Wednesday, July 21, 2010

14 sight words!

Venily knows 14 sight words now!  She is learning quickly.  She was so cute "teaching" them to me today.  She loves when I pretend I don't know them and she has to tell me what they are!

She now knows "Venily, Haven, Daddy, Mommy, a, of, and, I, the, for, to, in, is, & you"!  ♥

She is also loving this "bean sorting game" we made up, lol.  I have a bag of bean soup mix that has like 11 different kinds of dry beans in it.  I give her a bowl of them and an ice cube tray and she separates them all in the right compartments!  It's really cute.  She gets so caught up in it, she doesn't want to do anything else! :)


  1. I want to play the bean game! I love organizing and sorting! She may become a personal organizer someday or just develop OCD! HAHA! =P

  2. Yeah, me and her both have a little OCD, lol! She is very particular about things and likes to have things a certain way!