Thursday, July 22, 2010

2nd movie ever (for both girls!)

We went and saw Toy Story 3 at the theater today with both girls!  It was both of their 2nd time at the theater. Venily went one other time at 6 months old to see Horton Hears a Who and Haven went once at 3 months to see Avatar (both previously slept through a majority of their first time)!  :)

This time both girls did really good!  Venily hasn't really ever sat through a whole movie at home even, so I wasn't so sure she'd like it.  PLUS, we decided last minute to go and went instead of nap time, but she still did fine.  She was antsy to leave toward the end when it started to get a little scary, but toughed it out and stayed! :)  Haven had fun playing with like 20 different straws we kept giving her, ate a whole bowl of her snacks, had to be changed, and wanted to run around toward the end.  Overall though, she did AMAZING!  She was really tired and I held her for the last 15 minutes near the door and she ended up falling asleep for the last 5 minutes, haha, she couldn't have fallen asleep a little sooner?


Haven slept through the night last night!!  It's been a while!  She was up for the morning at 5:50am though and wouldn't go back to sleep! :(  I think she was wore out from swimming at the beach!  She's such a little fish! :)

Speaking of which, Venily brought home 2 new snails from the beach and put them in her fish tank with Edward!!  Several names are being considered, but Venily hasn't narrowed them down yet, lol!

Haven has 2 MORE new animal sounds!!!!!  Last night she started to buzz for a bee (and she sticks out her little fingers and buzzes her belly to get me to do it too- which she thinks is the funniest thing in the universe!)!  And today she started to meow for a cat, which is more of a squeal, but still the cutest thing EVER! :)  We were showing Daddy all of her animal tricks today and he was very impressed!

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