Monday, June 15, 2009


Only 100 days left until Haven's due date!!! I remember how fast it goes!! I have a doctor's appointment later today and will update when I get back. I'll get my glucose test results back today as well.


Happy Birthday to my littlest BIL Matthew who turned 7 yesterday!!! 7 years ago yesterday Jason and I were in an evacuated girl scout camp all by ourselves when we got the call that Matt was born! And Happy Birthday to Jacki tomorrow!!!! Matt's birthday party was fun yesterday. Venily was feeling all better and had fun running around like crazy! She also wore her little panties and peed 2 times and pooped once while we were there! Then on the drive home she said she had to go so we pulled over to Burger King and she went there as well! HAHA! Any extended road trips are going to be interesting this summer!!!

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