Saturday, April 30, 2011

Haven is 19 months!

Well, she turned 19 months on the 26th! :)  I am behind.... and I don't have much written! :(  It's been a busy month!


Haven: "Mommy, teeth hurt!  Get medicine?  Mommy, need medicine.... teeth hurt!!"  :(
Me: "Okay, I can get some medicine for your teeth!" 
Haven: "Medicine over there!" (points where we keep her medicine and then she says) "Need medicine, mommy....(pause).... vitamins actually!"  (we also keep our vitamins over there)

LOL!!!!  That's her new favorite word of the moment!  "Actually"  I ♥ it!!  (And she LOVES her vitamins, haha!)  I'll say something like "Do you want cereal or waffles for breakfast?" And she'll be like "Candy, actually!".  She is so fricken cute, I can barely stand it!


And, yes, we are still fighting these darn teeth!!!  Of the 4 she's been working on, only 1 is completely all the way through, the top one is about half way through (just the middle) and the other is mostly all the way through I could probably "count it" by now, lol, and her bottom left is near the surface but hasn't cut through at all yet.  Also, she keeps biting her fingers a lot BEHIND her molars so I am praying her 2 year molars are not trying to make an appearance yet (we're not ready yet!!!).  Haven hates teeth coming out!!  We are currently in another "bad teething week" which consists of whining, obsessively chewing on fingers, wanting to be held, and poor sleeping habits!


Speaking of sleeping habits... she is taking her naps on the couch still.  And they are only about 1.5 hours most days!  I lay with her for about a minute and she falls straight to sleep and then I lay her down by herself and she stays on the couch.  Not horrible, but not ideal!  Bedtime she is falling asleep in her bed again, but I have to be in there with her or she freaks (so not cool!).  It only takes a couple of minutes until she falls asleep and I can leave her room, but I'm looking forward to "fixing" this problem as well!  AND I wake up almost every single morning and she is sleeping next to me, having crawled into our bed in the middle of the night! :(

Potty training:

Venily was 100% day time potty trained in and out of the house and nap trained by the end of 19 months!!!  And night time trained only a couple days after turning 20 months!  I know Haven could do it too, but I just don't know if I have the energy, lol!  I've still been lazy about getting her on her potty.  Venily is leaving with her Daddy to go on a vacation to Colorado for a few days so I think I'll give it a more serious try then.  We'll see.   I know she doesn't HAVE to be potty trained the same time as Venily, but it's the fact that I KNOW she could do it!!  But watching another young child all day PLUS Venily, plus Allison in the mornings and after school makes it a little more challenging!  I am usually wiped out by the end of the day!

Random video- telling me her shapes!  
She's known all of these for a while now, but I finally took a video!  She'll sometimes get square and diamond right as well.

And Random pics b/c she's the cutest, most gorgeous little thing on the planet-

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