Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Haven's favorite word of the last 2 days?!  "NO!"  Lol, not good!  Whenever she's getting into something she's not supposed to be, I say "No, no, nooo!" and then she responds back with "no, no, no!"

Earlier today I said "Haven, come here!" and she looks at me, smiles, and says "no!"  My heart sank!  Then I said it again "Haven, come here!" and she said "da!".  Lol, so okay, she probably isn't saying "no" to be defiant, but it IS one step closer to that stage!  She was also eating egg yolks and waffles this morning for breakfast.  She ate all the waffles first and a few of the egg yolks and then proceeded to take them one by one, look at the ground and watch them hit it as she let them go.  I said "no, no!" and she continued on with what she was doing while saying "no, no" each time! :)

Speaking of eating, that girl can EAT!!!!  I was delirious with heat exhaustion (my house was 91 degrees while I was cooking dinner over the stove) and I ended up making WAY too much.  I also put "way too much" on Haven's plate.  We had spaghetti, green beans, and mashed potatoes.  When I put hers on her tray I said out loud "Woah, Haven, sorry, I gave you way too much!  Oh well, you'll eat what you want!" and I sat down and ate my food.  She sat and ate really well, as usual.  When I was done with my food, I went to go check her plate.  Every last piece was GONE!  I was shocked.  I checked the floor, expecting it to be all over, not a single thing was on the floor!  I checked her bib pocket, expecting it to be filled to the top.... there was only like 3 little pieces of spaghetti in there!!  I'm like... "Where did all of your food go?... No, seriously, where is it?  There's no way you ate all of that!"  And she just smiled and picked up one little tiny noodle that was hiding in the corner of her plate and popped it in her mouth!  I still can't believe that that much food fit in that little tiny belly!   I remember Venily at that age until like 20 months, could EASILY out eat me AND Jason COMBINED!!! LOL!  I used to get sick to my stomach at the thought of how much food she was eating!  And every time she'd finish something I'd ask if she was all done and she'd always say "More, please!"  Lol, and now I have to beg her to eat anything! :)

My brother posted these pics the other day.  I think Haven DEFINITELY looks like me!!  (I'm a little older than her in these pics, but I can still totally see her in them!)
I wish my scanner worked b/c I have even better pictures where I think she looks just like me!

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