Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random Haven-ings from today! :)

Despite some crabbiness from teething, Haven was super cute today!! :) Except for the hour she screamed in her room during naptime while she took out all of her jammies and her sister's jammies, underwear and socks and threw them on the floor!  :( Uhhh!  Finally, I took her out and she fell straight to sleep in my arms and I laid her down on my couch where she is STILL sleeping!  (She refused to go to sleep on her own yesterday for nap AND bedtime as well which is one of the main reasons I brought her to the walk-in today!).  REALLY hoping she cuts these other teeth SOON!!!

I was getting everything ready this morning to take Haven to the doctor's and I kept grabbing 'one more thing' and wasn't looking forward to going to the walk-in so I let out a frustrated sigh and Haven says "Sad, Mommy?!"  She is so fricken cute!  She's always telling me now if she's sad, happy, excited, or mad (she's hardly ever mad!)! :)

We went to Kohl's after her doctor appt since we still had time before picking up Venily and she wanted to walk around instead of sitting in the cart.  She kept hiding in racks and saying "Where's Haven?" (if I didn't say it first) and then she'd start giggling and saying "I hiding!  I hiding!" and if I said "Where's Haven?" she'd say "Right here!  I hiding!" and then move to the next rack and do the same thing! :)

I was sitting on the couch and Haven comes up to me saying "Mommy... secret!  Secret!" and puts her mouth up to my ear and whispers "eyebrows!".  I laugh and am like "What?!" and she says "Secret!" and puts her mouth back over to my ear and whispers again very slowly "e-y-e-b-r-o-w-s" and touches my eyebrows and smiles.  LOL!  And this is why I love her! ♥

Oh, and this morning when Jason was leaving to take Venily to preschool she said "Peace out dude, Daddy!  Peace out dude, Venily!  Miss you, love you, sweet dreams!"  (I don't know why she added in the 'sweet dreams' part, lol!)

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