Monday, June 8, 2009

Potty Training Day 6 & Roller Skating!

Day 6 yesterday and we are still doing great!! All morning/ early afternoon Venily went on her potty with no problems. She is becoming such a pro now! From 3pm until bedtime though, we were out of the house again and she wore a diaper. We went roller skating and she told me she had to go a HUNDRED times, so we kept going into the bathroom. Most of the time we would get in there and she would sit on the potty and nothing... BUT I am VERY happy to say that she did pee in the toilet once!!!!! Her first time out of the house!!!

AND VENILY ROLLER SKATED FOR THE FIRST TIME YESTERDAY AND DID GREAT!!!!! She can already roller skate better than I EVER could in all the attempts I have made over my entire life! Jason said he wanted to see if they had little skates for her and I thought he was out of his mind, but they did and she tried them on and was a natural! By the end she was pushing my hands away so she could skate all by herself like the other girls, haha, it broke my heart a bit!!

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