Sunday, July 11, 2010

9 1/2 Months!

Haven is 9 1/2 months old today!!!

Walking: Haven continues to improve her walking skills each day!  She is now walking about 95% of the time, turning well, bending over to pick things up, and she is FAST too, haha!  I love it!  She can practically run!  The less time she's off the floor, the better b/c that means the less little "icks" she's putting in her mouth, lol!  And it's better for her poor little knees as well!  Every time I tell people she's only 9 months, they are shocked! :)  We were at the library last week and Haven was walking next to another little girl.  They were almost the exact same size and the other girl was almost TWO, lol!  She was really small for her age, and Haven is really tall... they were so cute together!!

I still haven't tried out any shoes on Haven... I suppose I'm going to have to do that now!  She was walking around the store with me today on the floor, but she's going to need something to protect her feet, especially while outside!  I'm hoping that goes well!


Teeth:  Still has only 3.  The other 3 on top are SOOOO close, I can see them right there!  I can't wait until they come through because I literally wince every time I look at them!  Some are turning blue now, like a blood blister (Venily's molars did that as well while coming in).  They LOOK like they hurt, but Haven has been happy as ever, so I guess they're not bothering her, or she is used to it!  I'm really hoping they all just come in on the same day!!!  That would be great!

Sleep:  Sleep training is amazing.  I want to tell every new parent out there and shout it from the rooftops! lol.  But I know some people are very against it, and that is there deal.  (I still think sleep training Venily as a baby would have been SOOOOO much more difficult and possibly wouldn't have even worked!)  Haven has never slept better!  She has become soooo much more scheduled too since we started it!  Here is her sleep schedule, give or take 30 min (when not out of the house, of course if we leave the house, everything changes!):

5:30- wakes to nurse, falls back asleep until around 7:30
10:00- nap
3:00- nap
8:30- bed (sometimes earlier, last night BOTH girls were sleeping by 8:00! :) )
sometimes wakes up around 1:00am.... I've just been nursing her back to sleep since she's in our bedroom and Jason has work.  I WISH I could let her CIO like I have been doing... not sure how I'm going to change that...

Anyway, when I put her in her crib now, she only cries for a few short minutes (sometimes just a few seconds) before she puts herself to sleep! :)

Kisses: I get so many kisses a day from my little Haven!  It's like a drug, it instantly makes me so incredibly happy! ♥  When she wakes up in the morning, I usually put her in bed with me for a while as I lay there with my eyes closed and she happily plays for a bit and she is ALWAYS kissing me as I lay there!  It is literally the best way to start my day! :)

NO!:  Continues to be her current favorite word! :(

Eating:  Still eating ALL table food now (besides breast milk).  And I've been giving her bigger pieces of everything now, and she doesn't have any problems!  I've been freezing her baby food that she has left and making them into popsicles for her, lol!  I didn't want them to go to waste.

Animal sounds:  Before the 4th of July we were talking to Venily about how she will get to see fishies at my Uncle's party and Haven started making the "what does a fishie say?" face!  Now she is doing it all the time!  It's one of my favorite animal 'sounds'!!!! :)

Other:  She tried coloring the other day and did really well!  Actually colored quite a bit and I didn't even help her!

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