Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Venily's 1st Dance Class!!

Venily had her first dance class today!  All day she was so excited.  She told me that she couldn't wait and that she was going to go into the class all by herself and that I didn't even need to go into the gym (lol, okay THAT definitely didn't happen!).  But, overall she did really well!  I was super proud of her!!!!

For the first part, they sat in a circle on mats.  Venily made me sit right next to her even though all the other parents (except one other one) sat on bleachers and watched.  Then she wouldn't talk to the teacher (they had to go around the room and say their name and what color butterfly they wanted to be and Venily whispered in my ear so that I could tell the teacher, much to everyone's amusement, lol!).  She only sort of did what the teacher told her to do, but was super shy and kept stopping.  I didn't think it was going to go well!  Next, they had to move across the gym doing various different ballet and dance moves.  She sat by my side the whole time not participating.  I kept trying to make deals with her and she said the saddest thing I've ever heard in my life "Mommy, how about we make a deal that I can go home?".  Uhhhh!  I was super patient with her and didn't pressure her, but said that we were going to stay and watch and that she could join in if/when she wanted to.  I was so sad she wasn't participating, even though I KNOW how much she loves to dance and how much fun she'd have!  Finally, they started working on different dances as a group.  I told her if she danced with the other girls I'd let her paint her own nails all by herself and that she could make dinner with me!  She was so excited that she actually got up and did it!! :)  I was so impressed with how well she did too!  She caught on really fast!

Now, she was about 10 feet away from the entire rest of the kids, but she was dancing so well, I didn't care!  Strangely enough, she danced fine right in front of all of the bleachers where all the parents were sitting, but was too shy to go over by the teachers.  LOL, oh well!  SHE HAD A BLAST!!!!  I really hope she warms up even more next time and gets more and more comfortable.... we'll see!

Here are some videos I took!  Soooo flippin cute!! :)
And here are her rewards for doing so well! :)

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