Thursday, July 15, 2010

No more crawling!!!

A few days ago Haven decided that she'd give up crawling for good!  She hasn't crawled AT ALL in several days now, lol!  Not for anything!  She will be sitting on the floor and want a toy a few feet away from her and she'll stand up, take 2 steps and sit back down next to the toy or just bend over, pick it up and bring it with her.  SHE IS ALWAYS ON THE MOVE!!!!  She does laps around our house, lol, and runs around and around and around!! 

I tried Robeez shoes on her the other day and she did great in them!  She was high stepping a few times when she first started, but quickly forgot they were there!  She and her sister were running around Kohl's the other day while I was finding a birthday present for Venily's friend!  They were soooo cute! :)

Balls are currently her favorite thing ever!  She has a beach ball that she just LOVES!!  But it is sooo big that when she carries it all around, she falls a lot.  She doesn't care though, just stands right back up saying "BALL, BALL!", picks it back up and keeps going! :)

We have a new trick to get "icks" out of Haven's mouth, haha!  If we try to take them out, she clamps down with her jaws-o-steel and it's almost impossible to get it out.... but.... if we say "Give Mommy/Daddy the "ick"", she'll reach into her mouth and give it to us very proudly, lol!  Should have thought of that sooner!!

I've noticed that she's been following multiple-step directions a lot more lately too!  I can tell her "Go get your necklace and put it in the basket" and she'll go find her necklace and put it in there!  Or I can say "Go bring this ball to Daddy and give him a kiss" and she will, etc. etc.!

Her nap schedule went out the window!  She is way too hyper running around to be on schedule.  Plus her teeth started bothering her today, so I'm hoping that means they are coming through SOON!!  She's started biting a little while nursing again as well, which I'm hoping is also a sign and I'm hoping ends as soon as they poke through!  A LOT of damage can be done from a bite with top and bottom teeth!  :(

Haven got her 9 month pics taken today by Aunt Jacki!!  She wasn't smiley, but they still turned out cute!  Thanks again Jacki!!!!

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