Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dance Class #2 for Venily!

Oh my gosh!!!!  Venily did AMAZING!!!!  I was astounded!  She walked right in, went right up to the teacher and started talking to her... followed her around a little before her class started (lol) and then took her seat on her carpet square with all the other girls (ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE GYM AS ME!!!!)!!!!  I was in shock until it was time to go around and say what color butterfly they wanted to be and Venily was 2nd in line and actually said "sparkly pink" loud enough for me to hear her across the room... then I was close to tears, lol! ♥  She did everything with all the other girls and couldn't have cared less that I was there or not (she was never more than 1 foot away from me last time, haha)!  She was so fricken cute I could hardly stand it.  

They worked on lots of different ballet moves and she was even picked to be the leader for one exercise and all the other girls had to follow her! :)  She was shouting out answers to things and chatting with the other girls... it was simply AMAZING!!!

And I LOVE her teacher!  There are 20 girls there and this teacher teaches tons of other dance classes and Zumba classes and at the start of the 2nd class she had already memorized all 20 of the girls' names!  Venily was so far away from me for most of the class that I could hardly get any good pics or videos of her, lol!  And she told me beforehand that she wanted me to take 103 pictures of her (her favorite #)! :)

**I'll add the couple of videos I got later!

* We got 2 offers on our duplex!!!  I doubt it will all work out, but I am definitely hoping!!!

* Still no letter from Wheatland saying Venily can't go to Trevor-Wilmot next year (had to be postmarked by last Friday) so it's looking really good!! :)

*Haven's teething is continuing to wear on my patience!  I miss my sweet little girl who used to sleep in her own bed and was never crabby! :(  She still has a lot of good times throughout the day, but when she is crabby (especially later in the day) WATCH OUT!

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