlier that day and she told me "Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violence"!!  LOL!!  I thought that was so funny! :)

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