Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MORE Teeth and more!

Tooth #5 (her left lateral incisor) is starting to cut through today.  And tooth #4 has grown quite a bit overnight, lol!  Oh, and she is still GRINDING like crazy!  I hope the novelty of it wears off soon!
So, if you look from left to right and name them a-d (#s are too confusing, lol).  "a" and "c" are all the way through, "d" is cutting through and will hopefully be out within a day or 2 and "b" is really close as well, probably within a week! :)

Haven is loving "t's" today!  And is talking up a storm!  She is also saying "moooo" for cows now AND "baaa" for sheep! :)

And I forgot to write that she now says "book", "block", and "bang" now for about the last 2 weeks!  Though "ball" is definitely her favorite "b" word of the moment!  We went to Walmart yesterday and she was CRAZY over all the balloons that were up!!  She was almost hyperventilating she was so excited, LOL, she kept pointing to them and saying "BALL!  BALL!" and twisting around so that she could see them for as long as possible, haha!

She has also discovered the correct way to say "hi" on a phone (putting it to her ear instead of up on top of her head)!!!!  She does it every time she sees a phone or someone talking on one (like Daddy!) as well!

Oh, and she is blowing kisses too!  She started a few weeks ago but has REALLY been doing it well all morning!

She is learning new things faster than I can update, LOL!!!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this age!! :)

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