Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Workout Week 2

Oops, forgot to post on Saturday!

Sun, April 3- 10 min buns (part 3), 12 min 6 pack abs
Mon, April 4- none! :(
Tues, April 5- walk with the family, 10 min total body, 10 min buns and thighs
Wed, April 6- 20 min rock hard body abs, 30 min (2 mile) cardio walk
Thurs, April 7-25 min Latin Dancing (to prep for Zumba on Sat, lol, I'm in soooo much trouble!)
Fri, April 8- 10 min abs and back, 20 min total body (perfect 10 workout)
Sat, April 9- supposed to go to Zumba class, but didn't, lol! :(

I really liked the perfect 10 workout and think I will do it all next week!  I tend to focus on my abs, butt and thighs, but I have really low upper body strength so a total body workout will be good for me! :)  I think I will also start rating how much I like each workout so I know whether or not to do it again in the future!

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