Thursday, June 4, 2009

Potty Training Day 3!

We had a rough start this morning... Venily woke up and said she had to poop but then she REFUSED to sit on her potty. So I left her with no diaper on all morning and she danced around, refusing to go. If I sat her on it, she'd keep her legs crossed and she kept telling me that the seat hurt her butt. Great! She kept saying "POOP! POOP!" but then not wanting to go on her potty, it was driving me CRAZY!!! Eventually though (about 3 hours later) I put her on the big toilet and she pooped in there! But then she had to pee since she drank a TON of drinks all morning and then didn't want to pee on her potty. She had 2 pee accidents while in the bathroom that both started out on the floor and ended up with her finishing on her little potty! A little while later she then willingly peed on her potty, so that was good. (At least I know that she can hold it for a long time, lol!)

Then we were outside most of the day and I had her potty out there. She peed 2 more times and pooped 2 more times while outside!

I have to go!!!

That's better!!

Back inside she peed 3 more times and pooped 1 more time very willingly and 1 more time not so willingly and wanted to go on the big toilet again.

The only time I had a diaper on her ALL day was during her nap, during our walk (which stayed dry again) and now that she's sleeping for the night!!!!!! YAY!!!! I'm a little scared about Saturday, Venily and I are going to be in Lockport all day and the weather is calling for rain, so I don't know if I'll be able to have her diaper off of her at all.

It is a lot of work, but I am so THRILLED with how well she is doing!!!!!!!

My sciatic pain though is EXCRUCIATING!! I can barely walk without feeling like someone is sticking a taser to my lower back! I stretched some tonight which I think helped a little and I TRIED to find my heating pad, but I'm sure it's buried in a box somewhere! I had the same problem with Venily! Hoping my yoga class tomorrow helps!!!!


  1. Just to forwarn you if Venily ever starts getting afraid to go potty on the toilet you should probably back off for a little bit. When Kaitlyn starting using the potty she started getting scared and then would hold it in and it was a total nightmare!!! And I know alot of kids do that and then end up needing medicine to resolve it. Kaitlyn finally got over it, but it was a terrible expeience for both me and her!

    I had terrible siatic pain with Landen too. It was so bad that if i layed down after work my back would littleraly freeze and if i even tried to move I would be crying. Hopfully yours doesnt get any worse! And hopefully it doesnt mean you will have back labor... An epidural doesnt take away everything that comes with back labor!

  2. I remember Kaitlyn doing that!! Luckily today she is doing much better!!! We don't even ask her when she has to go, she just runs over there, goes, and starts saying "YAY!!!". HAHA.

    I had bad sciatic pain with Venily too and didn't have any back labor (I so thought I was going to!). Hopefully I don't this time either!!