Monday, July 19, 2010

Climbed up on our bed!

I was making the bed yesterday and was up on top of it, rearranging the pillows and Haven climbed right up by me, like it was nothing, lol!  Our bed is an IKEA bed that's pretty low to the ground, but still high enough that falling from it would NOT be good... so now I have another thing I have to watch out for, lol!  She climbs up on EVERYTHING... I had to move her little chair too b/c she keeps climbing up and standing on it to take down Venily's letters!
Haven also peed again in the potty yesterday!  I've only put her on a few times, and 2 of those times she's already gone!  I'd like to do it after every nap, but that just doesn't happen...

I got a free package of Huggies diapers in the mail the other day and put them on Haven and after only ONE day, she had completely broken out from them! :(  She used to wear Huggies all the time with no problems... guess we are sticking with Target brand until the end!

Haven is getting her 4th tooth, I'm not going to count it until it's 100% through though!  It's the opposite central incisor than the lateral incisor she already has, so there is a temporary 1-tooth gap in between, lol!  The last few days she's been super crabby, followed by her normal super happy self, and then back to super crabby, so I know they are really bothering her!  And she just started grinding her top and bottom teeth together today!  Yuck- I hope she stops soon! :(  That's definitely at the top of my 'least favorite sounds ever' list!

I've been compiling a list of all of her milestones for her first year so I can fill out her baby book.  Which means, I've re-read through all of her blogs since birth!! :)  I love being able to do that... it's so amazing to see how much she has grown up in 9 months!  Soooo hard not to want another though, lol!  And I was looking at a milestone chart and she can do everything up until a 13 month old and almost everything up until 18m!  College within a few years?... hmmmm, lol!

Venily updates!
Venily went to her first friend's birthday party on Saturday!!  She knows Aubrey from her library classes and the playgroup we go to.  She had SOOOO much fun!  There was a sandbox, trampoline, kids' swimming pool, pinata, decorate your own cupcakes, etc.  We ended up staying for 5 hours, lol, and I still had to drag Venily away!  :)  Venily and Aubrey are sooooo cute together!!!  Aubrey has a little sister who is a month younger than Haven as well named Autumn. Haven was NOT very nice to Autumn, however.  I've actually never seen her that mean to another person before (kept getting mad and pulling her dress and hair), and she was really crabby while we were there, which is really out of character for her!  (Though everyone did think she was super cute walking all around.)  When we got home, I checked in her mouth and that tooth had finally begun to cut through! :(

I forgot to write on Venily's last updates that she is soooo good with the computer now!  She goes to and can completely navigate her way through it, pick out what games she wants to play, etc.  And I am always so surprised at how well she does at the games!  There is one game that will show a picture of something like a box and then have a "_ox" and it will give you an option of like 5 different letters to fill in the blank and she knows which ones to put in!

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