Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Potty Training Day 2!!

Another AWESOME day!!!! I am AMAZED!!! She peed on the potty 6 times and pooped 3 times!!!! And ZERO major accidents again today!!! We only had one small accident where she went on the potty WITH her panties on and got them all wet, but she is still doing so good!

One of the times she pooped so much I actually CALLED Jason on his phone since he was in the basement and had him come see it, lol! He said "please don't tell me you're going to take a picture and put it on the internet!" HAHA! I told him, "no, that was just the first time she ever went!" :)

The only times she had a diaper on were during her nap (which she woke up wet), on our short trip to Target (she told me she had to go in the store and I told her to go in her diaper, yeah, I know, bad, but I didn't want to run all the way to the bathrooms- next time I will though!) and when we went for a walk (she stayed dry). We bought some new Elmo panties at Target and Venily is excited to have them washed so she can wear them (she loves Elmo even though she has never seen the show)! This potty training thing is turning out easier than I ever imagined! I just hope we keep it up!!!

I am having HORRIBLE sciatica pain though, I think from bending over so much to help her on the potty! This was worsened by by 2 1/2 mile walk today! I am in need of some serious stretching!!! I think my sister and I are going to try and find that yoga class in Burlington Friday morning!

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