Friday, June 5, 2009

Yoga Class and Venily's 1 1/2 Year Old Pictures!

I am sooo happy with how well my yoga class went this morning!! It was awesome!! I can't believe this woman doesn't charge anything and you can bring your children, how awesome is that? And my sister and I didn't bring mats (I need to dig through boxes to find mine still) and had a bunch for us to use, even a little one for Venily!!! ♥ Venily did so good too! She was trying out some of the moves and my sister and I were cracking up! My back feels so much better now too- and even being pregnant, I was still able to keep up pretty well!

So... I got Venily's pictures taken last week! No where near as good as Jacki can do, but it was only $7.99 for a package and I got a free father's day collage as well, so I had them done. Here is a few of the poses...

I also got a few father's day ones done as well with Venily wearing Jason's clothes (I totally stole your idea Jacki! :))! She thought it was REALLY funny! She looks like a little boy, haha! I haven't shown these to Jason yet or even told him I was doing it, so he's going to crack up when he sees them!

(You can click to see them bigger, though they are a little blurry b/c they are just the online pics)


  1. Aww too cute! Did you get them taken at Sears? I just got a phone call yesterday from Sears about a free collage thing.
    You should have seen the white backdrop after I brought Kaitlyn in to have pics taken in jakes work clothes when she was 1!! There was seriously piles of dirt all over it! haha.
    Oh, and the one of her in Jasons clothes all the way to the right, I thought she was sledding when i first looked at it!! LOL

  2. Yeah, I got them at Sears! I got a call too and they roped me it, lol! I even asked them on the phone if I could get the free collage and use a coupon for a 7.99 portrait package and they said yes, but when I got there, they said I wasn't supposed to! I got them to give it to me anyways though! :)