Sunday, April 17, 2011

Haven peed on the potty!!

This isn't her 1st time or anything, but it's her 1st time in a long while!!  She'll occasionally poop on the big potty, but I haven't been putting her on her potty chair all that often lately.  Today, I decided to leave her diaper-less while I made dinner, put her potty seat on the floor with a towel around it and gave her a big cup of juice to drink (she hardly ever has juice, so she drank it all really quickly).  Within a few minutes she had peed in her potty!!  Yay!  And oh did she put up a fit when I had to put her diaper back on her so she could eat her dinner!  LOL- I think that's a very good sign! :)  That and she is CONSTANTLY stealing underwear out of Venily's drawer and putting them on over her clothes, lol!  

And Venily is my wonderful little helper!  She kept asking Haven if she has to go and telling her to sit back down on her potty seat (she gets a couple M & M's too for helping whenever Haven goes on her potty!).  Now I need to remember to do this every day b/c in a month I'd like to step it up to SERIOUS potty training! ♥

1 comment:

  1. YAY!!! Good for you girls! I think Haven could have been potty trained like 3 months ago! =P
    I think SHE'S potty training YOU!! =)
    Im hoping to PT Adalein this summer.