Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Walk-in 4/6

I took Haven to the walk-in today since her 18m well-check yesterday was rescheduled for the 20th and she is acting crabby and refusing to sleep on her own (something she ONLY does when she is sick or in pain).

She did great and didn't cry one single bit! :)  She even went on the scale nicely and weighed in at 27 lbs. (Venily was 23 lbs at 18m, LOL!)  She had a bunch of fluid in her ears still, but the doctor said it looked a lot better than it did a few weeks ago when she was in (we got the same walk-in doctor).  Her chest was a bit congested as well.  The doctor thinks it's her teeth that are bothering her and that is causing some discomfort in her ears as well.  Uhhhh.... can't wait for the rest of these teeth to cut through!!!!

Even though she is crabby whenever it's time to sleep, she woke me up this morning singing "All the single ladies" by Beyonce, LOL!!!  Even though there was no music playing and she was the 1st person to wake up!  :)  She says "All the single ladies, all the single ladies" and then does the "oh, oh, oh, oh, oh" part.  ♥

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