Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sleep Training Day/ Night 2

Update on last night- Slept all the way until 5:30 this morning!  Nursed and slept until 6:45 (when Venily came in and that woke her up)

1st nap of the day- fell asleep in car on the way to the park and on the way home

2nd nap of the day- was ROUGH!  I waited too long I think and she was overtired.   It probably took about an hour for her to fall asleep.  I kept going in there during the same time intervals as last night.  The first time in, she was standing up and all the other times she was sitting.  I'd watch her through the crack in the door and she would start falling asleep while sitting and then her head would fall to the side and she'd wake back up and cry! :(  Eventually she did fall asleep while sitting and leaning her head up against the blankets.  I took a picture, lol, which woke her up a bit and she finally laid all the way down!

3rd nap of the day- Fell asleep breast feeding, oops!  Didn't have the heart to wake her up!!

Bedtime- Read her tired cues, I'm MUCH more aware of them now!  Did Venily's routine again, and then Haven showed definite signs that she was tired so I then did her routine and put her down.  After 5 minutes, she was sitting and crying just a bit.  I laid her back down, and put the timer on for 7 minutes.  After 2 minutes though, she was SOUND ASLEEP!!!!!!!

Really, Haven?  You're going to make it that easy on me?!  I love that girl!!  A few days ago I had thought I had wrecked my great sleeper and now I am totally confident that we are getting back on the right track.... I'm soooo excited!  It feels so great to have both girls in bed before 9pm!  A little time to myself is going to be VERY good for me!

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