Thursday, July 15, 2010

Venily updates!

Venily turned 2 3/4 years old on the 13th! :)  Three more months until she is THREE!!!  I can't believe it!!

She continues to be as funny as ever!  She is really into using a big vocabulary, even if she doesn't always have the meaning of the word right.  For instance the other day I told her we were going to the park and she said "We are going to the park?  Yay!  I am so devastated!"  LOL! She likes to throw in big words like that all the time and crack us up!

Other hilarious things she says:
(after listening to us say something) she'll say "that is SOOO true.  And you know what else is true?... (insert random thing that may or may not be connected to previous conversation)" haha

And when she asked for something she'll say "Please?!  For meeeee?.... I'll be your best buddy!"

Or if we do something that she likes she'll say "You're not the meanest Mommy in town, you're the NICEST Mommy in town!" 

or she'll say "You are such a little cutie-pie!"

I LOVE ALL HER LITTLE SAYINGS!!!!  ♥  I want to listen more carefully and remember to write them down, b/c they are just too funny!

She's really come a long way with swimming in the water too!  At the start of summer, she was very hesitant.  Then last month we were at a family party and she swam by herself with water wings on for the first time.  The next weekend she swam all around with her life vest on and wouldn't let me touch her at all, she wanted to do it herself.  And now last weekend at the Aquatic Center, I actually got her to jump into the water (with her life vest on) all by herself without someone catching her (up until this point in the summer, she wouldn't even jump in AT ALL, even into someone's arms!).  I'm hoping by the end of summer, I can get her to dunk her face under.... we'll see!  (Haven dunks her face under no problem, she is definitely much more comfortable in the water than her sister was!)

Venily is fighting her naps again!  The last time I wrote about it she would take a nap, and then not the next day, then take a nap, then not the next day but that stopped for several months and she was back to taking a good nap every single day.  She has started that up again!!  Sometimes even going a few days in a row with no nap!  I still send her to her bedroom during that time for "quiet time", but I'm really hoping she doesn't try to phase out her nap yet!  She is, however, sleeping in a bit in the morning... she now gets up steadily around 6:30 and even has slept in until 7:00 a few times, so that's nice!!! 

Venily is doing great with the sight words we have learned so far!  She previously knew "Mommy, Daddy, Haven, and Venily" and now also knows - "a, of, and, I & the".  She is soooooo proud of herself!  She runs over to the wall where we have them up on all the time and says "Let me tell you my words!"  and keeps asking for me to give her more words, lol!  I write them on paper and point them out in books too and she recognizes them there as well!

Here are some videos of her saying her letters and her words!

Unfortunately, I really don't think we are going to be able to afford preschool this year, so I'm glad she likes learning things from me!  We have run into financial problem after financial problem all summer and just when my head is about to explode trying to figure out how we're going to make it all work out.... our bottom tenant's from the duplex we own (and REALLY want to sell) are moving out it 2 weeks!!!!!  Which SUCKS!!!  First of all, they are supposed to give us a month's notice, and second of all, where is the extra $650 a month going to come from?!  Hopefully we can get it rented out right away, but even then, we're going to be out a LOT of money, money we REALLY don't have! :(

We started using conditioner for the first time the other day!  Her hair was crusted with oatmeal and it hurt for me to brush it, so I was hoping that would help break it up.  And her hair was soooooo nice when I was done.  Why didn't I start using it earlier?!  Just one of those things I never even thought to start doing, lol!

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  1. Venily is SUCH a smart little girl!! She did great with all her letters and words! I think she will be fine without preschool, you have already taught her MORE than they would teach her!! :)