Wednesday, June 10, 2009

25 weeks!!! 15 more to go!!! And MORE PT Updates!

25 WEEKS!!!! YAY!!!!!

At 25 weeks...

*I weigh 132 lbs (+12 total gain)
*Babies have a 50% chance of surviving being born now! (Jason thinks that's horrible to even think about, but it makes me happy to know that my chances are that good and that we've come so far already! 13 women on my online board have already had their babies past 17 weeks and a few are fighting to make it... I pray for them daily!)
*I'm feeling GREAT!!!
*Sciatica pain is a LOT better than last week (thank you YOGA- I just wish it was more than once a week!)
*Haven actually has periods of rest now!!! Thank goodness, I thought that girl NEVER slept! But she is crazy when she's awake- takes after her big sister!
*Sometimes she kicks me so hard or pushes out so hard though that I actually get very startled! But I LOVE it!! :)


Potty Training Day 8!
Sorry, can't help myself!!!! Venily didn't have a single accident yesterday or a single wet/dirty diaper!!!!!!!! She went on the potty all day and I am SOOOOO proud of her!!! She woke up from her nap dry! She went grocery shopping with me and came home DRY!!! Then WOKE UP DRY THIS MORNING and immediately pooped and peed in her potty!!!!! I am ECSTATIC!!!!! And I gave her 1/2 regular milk yesterday and she hasn't shown any side effects!! No more buying diapers and no more buying Lactaid?! That would be amazing...

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