Monday, July 26, 2010

10 months!

Haven is 10 months old today!  She continues to be absolute perfection and sunshine!!!  ♥  Some days I really do feel like I just dreamt her up, she's just too perfect to be real! :)  I absolutely love and adore her, she makes it more than easy to!  We are already in double digits!  Wow- I can't even remember what it was like when she was a newborn and would just lie there... she never stops moving now, lol!  Oh, if there was any way to freeze her exactly the way she is now!!!

Here are her 10 month stats:

Weight: Still about 21lbs (weighed her myself, so not very accurate)

Length: 31in

(Venily was about 20lbs and 29.5 in at 10m!)

Haven's updated growth charts:

Clothes size:  some 12m, more and more 18m

Diaper size: 3

Shoe size: mostly 4's (and all but 1 pair of her Robeez shoes are just fitting her, which I'm sad about b/c Venily wore them for a long time, though I've been experimenting with other kinds of shoes as well and she walks good in them too!)

HAIR LENGTH: longest top pieces- 1.5in
longest bottom/back pieces- 2in

SLEEPING: Waking once a night usually.  Goes to bed around 8:30pm.  Wakes up around 2 or 3am and I nurse her back to sleep.  I am still putting her in her crib awake for naps and bedtime and it only takes a minute for her to put herself to sleep!  I'm really considering putting her in Venily's room soon.

She's pretty consistent with 2 naps a day.

She hasn't sucked her fingers in over a month.  I'm very happy that she broke the habit on her own, but I kind of miss it, lol, it was sooo cute!  This is usually how I find her sleeping...

EATING:  Eats 3 meals a day, all regular table food (NO baby food!).  She eats whatever we're eating and LOVES everything.  She continues to eat a LOT.  I always give her more on her tray than I think she can eat and she always eats it ALL, haha!  She is still breastfeeding as well.  Unfortunately, she now pulls down my shirt when she wants to, which is fine but NOT while we're out in public!  I dread weaning, though I know it'll probably be easier than I am imagining.  I give her water in her straw cups with her meals.  I'm really hoping that she's going to do well with whole milk at 12m (Venily couldn't tolerate it until 19m!)!  She doesn't seem to have any reaction to it.  She eats a lot of cheese and things with milk in it and I've even given her bowls of Cheerios with whole milk and she didn't have any problems, so I am optimistic!

She continues to improve on spoon skills.  I always give her a spoon and/or fork with her meals.  I've seen her trying to use her fork a few times, lol!  So then I help her get something on it and she eats it off. :)  Though she definitely prefers her hands over anything!!!

She is starting to dislike the taste of her Poly-vi-sol, but still eats it with no problems.

PLAYING: Some of her favorite toys: cell phones, books, ducks and toys she can squeeze to make them squeak, straws, and she loves balls!  She also loves containers where she can put small toys and blocks in and out of them.
I love that she breaks out into a dance whenever she hears the iCarly theme song! :)

APPEARANCE: Always growing and all the walking is thinning her out even more!

TEETH: 5 teeth!  (more than Venily had at 1 year!) and 1 more VERY close!!

SPEECH: Previous words: "this", "that", "duck", "Dada", "teeth", "more", "hi", "Mama", "ball", "dog", "eat", "up",  "kitty" (kkkkk), "ick","more"

New last month: "bye", "bang", "block", "book", "no", "clap", "pat", "pill" (for pillow- she LOVES snuggling up to pillows and blankets), "please" (I swear she kept saying this while pointing at her cup the other day, lol!), "sit", and "boo" (when playing peek-a-boo), "cup", today she started saying "all done" (well a form of it anyway, lol, while doing the sign for it!).  And probably some others I'm missing, she's definitely verbal!

Venily knew 20 words at 11 months and a couple hundred by 14 months, so Haven is definitely on a similar path!! And as many words as she can say, I am always amazed at how many she understands as well, probably several hundred!

*previous-"eat", waves, claps, does "so big", gives high fives, pats her legs for "pat it", puts her hands up to be picked up, points, "water", "all done"/"all gone", gives kisses
*new last month- "blows kisses", puts phone up to ear and and says hi or puts hand up to ear when she sees a phone, "stomps" her feet when we sing "If you're happy and you know it, stomp your feet" (while sitting)
*working on- "roll it"

ANIMAL SOUNDS:  This last month she has really gotten good at her animal sounds!!  She now knows fish, sheep, cow, elephant, bee, and kitty!!!  Her favorites are elephant, sheep and cow! :)

MOVEMENT: 100% walking/ running!!!  Won't crawl at all!  She is fast and can bend over and pick things up, turn around in circles, carry heavy things around with her, etc.  I tried to crawl after her while we were playing and she was running away and I could NOT catch her, no matter how hard I tried, LOL!

Climbs on everything too!  Up the stairs, onto our bed, up on chairs, up on her picnic table, on Venily's step stools, etc.!  She's a little daredevil!


Has peed AND pooped on the potty this last month!!!

Understands multiple step directions.



Haven's LIKES:

*Being upside down

* toilet paper

* Following Venily around EVERYWHERE!

* BALLS!  (She goes nuts every time she sees a ball or anything that resembles a ball- balloons, gumball machine, globe at the library, etc. etc.)

* Animals!!  Just ADORES them!  Points and gets excited every time we see an animal (real or fake)!

*Swimming at the lake

*Eating! :)

* Climbing, she's a little monkey!

*Being outside

*Being tired out of the house!

*When her teeth bother her (which really only seems to happen right before bedtime and only on some nights)

HAVEN/ VENILY COMPARISON: (Venily's 10 month Update)

Pics: Venily at 10 months!

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